When I ask what caused the catalytic converter to fail they're telling me that the computer is telling them it failed but they don't know why. What would cause the catalytic converter to fail. I don't want to keep throwing money at this car. I just replaced the engine for $2,100.

The idiling starts to vary up and down the warmer it gets but stays running till u shut it off then it we not start till it has complety cooled off.I tried spraying starting fluid in it and it has fire going to the plugs,I'm stumped!

replaced battery twice. second time with a bigger one. has to be jump started every morning. no problems rest of day. going on 4th winter. no one seems to know what problem is

did oil change checked oil next day was low .checked fillter and it was dry .oil not getting to it .i am putting oil in every day not leaking on ground.HELP.......?

replaced harmonic balancer,alternator, battery, checked wires fuse box. still not charging. battery alternator confirmed good.

It takes several time trying to start when it does stay running it's rough and I lose power to windows and locks and the car has a hard time accelerating the it clears up and runs normal

My speedometer jumps and makes noise when it is cold. After my car warms up it stops. How can this be fixed?

When I take out key the blower stays on for maybe 5 more seconds and then shuts off. That's has only happened twice since this started. another thing that has happened since I got the car is that when the heat/AC would be on for a period of time it would stop blowing. Please help. It's getting colder and I have kids. I need to have heat in my car. Thanks in advance!