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Checked all fuses. Figured problem was in switch that turns the dash lights on or light itself is burned out.

My engine light was on in my 1997 dodge ram 1500 v8 magnum, since I got it a month ago. I had several PO Codes and changed the O2 sensor and all I had left was 2 Solenoid codes. Tonight I checked fuses because my radio shuts as soon as I turn on the car and I saw that the fuel pump fuel (i believe) was missing and another was loose. I switched the 40A fuse from the trailer lights to the missing one and now the engine light is off and there are no PO Codes. Is this possible?? I feel like a fool for not checking this sooner but I am the furthest thing from a mechanic and just learning. I admit I love it and excited to learn more.
Thanks for your help.

My car smokes a lot especially when started. I just bought the car. Took it to AutoZone and had the diagnostic test done. A code came up that meant cylinder 2 was misfiring.

Change all spark plugs, plug wires, distributor, bug, vaccum hoses, egr, pcv firing order is correct. When it starts it idles high the falls a little lower then it should then has miss in low rpm 1000 or less it clears up at higher rpm no loss of power don't know how to read codes but the check engine light does not come on

Car didn't pass smog so I took it for a tune up. While pulling it into the garage a loud pop sound and water leaking from the passenger side of engine. I had to refill the water for the second time in two days, was idling a little rough and squeaking was heard throughout the day.

My forerunner won't let me go over 2400 rpms without spitting and sputtering the truck has had a tune up recently plugs and wires only

engine cranks no start. gauges no work, I followed instruction from a previos posts answers. I have 5v to tps, but only 2.38 to MAP. I disonect the crank,ps, turn key off 10 sec, no change,, same with cam position sensor.. I changed cam and crank position sensors, coil, cap rotor and wires. is it possible the ecm is bad? I don't wanna drop 400$ if I don't have to..please help also I am getting 5v to each of the cam and crank sensor conectors

Why do transmissions sputter and vibrate between gears? How to tell if your gears are slipping? Do I need to replace my transmission?