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New catalyst converter

Is it most likely a bad relay fuse, or solanoid switch.
Which holes in diagnosis
block by fuse box do i put wire ends into to check for code number. I have a 3.0
liter v6 3vze engine.

It's sputtering when its started or at stop signs

I was driving and my foot hit the accelerator hard and the car revved up. Now I smell a burning smell when I accelerate the car. The tires are squeaking too

What could be causing the misfiring?
I have an 07 bmw 530i with around 186k miles. Just recently it started acting funny. Whenever I take off from traffic lights or start entering a highway the engine will start to misfire, or so I think it is, and shake. It does it from around 1500-2000rpm. What could the issue be? Spark plugs, wires, or coils is what I'm guessing but I'm not sure. Can I please get some help!?

Car started fine went 3 miles stopped missed before shut down came back just spins changed coil pack now getting more firing it seems tryed either no go why

Codes I'm getting r p0705,p0300,p0420,p0303

I feel hot air but fan does not work