When you turn the setting up to another number to blow more hot air out it stays the same. I hear it go thru all the settings but doesn't go any faster. Could there be a heater door stuck or something wrong with the actuator?

What would cause no spark from coil ?coil is good

Loss of power during accelerate. 250,000 mile

1997 Ford Explorer: While driving down the road it suddenly stick revved up several times a day. I thought is was the transmission so had the fluid changed. It continues to do this only now it is once or twice a day. Could the transmission be slipping or could it be the throttle sticking?

I bought used window looks the same has same clips but doesn't want to go up and down without coming out of front track or binding. Could I have the wrong window

Ok, he we go, i have my girlfriends 2005 ford ranger, 3.0 v6. I took it my friends shop where we changed the sparkplugs, wireset, and fuel filter. When we cranked it back on, all hell just broke loose. What's happening right now is that it's cranking on, it idles well, but when put into drive and driven, starts shaking and I hear popping noises, and clicking sounds, i accelerate to about 40, then the check engine starts flashing and it begins to slow it's self down. I've put the pedal all the way to the floor but it just won't go.. at a stop light, the engine is misfiring bad. When we placed a scanner on it, we got random misfires at start, misfire in cylinder 1 and 3, and something about system too lean bank one. We have changed the spark plugs again, the wireset again, the fuel filter again, we have replaced the throttle positioning sensor, we cleaned out the idle control valve, replaced injectors one and three, and 5 and 6, we have replaced intake manifold gasket, we have checked compression I believe, and I honestly don't know what else to do, spark plugs one and three had to be changed again because they were all black and burned, i mean, don't get me wrong, it turns on amazing now, with a misfire or two, but once it's placed into drive, and speeds of 30-45 are met, check engine blinks and popping and clicking begin until I let go of the pedal, then I press on again slowly, and the same will occur. Someone please help me. I don't have much money left to keep trying to figure this out.

I have to add power steering fluid about every 3-4 days to keep it from making the wining noise when turning the steering wheel...