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Is my transmission out

i discover many factry falts in my cadillac srx 2004"company must be take it true" first preplem is"bypas valve its close nd trans com over heat"nd damage"scondry""transfercase its damag by its self after car drives100000 miles" and water redators fixers in riged base strong base"" so struts proplem hs regged not smooth"h hope company under stand this from ahigh level mecanic"thanks

I start my car then it shakes bad. When I drive it goes too fast or slows down, there has been times when I am driving and the car just simply turns off. My check engine turns off and on my tire light is always on checked them and there is nothing wrong with them, when I change my gear to drive my car won't move at times. It's on going problems with this car .

I am having issues with gas mileage. I have been getting progressively less miles since I ran out of gas.

Thank you Sir I cleared the code and it came back. I even cleared it a second time and it did come back again. Do I need to check the fuses under the hood or in the drivers floor board? I called a Chevrolet shop and they told me that I needed to have it towed over to their shop. The serviceman told me it would probably start at $600.00 and or whatever it would take to get it back right. But that was just a guess and he would need it at his shop to evaluate the problem. How would I check or test those black box fuses in the fuse block area? Thank You

I replaced the factory bulbs with leds in my instrument cluster and climate control panel. They are all 194 bulbs. The leds work fine in the cluster but not at all in the control panel. I reversed the bulb 180 degrees to make sure I had the right polarity. Still nothing. I had to put the factory bulbs back in the control panel. Any suggestions?

My truck is 4wd as well. How long does it normally take to do it as well.

I turn off the manual switch. Sometimes the headlights go off & sometimes they stay on. I haven't been notified of any recalls for this issue.