I have replaced the following: Blower motor, blower resistor, radiator, fan and thermostat but still NO heat. I'm getting desperate to find this problem and fix it before winter comes.

acting like its not shifting into overdrive. what could be going on

The muffler from getting hot if I'm going to drive through the fields to avoid a fire

To. Protect the muffler from getting hot is loose I don't really need that cover because I'm driving through the fields

The front passenger airbag light indicator is on and/or has malfuctioned. It was suggested that I replace the passenger seatbelt system which triggers the airbag deployment mechanism. Is this a possible solution to ensure safety and make sure the light goes off?

I need to bolts that are like right above the exhaust pipes or muffler that's all and how much is an oil change

I have tried fresh spark plugs, high octane fuels, new distributor cap & wires. Still pings?

Mỹ serpentine belt broke. Since I can't drive it to dealership, I had a mobile mechanic come to replace the belt. The pully on the tensioner was wobble, but I did not replace it until I have ever more money. After two weeks, the belt got slice. So I have another mechanic replace the belt and tensioner. The car had trouble starting but it ran a little and I tested starating the car. It was ok. 3 days later, I started the car. It start, but after halunch a block. The car dies. Had another mechanic stop by, and he thinks it may be the fuel injector or fuel pump. He was just guessing. Could the car be in termination mode like when the car get into an accident. Please help if you can. Thanks

I can't. Drive my van .is there a recall on this.dealer said don ,t know i need help

When your driving and you feel like you want to step on it,it stalls and says "Restricted performance"in the dash board please help.