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Started when it was cold 30degrees
After a few tries of short clicks it will start
Getting worse now, even with warmer weather
Weak connection?
Getting worse

Need either the best Volkswagon repair shop in Phoenix area and or the best shop that there business is rebuilt engines.

Rough ride started 3 weeks ago. Fuses checked OK. Leveling system appears to be pressurized. Will not level rear end. New shocks last summer, OK until now.

has new plugs but had oil in cyl 4 and 1

I have replaced the starter and relay switch and also a new battery and it still will not start. Makes a clicking noise when trying to crank , what else could be the problem?

I keep refilling the coolant but after about a week it drops to nothing and the gage goes up to High, It last only about a week, I've had and engine overhaul already 3 months ago.

Does my car have coil packs?

service charging system message came on took car to dealership they changed the alternator and message was still there they cleared the code and pressed the reset button message is still there

New catalyst converter