I have good reason to believe this is somehow causing drain my battery as now every couple days I go out to my car and it's completely dead. Only electric though, otherwise the car runs perfect. Taken to a service center and they said they would have to check the wiring but I didn't want that specific shop doing anything to my car as it wasn't a place I trusted, I just went there because that is where my warranty paperwork suggested I go, although nothing they planned on doing was suppossedly covered. So, I will probably take it to a Kia Dealership or Kia certified shop. Is there any common problems like this, with my make and model, and is there anything I can do myself to maybe save money?? There is no malfunction with the battery(passed the tests according to the computer) or car operation. There is nothing keeping the trunk open, as far as I can tell it locks really well, although the warning light on my dash remains on when I'm driving or parked/engine on or off. Of course until the battery dies.

My mom is selling me her 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe for 5000$ it had a cracked frame cracked windshield needs new tires plus has to pass inspection etc. is it worth it or should I get another car?

The repair shop is saying that the wiring harness has to be custom made and will take months to make. How can this be on a mass produced car? A front end crash, not a ton of damage, is fairly common. How can they design a car that can't be fixed?

Hearing a rattle in 1st and 2nd gear really loud when car is being started in the morning. I've done research online and everyone is saying its the throw out bearing. How much does this cost for repair?

The car is fine while driving but when I stop at a light or sign it feels like it wants to take off? Only has stalled once on me and we have fixed the codes so what would make it want to try and override while braking?

wont start unless I step on the gas and hold the gas for about 10 seconds almost like it does not get enough fuel to start it

I was driving about 69-71 as I normally do and with no indication that there was a problem the engine stopped. kaput! I had enough speed to get to the side of the road what can cause this. It will not restart, turns over but does not start. Had it towed home.
what is this about? Fuel injector or Fuel pump?

It starts and runs fine for about 10 min and then stalls. It won't start for several hours. I have replaced the CPS and ICP. Neither has helped. Truck has 215,000 miles and I have owned since new. Any Ideas?

Riding down the road about 1/2 mile brake light comes on and beeper stays on need to know how to change the 2 little blue sensors one on emergency brake side of car and other one located under the brake.