The temp. hand inside the car stays in the middle, and raises up to 80 when the water leaks out the radiator. I believe I need a new radiator, cause I put water in my car two times a day. And my srs light is on too.

Left work truck was fine stopped at store came out started it up and I lost powersteering and brakes are hard. Thats when i seen the return hose to the gear box was off. I replaced the power steering pump and the Hyrdro-Boost. Tried to bleed the hydro-boost but nothing comes from the return hose. I believe there is high pressure on both sides of gear box not allowing flow or there is blockage in line or a seal has failed somwhere. Please help.

No OBD II codes. Disconnect ignition control module and reconnect and car will start and run until. Once it dies it will crank but not start or it will start once and die almost immediately. Problem is not temperature related.

sometime on for awild .i start it up in the morning go to work it ,work just fine drive about 3 mile it start

Thermostat is good,blend door is good,fluid/antifreeze is good,blower fan is good,truck doesn't over heat,all fuses are good but no heat,oh and no leaks.

Starts right up but makes a hammering noise. But engine has no vibration, as smooth as silk. Some say rods, other timing belt, other knock sensor. Has 4 cylinder, auto.