Maybe you can send a video

can not get the truck started

I have had my hybrid batteries replacerd by a reputable shop that offers remanufactured batteries. After one week the "Check Hybrid System" light comes on as well as "Check VSC" after replace=ing battery several times is it potentially the Battery Contriol Module?

Im not too familar with transmissions, and would like to get a general idea as to what i might be looking to pay to have it replaced. (i understand price would vary depending on which shop i go to.) thanks for any info given!

Doesn't seem to matter what time of day, temperature, level or angle, tank full or not. Problem occurs daily.

replaced engine and now computer wont work nor will it start.any suggestions

Truck won't come out of low gear and revs super high rpm between 3.and 4 rpm then sends code

Transmision don't shift and don't start be cause it's on drive

Added coolant and drove a couple miles home, no knocking, no rattling, no grinding as matter of fact very smooth, just as i got home it died, now all it does is freewheel as if it jumped time. Could this be the problem or could all the water have shorted the Ecu (computer unit)?

I have a 2009 pontiac G6 and the engine light came on and the code read camshaft sensor. So I replaced the sensor and deleted the codes. Light is back on. I also noticed on the old sensor there was what looked like black burnt oil paste on old sensor. Not sure if that's command. Wondering what I should do nexted. Car runs fine but electric start won't work with engine light on.