its started after i hit a curb and dented one of my rims. i did get alignment done and that fixed all the pulling to the right.

My overhead light just above the windshield needing a new bulb socket replaced.

New cap and rotor. Checked spark plug wires.

Took to mechanic and said it showed a code that said it was a roof rail sensor. Where is that located and how do I change it.

It seems to be running fine, no funny noises but I have a message saying it needs regular maintenance check so wanting to know what a mechanic would be looking for?

I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V-8, and when you put it into R,
it seems like it does not have enough power to go. and if I shift it down to N,
it drive normally like D

and a new raditor after running hot andf the old one burst. what could be wrong? Now won't start at all and a friend said that the head gasket was blown.

Battery is 3 months old and checks out OK. Cables / terminals clean as well. 130k miles on vehicle. Seems to be more noticeable in morning.
Starter Motor, Alternator maybe???Thanks very much!

A large tree branch fell through the windshield during a storm and bent the frame.