Van has problems starting intermittently. Took it to a dealership, was charged 120.00 and told it had a loose battery cable. It started doing it again. Read a couple of forums that seem to think a neutral switch that Dodge calls a TR sensor is at fault. Does anyone know how much this costs or even if I'm barking up the right tree? Shifting can be rough at times, and there is a distinct clunk when engaging transmission from a stop at times.

Even when the vehicle is off and in neutral it wont budge.

is there a special button inside the car that im not seeing??i cant get into my back seats.

I removed the cluster and there are no bulbs. I checked all the fuses and checked everything I can think of. 2003 honda accord LX

While at stop sign lost air blowing through vents came on a couple of days later then nothing..But I do have hot & cool air when driving down the road..

I have a 97 toyota 4runner with 170,00 miles, over last several weeks has blown intermittent blue smoke out of exhaust at start up, stops usually within a few minutes. in last week have noticed power difference when under load, also intermittent. replaced PCV and related vacuum hoses. no change. is there anything to check / could be causing it other than valves or worse engine issues? Appreciate your help.

The hazards, reverse lights, A/C, radio, emergency brake, and key have all died in the period of about one year. On top of that, the door leaks, and the steering wheel points about 45° left of centre when driving straight. I'm tempted to drive this stupid thing off a cliff... What's wrong specifically with the reverse lights and hazards (given they broke months apart) because those are a real danger to other road users...

Lights on the dash board lit up.

it would turn over but wont start what could it possibly be

No air coming through the vents could it be the fuses, filters resistor or blower motor?