My rear door becomes unlatched unexpectedly. What's causing this problem?

the car still drives but it shifts a little rough and slow sometimes. also there is a unusual noise.

I added a new battery and a new starter and still cranks like the battery is dead

Accessories will not turn off, Car starts and shuts off, unable to rotate to lock and release key.

It stops after it has been on a few min. What could this be

When I start the engine, the sound is too loud. Sometimes it goes away after 1 min and sometimes I have to wait for up to 10 min for the sound to goes off.

I can drive for about 10-15 and then the lights on the dashboard then wants to turn off while I'm driving. My daughter drove it and she said when she puts it in reverse, it cuts off. It hasn't done that to me yet. It's happened twice so far

during the summer my floor got wet when i turn on the ac that was five months ok

ABS, Brake and traction lights on continually. Took to Advance, put on their diagnostic, code C1073. What is that and is it still safe to drive? Brakes are working fine. Just had brake pads put on in last 3 months