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It started knocking and was still running fine,then I hit a puddle of water and it got worse. Will run okay but lacks power and if I drive ten blocks to store and back it barely makes it back ,New plugs and wires and ...
Driving n dash lights went out. Parking lights still work. Also Reverse lights dont work but I think thats a separate issue. If it is a fuse, which one?
I hit a pot hole and put a hole in the transmission pan.
when the car is shifted from park or neutral to drive,reverse or any of the lower gears, the idle would do a sudden drop and car will cut off. but if i keep my feet on the accelerator immediately after i shift in to g...
I arrived at my location and a/c remained on when I turned car off.
If the oil light turns on can it shut down the motor? Motor did not rattle. What can also make the car shut down if it is not the oil light?
I have to use the emergency brake to keep it from rolling in perk.
my heater blower stoped working no heat comes out ay all also what fuse number can I try or fuse for heat
while car is off the car seems to blow air, yet i can still turn on and off the regular a/c but i turn the key off and take my key out and the air still blows? Ive checked all fuses and disconnected battery and still ...
I have to use the emergency brake to keep it from rolling.