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Replace a Silverado 5.3l knock sensors and reset the codes with Instrument Cluster fuel gauge malfunctioning. After following ALL directions for drive cycles (20 times or so) took truck in for professionals to attempt...
I just got this car from used lot and I think its messed up someone told me the timing has been messed with is there a way to have it fixed
The ac is a little cool after two small cans recharge when I start engine push button engine revs high then low high then low, do i need mor of that r24 what to do or check? I
My 2000 TL will not start after I drive it for awhile (it is not overheating by the gauge). I have to wait about 10-15 minutes and it will then start somewhat rough and then it is fine. I have inquired about this with...
Van change gears from under hood is it my push pull cables how do i know it is my cables. The other day I was able to pit it into gear going I'm neutral then clutch shift in gear. No one seems to know the answer.
i put the car in drive and restart. this doesn't happen all the time. I would like to find out what the problem is so that i an get my car repaired.
My son has a 2002 Ford Lightning and recently the engine has been shutting completely down while driving it...he lets it sit for 5 or 10 minutes and it starts up again and then dies after driving it for about 10 minut...
Location of the EGR valve
Ok so I have the Ford ZX3 Hatchback. Its a 2.0 Ztech twin cam engine. I thought I dropped my clutch as It had sounded like it had been slipping before it slowly just wouldn't move fast without accelerating more then I...
Only in 2wd but it used to only do it in 4wd. Code p0430. Just put on muffler because I bought it without one and that's when it started. Also oil leak from front of engine? Any help fellas?
I have 187000 miles the belt, is not a problem yet. I want ot change as a precaution. Thanks Larry