My car will not stay charged. Replaced battery,ignition switch, and keys and still having the same problem.

I will be driving along and go to push the accelerator and the car does nothing but slow down, then after a few time of hitting it, it jerks forward and goes for a second. But once I let off it does the same the. It is scary when this happens on a busy road.

My 2002 BMW 325xi has over 100,000 miles and is consuming oil at the rate of one quart a week. There is no leak visible. My mechanic says the engine is burning it. What is happening?

Upon strong acceleration, a huge plume of white smoke is emitted from the car. Following the plume, the cabin air smells toxic.

This a/c fan motor was replaced (passenger side) with a new motor from Mitsubishi, part #7812A177, because the "old" fan motor was very noisy. But this new fan motor was just as noisy, meaning that changing the assembly didn't do a thing. It's still noisy. Is this normal for this car? We just bought this Eclipse in August and complained to the used car dealer about the noise. It was replaced under warranty but we still have the problem. Can you help?

what needs to be serviced and how?

In the front of the car, underneath, there is a small hose just hanging off. It's right behind my radiator and drags the ground slightly. Could this cause my check engine problems?

If I drive the car for about 5 minutes the check engine light comes on. The car becomes very sluggish, I can press the accelerator all the way to the floor and it is struggling to go. Sometimes it will sputter and sounds like it is backfiring. Also, if I don't keep my fuel level above 1/4 tank the car will shut off (don't know if that's related to problem). If I let the car cool a couple of hours, the check engine light won't be on anymore, until I either drive it or let it idle until the engine is warm. When the light comes on, you can smell the rotten egg smell. Is there anything, besides the catalytic converter, that can cause these issues?