Beautiful car/runs fine 126K VAG codes: 16539, 16684, 16875, 16876.
Trying to find least expensive way to pass emissions.

Thank you.

Securing hook on drivers side just catching. Passenger side hook making good contact.

Also cruise control faults, sport shift and traction control not working, what should i do?

Jeep will crank over but will not start.

Battery jump hooked up wrong. I changed fuses found under the hood and fuses blew out.

never mind. this site has changed and not for the better.

fuel pump went out, when ordered the part sales prrdon said that wires on the one taken out was in wrong place.

this happen almost every time i take off driving and if am doing 40 MHP i let go the go pedal stays at the same speed once i touch the brake pedal the rpms will drop idle, any help will be appreciated

The speedometer ,voltage meter ,temperature, meter,gas meter stop working

I turned the car off and entered a friends house and when I was leaving and entered the car .. The engine would turn over, but after a few tries it stopped turning over. I took it to a mechanic that works with the dealer I got the car from, and he doesn't know what's wrong with it. I took it from him and brought it to a Honda dealership and they also don't know that the problem is.. Has anyone dealt with this problem ?? If so what can be done ?? Email is: imakeithappen.sw@gmail.com , answer her and email me if you can!! Thank you !!