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Why and how to fix it

Checked fuses,fuel pump seems to be engaging,but one problem that I have is I can't find the port hole to check fuel pressure?put in new battery

Cluster lights not always on headlights not turning off and radio display malfunctioning not turning on

It doesn't matter if it's on flat land or slight incline. Doesn't happen when in 5th gear and up. Clutch has been replaced in the last few years. Does not pop out of gear. I'll just be driving along and it jerks. Jerked the other day and it's getting rougher. Used to be a slight jerk. Friend of mine has looked at it. Says it's not a belt issue, spark plugs, fuel pump. Fluids look fine. Thinks it might be me. But I've been driving manuals for half my life. I know how to use them. Something has to be wrong. I am usually going about 35 MPH on slight incline when it happens the most. Actually, now that I think about it. Twice in the same spot. I was coming to a stop after a big hill, and it acted like it wanted to cut completely off! I remember pushing the clutch in and thinking that still wasn't gonna help. ANY ideas? =/

so every now and again the ratlling comes on.

car ran fine,parked over night
and in the morning it wouldn't start

will speed up when gas pedal is punched.

Where the heck is the battery located
Under the hood.

I noticed my right tail light went out but my brake lights still work. Can you help please

It didn't over heat or anything