I put anti-freeze in and it seems to just disappear. I looked under the car for leaks and it's bone dry....

It only use to make the noise whenever I would accelerate at any speed, now it makes the noise whenever motor comes on. I have recorded the noise when accelerating. I don't know nothing about the prius. My husband don't care for the car to try and figure it out. Cannot afford to take it to shop.we did test the car and got a error code after problem got worse and engine light came on. Don't remember the code but I think it was loss of power. I'm am sorry I am not very good at explaining the problem but my husband is very busy and like I said don't care for it. I'm hoping to narrow the list of problems it could be down then go from there. Thank you

The light came on almost immediately after switching out the alternator. The battery tests fine and the ground wires have been checked. The light would come on and switch off intermittently but now it always turns on shortly after startup and does not go away.

Battery tested fine. Ground wires have been checked. The warning appears roughly a minute after the car starts. The warning would come and go but now it stays on all the time.

I just replaced the front pads and rotors on my 2002 Nissan Maxima and now there is a constant rattling noise. It sounds like keys clinking together. Applying the brakes does not affect the sound.

My car is one month past the warranty but only has 39,000 miles on it - when I took it last time I asked them to check it out - they said they didn't find anything wrong (was still in warranty). A friend just rode with me and said it is a transmission problem? They are already having to fix a rear main seal leak - are the 2 related? Do I have any recourse on the transmission since I mentioned it before the warranty expired?

There are no codes,crank sensor has been changed, the ASD fuse is good and you can hear the fuel pump kick in.Any Ideas?

It started running rough, then stall battery would die. Replaced battery then would have to drive it like standard. Neutral at red light to keep up rpm's. Then it would happen while going 45, just slow down like it wasn't getting gas. Now it won't start.