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remote has been replaced and original or new will not work inst panel sayes can not recognize thx ron hicks
I can start the car sometimes and it comes on perfect, sometimes it doesn't and never comes on, sometimes it will start to blow mid drive. Is this the blower, a fuse or what?
If you had to buy a special tool for example a wrench to do a job. Is is customary to bill the tool to the customer? If it is charged to customer, do you give them the wrench? Or do you keep it and add to your tool box?
Our's has the MICHELIN LATITUDE TOUR tires. Depending on the road surface, we can't converse or listen to music comfortably.
How do I take this housing off in order to get the battery out and then replace the fuse housing? Thanks
My ignition key doesn't completely shut off. I have purchased a new lock cylinder but I am not sure how to change it. Is it an easy process or will it take a while to change?
I have a 2008 Ford Edge. What would cause my vehicle to jurk around 40 to 50 mph but when passing 50 mph it goes away? It doesn't yurk hard, it kind of jumps or skips. Can't fugure it out!
And now there is still smoking coming from the car itself. I am brining it back to him again. I feel like this guy is robbing me what should I do?
No power getting to starter battery good lights and radio on could it be a relay from starter to ignition switch
This started in my trunk. Was not hit or anything it just happened. Have to have the trunk forced open- and the smoke damaged inside the car is horrible.