Shop says they have to remove cab and essentially clean or replace the fuel system. Is this normal? And is $8000 a normal charge to repair.

Or buy another car where as I really can't AFFORD to get in debt.

I have to unplug the battery to shut the lights off is this an expensive fix

replaced accumulator plate and reset computer now it takes 5 to 7 thousand rpms before it moves

The check engine light is on for a crank sensor. We have replaced it twice and car is still hard starting. Neeeed help! Mechanic is stumped

if i remove gas cap there is a dramatic change in my car, it wants to quit. when i put gas in it and then replace the cap I have to almost keep my foot on the gas to keep it from dying. and it remains like that for about the first couple miles after putting gas in car. this is the only time the car acts like this.

I had a complete transmission rebuild on my car. Before the rebuild the code P0770 came up. Now after a rebuild with new shift solenoids and torque converter it still comes on with same code. The car has 218500 miles when the trans. was rebuilt.

I think it should be lower 12 or 14 amps.It may have ruined the relay and control also

car is at the shop man said could not find anything wrong with my car he said he was going to have to check the computer in the car .....thank you

97 toyota camry 2.2l 4 cyl with California emissions randomly dies when up to operating temp. cleaned egr, iac, throttle body, and replaced fuel pump and filter. after cleaning each one, at separate times, problem was nonexistent for a couple of days then came back. i need this car to not die randomly when i take my daughter to school or go to work. any help would be much appreciated.

Driver back heat works but not seat part. Same for passenger side.
Is there a do it yourself repair or replacement?

Seat won't move, up down, forward, backward or recline. Is it a motor issue? Breaker is fine.