Doesn't matter how high I turn up the temperature on the driver's side, it seems like there is very little heat being blown down around my feet. At -20 C or colder it is a concern, especially on a long drive. Is there something I can check to alleviate the problem?

So yesterday I changed one of my low beams on my 02' Jetta 1.8T. I thought everything went well because when I flipped the switch, the bulb I changed was working. However, I didn't notice till it got dark that those were the only two bulbs doing anything at the time. I'm pretty sure all my lights work. They all turn on but just not when they're supposed to. The running lights work all the way up till I flip the switch to turn my tail lights on. Then all I get is two shitty bulbs that I'm pretty sure are used for the turn signals up front. If I push in the switch and turn it like I was going to remove it, I can get head lights and dash lights. But still no tail lights!! Unless I flip it all the way, in which case, ill have no headlights! I checked all the fuses, even on top of the battery. I pulled the switch out everything looks brand new, but I'm no expert. I followed all the wires from my lights to make sure there was nothing loose or melted. I don't know what else to do, except pay someone else to do it. I really would rather not do that if it's something I can do.

Replacing the inner tie rod to rack and pinion. I just need the torque specs for this on a 2002 with a 3.4 motor.

Replacing the inner tie rod to rack and pinion. I just need the torque specs for this on a 2002 with a 3.4 motor.

Replacing the inner tie rod to rack and pinion. I just need the torque specs for this on a 2002 oldsmobile alero with a 3.4 motor.

I was driving an the rear end started making a steady clicking noise, gave it a little gas an it didn't want to go, almost got to the house and it was like the car went neutral. I put it in drive, park, reverse, everything an nothing happens, what could it be?

So my 2004 Cavalier was of course bought used, and the previous owner said there was a pretty bad wreck with this car, and it's on a salvaged title, so I'm not expecting it to run at its absolute best. Other issues with this car I have solved quickly and cheaply. However, I've noticed that at certain points when I drive, if I'm stopped at a red light or stop sign, the car will idle pretty sporadically. It jumps from below 1000RPM to over 3000RPM, and sometimes while stopped it will just die on me and turn off. At that point, I throw the car in park or neutral, turn it off and then restart, and it starts back up with no problems. But the high idle happens when I stop or even just as I start the car. Being that I am a female, mechanics like to think they can take advantage of me so I like to get all the opinions I can. Someone suggested it was probably the TPS "throttle position sensor" or the EIC "engine idle control". I was wondering if others have had this problem and that is what it turned out to be??

Cannot get dtc codes from pin 8 because lights immediately when connecting blinker code reader and will not go off. Getting code 10 from cc/isc module which indicates bad signal from bm module, i think.

car smells hot but not overheating. Oil level will be fine. No white smoke. Had head gaskets fixed (I think, maybe ripped off by "Cadillac Dr" in youngstown oh) had oil changed and place told me that I had oil pan leak. Have 140,000 miles and don't want to spend alot more money. (gasket fiasco cost me 2,100$. One yr. warranty. After 1 yr. car started acting up again. Please reply at email (

97 F250 7.3, 85K, at start up amp gauge registers 1/4 after a few minutes it goes to just above 1/2, replaced batteries & alternator, symptom persists..what's wrong ?