Line keeps popping out every time I try to pump it up

was told I could eliminate light on dash showing fuel cap by replacing this.

My car also tells me to STOP oil pressure is high turn off engine

it also makes this noise when I'm moving the air controls up and down. I have a push button type this is a top of the line one LXT? but has the heated and cooled seats and other features but no nav in the console panel.

Is there a way to identify the leak and fix it in the ABS servo unit? or do I have to replace the ABS servo itself?

I experience a vibration issue with the 2016 650i while diving upwards of 70mph. Tires were changed, everything is said to be in great condition. Yet the service department cant seem to correct the issues with the vibration in either mode

When turning on manual 4 wheel drive it does not work

Could it be the starter, battery or alternator.

I was told that the bolt for the oil pan is stripped and I need a new oil pan because of the bolt.