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I've been into the fuse box at left end of dashboard - but where is the one under the hood at?
had a tune up and oil change but the check engine light is still on what else can I do. I had it all done about 3 weeks ago
I recently got the codes for the lights and here is what they read. P0031, P0441, P0455, and C1201. Is it just the oxygen sensor that needs to be replaced or is there more to it? Also it says bank 1 sensor 1, if I'm l...
Recently purchased 2010 Caravan - with doors locked front windows are half way down in morning - side doors have opened 3 times
When started it immediately goes to high. Oil reading good, new filter and oil.
When I try to start my car it acts like it wants to start but then after tryning so many times it would start but then it would cut out