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Looks like it cannot decide which gear to engage. changes gears in quick succession like two or 3 gears at a time.

The analyzer at the workshop does not indicate any problem with the gearbox.

Please let me know the problem with the transmission.

Thanks and regards.

When I turn car off dash lights stay on every time day or night and battery keeps draining what should I do to fix this problem

When the engine gets warm. The biog so we'll start running really really bad then it in reverse it runs bad almost all the time I've replaced a lot of parts including the fuel pump and clean the accelerator table and I'm still having the problems I had one mechanic tell me that it was the timing chain but it doesn't do this all the time not until it warms up before this happened it was running fine I had no problems now it does it all the time and I tried everything and taking it to three or four different mechanics and they all say something different

Car was running fine. Parked it and went out next morning and wouldn't start. Already changed fuel pump. Still won't start. Any suggestions?

I think some water from my cup holder spill into my buttons by the lower part .. I also notice my parking , reverse , natural , drive buttons are flashing too .. I'm lost as what to do I'm worried ..

I changed my brake pads and bled the lines and now the brakes are spongy and don't feel right when I press on the brake pedal.

When I start my car the hazard lights start flashing and I can't turn them off.

4 wheel drive
5.3 V8 engine
66000 miles

replaced EGR vale,tube and sensor,idle air control,throttle position sensor,vaccum solenoid,fuel pressure regulator,full tune up. will run when feathering the throttle, out of ideas

When should I replace my timing belt

Taking off the old head I heard a clunk. I think the rear piston fell. Is that possible? I just want to get this thing put back together should I have piston and rings done on left side of engine? And is it possible for the piston rod broke from the clunk noise? Thanks