Have extended warranty but it will be Wednesday before I can get it to Ford Dealership. Will it hurt to drive on an approx. 450 mile trip. Makes noise going slow and coasting speed. Can not hear on high speed i.e. Interstate driving...

Also there was what sounded like scratching when going from drive to reverse.

Even taking the keys out of the ignition, the Explorer won't turn off. Suggestions?

2001 Mitsubishi Mirage ES (5-speed manual)
Because I live in really cold weather. I'm searching for the best cold weather manual transmission fluid (synthetic)
What brand name should I buy? I'm looking to drive during the real cold temperatures but also maximize* fuel economy with the transmission fluid I put into

I opened up the drivers side Interior fuse box it showed no signs of a blown fuse. (42/20amp yellow).

seems to be either starved or flooded with fuel.

seems to either be starved of fuel or to much.

I had brake lights but no running lights thought I got it fixed but now the brake lights are not working. I replaced all fuses inside and out and nothing. Dash lights are out now too. What could be causing this

Whan driving, if the rpm goes over about 2 1/2 (sometimes just at 2) the car stops accelerating and won't go over 15 mph, the rpms just keep going up. I usually have to pull over and turn off the car to let it cool down (i live in south florida). Sometimes that doesn't even do the trick and i have to get to point b at turtle speeds. I know the ac is messed up and not cooling, could that be related? When the problem occurs i can hear a hollow whirring sound coming from the car and most recently, a rattle. My dad changed one of the sensors on the pistons and I'm back to square one. Please help, I'm about to junk this damn car.

I changed fuel filter and the throttle sensor and another part that is part of the throttle i cant think,what its called it sits over a vaccume but nothing seems to work what can be the problem

will not start codes p1372 p1258 p0121 car ask like it is not firing what can I do to fix this

the error message read: engine oil level measurement not possible until ignition on

but now they say that it could be the rack and piona that causes the problem they also said that it had a lot of dirt in it so they did something and got it out how can that get dirt in it and sense they think that they got it will I need to replace that too?