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i have replaced blower motor and control panel and still burns out have replaced resistor 6 times so far.
Rough idle, engin light on, o2 senser code, voltage drops at stoplight.
Any tips on how to prevent my multi-disc CD player located in the back access through the tailgate, from skipping so much??
car died on the road, put another battery in it to get home. replaced the alternator, new battery. now when i turn the car on i get 14 volts at the battery, turn the car off than on again i get 12 volts, (not chargin...
I can re-boot, but System Failure message returns. What could be causing the problem?
It seems like only when it's wet or it rains it starts but shakes engine light flashes , light stays on other ways how do I fixed this? The car has 150000 miles and is been real good till now..