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Put..injectors...stop..stared back after 300 hundred miles..what going on.
my car starts but dies after 2 seconds and wont start again unless i turn the key all the way off then back on again.someone told me it could be the main relay.what do you think?????
car was running fine just got it so all the codes had cleared no check engine light on . then I ran over something it was a loud bang ad the car rolled to a stop no .more power no starter no dash lights .I replaced th...
just driving it today and the malfunction indicator light cam on
the malfunction indicator light is on and wont go off what could I do to get it off. on borad diagnostis
All door locke wont work remote or in the car, no relay click
Car died several times going down the road. Several no starts. Intermittent dragging of starter. Security light sometimes stays lit but will go off if car is restarted. Ignition module replaced several times. Runs...
Brought it to a mechanic who reported the following after running an ABS Diagnostic Service Test: Inspect and record fault codes stored in Abs System. Codes: Message displayed "brake failure stop safely" ABS Light on...
the car just died driving to work it was low on oil but after it died i added oil and changed the coil, plugs, wires crank shaft sensor and the car cranks theres just no spark also checked fuses all good what do i do ...
It is very annoying, doesnt madder if I hit the lock button on the door or on the remote it makes a very loud buzzing/grinding noise.
Trying to find the fuel filter on the xj8 05 jag