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The car only has 60000 miles has has the head gasket replaced as well as new engine a year ago. They are telling me the no. 3 cylinder on the head is misfiring.I' .trying to find out average repair cost?
I was told by a mechanic that the middle mount doesn't respond to the computer, that it needs to be replaced, and in order to get to the middle one, the upper and the lower ones need to be taken out, so it will cost a...
doesn't seem to make the noise at idle or slower speeds. seems to shift okay with the exception of maybe 3rd into 4th which is debateable. where should i start?
the front left side blinker works if i do it myself. my passenger side blinker an brake light works. what could be the problem? Ive changed fuses an light bulbs.
It cuts on and off do not need it , please help,
2005 Honda CRV ...significant highway miles including some in high humidity area (Houson)
I did all that because the the timing chain went bad and damaged the gides and cover put a hole in cover
have replaced the distributor, igniter,& crankshaft position sensor. The coil will fire once when you release the key after turning the engine over.
I need to replace the power steering hose. I have purchased the replacement hose. I don't know how likely it is that the problem is something other than the hose. I understand that I might need to bleed the air from t...
The back end is much higher than normal and it is hitting hard like the shocks are locked in place
Hello, here is my list of symptoms that I suspect can be caused by a faulty PCM but I'm no expert. It all started when the battery light came on. After going to AdvancedAutoParts to check it out, the diagnostic was a...
how to reset a service engine soon light on a 2005 bmw 325i?