With steam coming from under hood and all!! Let it cool off and added water. I c no leaks but car runs hot in minutes with pressure on hose. Did I kill my car??

No fuel is getting to engine

The truck stalls out when accelerating and then won't start for a few minutes irk what to do I was told fuel pump is good so I'm thinking sensor but need help thank you

My Tahoe is slow in starting. It is making a clicking noise followed by a dragging noise as if it does not want to turn over. There is no indicator lights coming on. Battery is good, new starter, alternator is good, all lines tightened. New starter and ignition fuses/switches. Also my tow light comes on when i first start it. I have to turn off the vehicle and restart and the tow light usually goes off. when tow light is on, there is no turning it off when driving. My service engine light is not on.

I have been told that mini would replace an engine if there's a defect. Recently my '06 mini went on the fritz. Now they're quoting a price of over 3 grand to replace a valve cover, oil pan gasket, rocker panel lifters, and a harmonic balancer. Is this normal wear and tear, or did I just buy into a money pit?

When you turn leadlights on they blink off and on

states that it has engine power reduced.i have only drove this car since being in the hospital 4 times since july. what is the problem.

I have tried replacing the battery and using the spare key but still nothing. My doors still lock and unlock when I use the keyhole and my interior power lock buttons still work. I have a 2010 Honda Civic LX.

I have replaced the following: Blower motor, blower resistor, radiator, fan and thermostat but still NO heat. I'm getting desperate to find this problem and fix it before winter comes.

acting like its not shifting into overdrive. what could be going on

The muffler from getting hot if I'm going to drive through the fields to avoid a fire