For two days now my four interior lights in my Ford escape will not turn off even when the car is shut off.

The blower motor did not shut off after removing the key. It operates now but the acc light stays on and by morning the battery is dead.

I can adjust 1 & 2 positions alright. But not the "exit" setting. Nothing in the manual helps.

The thermostat has already been replaced. The temp gauge is normal.

It's part number is 12A581 C175

I have cobalt not on your list

There is an antifreeze leak and after the engine is turned off there is a clunk, clunk, clunk, sound like a cog in a clock. I've had freeze out plugs replaced and the gauge barely moves and the heat is lukewarm to warm.

Headlamps are not working. Bulbs are good. I've read about a lot of issues with the TIPM on 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks. How do I go about ordering the RIGHT ONE for MY truck?

Automatic transmission shifts fine, however the overdrive component will not shut off. No issues w/low or high speeds.

The tire well was full and leaking from below.