My car has 230000mi.on engine.having to fill radiator reservoir almost daily,but not radiator.today started smoking from underneath front right side .made a gurgling sound after I shut car off.heater putting out cold air

This this something I can fix myself and what is the problem

My car was running fine, then suddenly it started shuddering when I stopped, not when in park but idling in gear. No warning lights were on but I decided not to drive it anyway. Then, I had to take it in for an estimate on the bodywork. I got home to check the mail and it just decided to stop moving! The engine would rev and RPM's went up, and got stuck at 2500. I put it in park, then back in drive and tried to move but couldn't. Turned my car off for a few minutes, got it to move forward as far as my driveway before it decided it wasn't going to move again. I have 120k on my car, but I am the only owner amd I don't drive it crazily...hopefully its not a transmission replacement?? I still pay $550 a month and I have another 3 years to pay! :-(

constantly new fuel pump new plugs new rotor new coil oil change

We've replaced fuses checked wiring still nothng. When turning the ignition I here a clicking sound. First time this happened was about a month ago, I took it to the shop and they replaced the starter. 2nd time I jumped stRted and it cranked. The next day did the same thng and nothing. Any suggestions?

It was running fine.I pulled away and noticed the oil light came on and turned down the stereo and it was tapping I pulled over right away and shut it off and checked the oil!! It was 1 quart low! Put a quart in and oil light Still on engine still tapping but running smooth!! I revved it up a little and oil light went off but still tapping but running smooth!! It's not knocking on the lower half but tapping from the top half!! Car only has 37,000 miles!!! Thank you for your time!!

Door behind passenger seat won't open from inside tho lock stem is up and all other doors will open...I can open that door from outside

The car acts like it goes through the warm up and then does not start but beeps 1 time. Is there a trouble shouting procedure?