open the door everything off.put key in ignition and get multiple malfunction readings along with external temperature reading 148 degrees???

a strong turn over but it just wont start
the radiator hose was changed recently and the line was bleed out to prevent any air lock but still nothing what maybe causing this

3.3 supercharged vgee

The covering below the steering wheel.

Some jerk tried to steal my car last night and then either gotten something stuck in the ignition or broke the ignition, and now I can't turn the key in the ignition. I need to know how to replace the ignition or bypass it for now

My truck starts and runs just fine. When I push in the brake pedal, the gear shift button will not go in and I can't put it into a gear. I have a shifter in between the two front seats. Lately if I try a couple times, pushing in the brake, the button will finally go and it will go into gear. But this morning it wouldn't go at all. Is this something with the brake or the transmission?

It started shaking violently and acted like it wasn't getting any gas and missing really bad.