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99 isuzu trooper car starts right away but start to drive it the idol goes crazy up n down n after 5 minutes it goes completely off there's power windows work radio work n everything even if I turn...
my avalon has a wiper always on problem and i cant find a relay for it (just a fuse)
I checked the battery and it's good. I tightened the battery cables and checked the fuses. When it is hooked to another vehicle it will turn over but not start. When disengaged from the other car it acts dead. It happ...
it seems like the hose that is on the bottom goes straight to the water pump not the thermastat
Just got my used legacy with 139000 miles on it looks and runs good.Catylytic is in the error code,but exhaust not smelling or loss of performance. Timing belt one owner vehicle a fair amount of highway miles on it,ch...
I change the actuator and pulled the fuse still no reset or 4x4
4wd service lights stays on when vehicle is shifted in and out of 4wd. vehicle will not start once the fuel drops below 1/4 tank. tank is not empty.
It's starts up fine, but will not accelerate when pressing on the gas
it happens every time I drive the car had the battery and alternater tested and it was fine. the instermental lights come on as well like service light, check gauges light,