Dash board read engine
oil level low

rubber hose directly under passenger seat on coolant line cracked. What size rubber hose do I buy to replace hose?

heat the engine runs but only if i put gas down the carburator, the fuel injectors dont seem to be delivering fuel?

It just started to do this before it never came on.

you can touch buttons and they don't turn on. both front passenger and driver side. along with back seat heated seats.

the light with the little person sitting in a seat with air bag in front of it. has been on since I purchased the car.

I can feel heat from the top vents in my truck but not front vents what would cause this to happen

Initially right side back (tyre)was going down.Garage people changed the valve block.Still it was going down,then they changed the RIGHT shockabsorber.Even then in the morning whole back side is going down.Can you give a reason for this and how to rectify this

It will bolt up if rotate and drill