the car will start to stall periodically when I'm driving, it loses power want accelerate and cuts off when i try to take off.

Automatically when the switch was in the off position. I changed out the wiper motor control board but had no luck . The bed is off of the truck and the rear tail light harness is not hooked up. Could the tail light harness not being hooked up cause the windshield wipers to automatically turn on (high speed)when I start the truck? Im currently doing body work to the bed and thats why it is off of the truck. Just hoping for a quick fix.

2001 Dakota, 4.7L 4x4. I am experiencing an engine cough at 2000 sustained rpm when on the highway. The engine coughs briefly and there is a slight, momentary jump in rpm (maybe 50 rpm max.). Coincidentally, I am experiencing a noisy rear differential that start rather suddenly a month ago.

Or what is is making it do that

So my Murano was towed from the rearend at my apt complex. Now when I turn right too far, it thumps physically in the rear(from the best I can tell). I have had it thump a few times while turning left but its not consistent. Turning right, its 9/10 I go far enough that it thumps. I've been told lots of things but the last repair shop mentioned something to do with AWD rear end sensor.

What is this most likely? I feel that a thump from the rear when turning too hard is a pretty clear symptom for someone to diagnose. Anyone know???