It stops after it has been on a few min. What could this be

When I start the engine, the sound is too loud. Sometimes it goes away after 1 min and sometimes I have to wait for up to 10 min for the sound to goes off.

I can drive for about 10-15 and then the lights on the dashboard then wants to turn off while I'm driving. My daughter drove it and she said when she puts it in reverse, it cuts off. It hasn't done that to me yet. It's happened twice so far

during the summer my floor got wet when i turn on the ac that was five months ok

ABS, Brake and traction lights on continually. Took to Advance, put on their diagnostic, code C1073. What is that and is it still safe to drive? Brakes are working fine. Just had brake pads put on in last 3 months

Since my Vibe's water pump was replaced recently, all of my lights will work during daylight, but my low-beam headlights (only) stop working once daylight fails. All other lights work properly (daytime running lights, fog lights, high-beams).

The hose came off the turbo we drove it towning a trailer for 20 miles, had very little power. what damage did we create
When the hose came off there was a large pop and smoke came from exhaust reconnected hose seems to drive ok but there is a sort of grinding noise Please Help

I put new sensor in an the code comes right back on

is saying Internal Failure and finding metal shavings in bottom of transmission pan. 20,000 miles on truck. Rated at 10,000 lbs towing capacity. I tow a 5,500 lb. trailer, loaded with water and propane (and stuff) not over 7,500 lbs. They said towing should have nothing to do with it. Are others having any problems with same problems?

My cars power steering went out yesterday while I was driving. I received a recall notice so I took it to a GM dealer. He made the comment that the recall only cover the motor and nothing else. He told us it might end of costing us money if it the pin or ssnsor. But I read a list on here that said it replaced anything to do with the power steering.

AT light on, but no check engine light or code thrown. Runs fine otherwise. Have replaced all engine/AT mounts (3), speed sensors (AT and engine), and transmission solenoids (D,E), along with new fluid, filter, etc. Tends to go into reverse easier when warmed up. Any ideas?