I just bought the van for 500$ and it has over 150000 miles what what is the first thing I should do I don't have money to pay someone to fix it Im gonna do it myself. Also get codes p0141 & b1s2

Thermostat + radiator changed ,antifreeze flushed and replaced, mech states bad guage any ideas what this may be I hear it's common in hummers? The guage stays half way while I drive goes up to 3/4 at idle never goes over never boils over, clutch fan does not have excessive play , please help this is getting expensive trying to fix.

Will not crank

Son recently got the jeep stuck in mud after got out started making whining noise in the rear .I have changed the axle fluid and still makes the noise .

it will not crank but does fire

Replaced sensor in top of bell house and rotor and dist.cap

Also replaced sensor in top bell house and new rotor button and dist. cap

truck will not crank but does fire