Im trying to order some front axles for my legacy wagon AWD. Everything I find keeps saying "non abs" in the description. My abs is disabled anyway because it would continue running after I shut the car off so I don't really care about abs. Can I put "non abs" axles on my car and call it good?
Thanks for any help and sorry if this question has already been answered.

My brakes tend to lock up when i press hard on brake. Now my abs light stays on

My husband tried to drive the van with the oil (slightly) low (stupid, we know). The oil pressure light came on. We've filled the oil, but the light will not turn off. We've also replaced the oil pressure sensor, but no luck.

Is there a need to reset the computer, or do you think that something bigger could be wrong? The engine seems to be running normally.

I open the sunroof And now it won't close I tried to get some gasAnd push the button and it did not workIs it a fuse or something else

It was working fine and suddenly it stopped.

Car turned off when I turned on head light and today I was driving and everything shut off for like a second and turned back on well I was driving what can the problem be

Is,this a big issue with h3.

2004 volvo 260 with 151k miles

Car rocks back & forth when u try to start cluch feels like it's gone is that what is causing it not to start?

The carpets are soaked with some fluid. I noticed after long drives where I am using air conditioner.

I was driving the car with one half in the ignition then I put the other half in.but then the battery died so I charged the battery then put the other half in and wouldn't turn the lights worked but still couldn't turn the key.

I push the gas pedal and my van tends to choke and I hear a small knocking.