My check engine light just doesn't work. But I have 2 codes. A cylinder 4 misfire, and a p1349. Which I'm still unsure how to fix. My tags 4 months expired and the emission man said I have to fix my check engine light to even pass

battery check supposedly its ok.

I have replaced the secondary air pump and vacuums, but code still persist as well as check engine light. I have fail emissions because of check engine light still reads same code default. P0410. What else could it be. I am losing my mind as well $$$$$$ Help please!!!!

When the car runs for a little bit it dies then I'll start right back up again but I have to turn the key all the way just replace the relays but distributor relay

The erratic idle is with a hissing sound on the back side of the upper intake manifold. Could this be a manifold vacuum leak?

V6 3.6. Using 5-30 Mobil One. 51000 miles. I am having to add more and more oil between oil changes. No leaks and no obvious oil burn out the tail pipe. Is the engine running too hot? My temp gauge appears normal. Starts fine. No performance problems. Am I silly to think it has to do with the smog system? Dealer has no definitive solution.

It looks like interior lights maybe flickering a little.

engine will not turn over with car key.

new key started problem, it starts on 4 cylenders 8 to 10 sec, the the other 4 kick in and runs fine, for a while and then shuts off, restart after many tries and same thing. code pulled , security problem