can they be made out of brake lines.

can they be made out of brake lines.

The door handle does seem to engage but the door will not budge even with Great Force. Any ideas??

It is always "dashing" to the right

I just recently had the radiator and thermostat replaced but now I am leaking water from somewhere. I have tied a rag around cap and it doesn't leak. Put card board underneath van and found no leaks. I have also checked my oil to see if it is cloudy and it is in good shape. I will let it run during these checks(except for checking oil). I don't know where else to look. I can drive 5 miles down the road, come back, let it cool and then check it. At that time it is low on water.

check engine
light got checked, it was on for 7 months, it was catalytic convertor can I fix with it with a new O2 sensor or should I replace the catalytic converter?

car was taking in for curise control,and it works ,but the single lights didn't work well,took it back and had to leave it,didn't have to pay extra,but althought the left works find,it's the right on that doesn't work right.When I played with the gear shft,the back-up lights comes on,but it willn't stay on.

First check engine light came on (now off). Noticed that the P or R or D was not showing on the instrument cluster. Also the ECO indicator stopped. Shut engine off and start bake up and the P,R and D are back on. Is this part of the software updates I keep seeing?