Have disconnected battery to reset; was told to use key to lock & unlock door 2 times...nothing works. No engines sounds at all.

Text message me with the answer, please. Thank you. Also, now the radio and clock doesn't work. I had to get a jumpstart again today. This is my 7th or 9th jumpstart but I've gotten a new battery on the 10/14/15.

checked under carriage and also column to see if "worm" is a problem. mechanic said it is not. what should i check next. noise occurs at startup when wheel is turned in an idle position.

If I put it back in gear it stops. Car drives fine, shifts fine does not do it at stop lights.

I had the timing belt/water pump replaced, tune up completed (plugs) and the front and back shocks and struts changed. The VSC and ABS lights came on after the repairs were completed. The mechanic has not performed a scan but seemed to not know the potential causes for the lights

Air condition and heater climate system work normal, bottom and adjust setting functional, the fuse just burn when ignition switch turn on power before start engine. how can I find problem and fix it? thanks for help and share your knowledge.

The AC/heater doesn't work all the time. It is very sporadic. I can turn it on high and hear the blower blowing but there is a very small amount of air coming out of the vents. Sometimes it works just fine, but with winter coming I am getting concerned. I have already changed the blower motor relay. Any and all advice/help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.