truck will not crank but does fire

a message comes on saying to service 4 wheel drive switch

Belt seemed to be squealing so I replaced the water pump, and kept making noise. Replaced AC condenser and filled with coolant, made noise still replaced power steering pump and hoses for brakes too. Now don't have power brakes or power steering and trans is slipping too. I need some guidance please?

Check engine diagnose found following DTC:P1285 cylinder head over temp condition (sensor). P1450 unable to bleed up fuel tank vacuum, P1299 cylinder head over temp protection active. Further test found cylinder head temp sensor reading up to 60 deg. Also found bad evaporate vent solenoid. Recommend replace cylinder head temp sensor and evaporate vent solenoid.

How do you restore the compression and increase my power of motor need to know what is recommended whether I to overhaul need a rebuild kit or what any suggestions accepted

Neutral Safety Switch was torn off, wires hanging. Need to connect a new on to start truck. It's a 454 engine /w fuel injection and Heavy Duty Trans. How do I reconnect a new neutral safety switch?

When put in gear and you release the clutch you hear a clanking noise as you're going down the road and you shift gears you hear aclanking noise it only does that when 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and reverse

When on highway I have a whining noise in fifth gear only 5th gear more I accelerate louder it gets

Ok I over charged the battery and replaced the battery tried a new computer got the vats bypass from ecklers and security light stays on also bought a new ignition key any help would greatly appreciated

The smell of raw gas occurs at stopping or parking. Smell is both inside and outside of car. Injector O-rings changed. Complete car smoked. Gas tank inspected & pressure tested. Fuel lines checked. Nobody can seem to find the problem. Stared at 96,000 miles. Car serviced regularly.

There's a perpetual light like the abs light on. It's a diesel engine.

Chasis No: JTEBH3FJ70K028476
Model No: KDJ150L-GKAEYW

Get code 442 pertaining to evaporate syst but light will not reset

The car keeps jerking and losing power.charging system flashed across dash and it regained power.