My car started drove two buildings down and died and we have yet to get it started we changed the distributor we checked the crank shaft position sensor the battery is good fuel pump is going on it just turns over and wants ti start but wont help me please

Searched for correct parts but do not know which version I should be getting: Clutch Flywheel Ring Gear - standard, flat, 132 teeth or MTX / Flywheel - flat or 20 teeth/splines. As far as the clutch kit goes I don't really know what to look at as a deciding factor. I tried to get a more complete description and specifications for the parts on the fordparts.com site but that wasn't any help either. Since I'm living on a partial pension I can't afford to buy the parts from their site but I don't want to order the wrong parts and get hit with return shipping & restocking charges either.

Under driver controls in the 2004 Ford Freestar manual it includes outside temperature but doesn't provide very much information on how to set it up. I bought my Freestar used, and apparently this feature had never been setup on it. Is there any way/anyplace I can get better instructions on setting it up. Thanks!

I have had 02 sensors put on.
And they keep going out.
the check engine light used to come on
and when tested the 02 code come up
That light doesn't work anymore

Was told by a shop that the intake is stuck.
has been getting worse.
Has a 5 speed clutch
when it is acting up driving and go to a stop shifting down it shakes and wants to die
have to keep foot on gas

The noise comes from the back. It happens when I drive over a speed bump.

Just had a rebuilt tyranny installed.

The message came on while going down the highway. I had filled up the day before. The message was "Check fuel fill inlet". I check to see if it was plugged but it looked normal. What should I do?

it started about a week ago can hear it mostly when its idle

initially they told me the oxygen sensors were bad replaced all four ran well for about 10miles check engine light came back on an runs extremely rough at a idole an check engine light blinks but when take to have codes read they tell me there are no codes but runs like a big peice