gas needle does not work properly, it registered 1/4 of tank, had just bought it recently and never let it get below a 1/2 tank, anyway was running out of gas and was pumping gas pedal like a madman, to try and make it to gas pump. check engine light is now on or it flashes, and runs and idles rough til I get to 60 mph or so. Help. Thanks

my truck runs rough at idle when warm low rpm changed plugs and all coils,runs good while driving but hesitates bad under load ,It has no check engine light on and never has good oil pressure,have ran injector cleaner,i have 115059 miles on it, sometimes it will shutdown in drive at idle but fires back up rpm is 500 to 550 after warm up

My jeep will crank by pushing off or with a screwdriver, but won't crank by the key. Is it my switch or could it be something else?

rough cranking runs fine when accelling buts dies when coasting

noise noticeable at speeds at about 35mph an up. For some reason I feel this might have something to do with the traction control system. any ideas would be appreciated.

Hello, I have a Mercury Grand Marguis 1997. I have been having an issue with my door locks working intermittently. When they top working, the key fob does not work, the switches on the door do not work and the remote trunk release won't work. I could get it to work sometimes by mashing the buttons on the door over and over. I found out last week that when I mess with my power seat buttons, (they haven't worked except randomly for over 10 years) that is when the power locks stop working. What part could be going out. The power windows still have power and the power side mirrors still work.

Thank you,

heads and something is wrong with the transmission, the codes are P)500, P)700, P0406, P0720, P0731. Can this car be repaired and if so, how much do you think it would cost

I changed the brakes on the front but it is still happening. I had the bearings checked and they appear to be fine too. What else could it be?

there's been no signs of anything going out. all the sudden don't start. not battery, it don't jump start,nothing

Just bought this few days ago . ran good till last nite, went to crank it and it wouldn't go into gear, then after 40 mins finally went into gear and now its missing and engine light is flashing?

Car would not start without being jumped. Thought is was the battery so replaced it. Still have the problem if car is not started every day and driven. Something is draining the battery obviously. Has anyone had this experience or have any suggestions as to what the problem could be?

Just purchased a 2002 MC SS with 37K miles. The car has problems starting on the first try but starts right up on the second try. This seems to happen when the car is hot. The crankshaft sensor has just been replaced.

and my break lights are not working I changed all my fuses and still nothing I brought the parts the auto shop said I needed just need to know how much it usually runs to get it fix