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What parts will I need . Why is my car doing this ? How soon can I get it fixed , how long will it take and the amount ? When driving the car the "check light engine" comes on , and your unable to speed up. It also constantly makes the gas go from "E" to full. We've replaced the thermostat and added antifreeze . What to do next ?

installed crankshaft position sensor.

Computer problem: Five minutes into the drive after starting the car, the Lexus computer system restarted itself with logo and everything. I was going at about 40 mph on a straight road. I did not notice anything out of the ordinary with regard to the engine.

Headlights: The headlights are set to Auto and the fog lights are off. The headlights came on inside the garage. I turned off the engine, exited car, pressed the remote lock, twice. Headlights are still on. Pressed remote lock twice, again (no dice). I had to turn the lights off manually and then lock the car.

It seems to happen when it's cold out.

No noise in gear or while moving

left key on all night,it was dead next morning,bought new battery and now it just clicks at computer area,won't crank.starter relay or starter?.

What can i fix

What is the problem

The starting problem which requires my keeping the key turned until the engine starts. It's been like this for over 6 weeks.