Please let me know sum thing cause its winter time right now and i dont have any heat

For a v-8, I expected a little more get-up-and-go. When I first start it, it barely creeps along, then suddenly lunges forward, like the transmission finally decided to change gear. Once it warms up it's better, but never has as much power as one would want.

I have replaced; spark plugs and gapped them, fuel filter, e.g. r.valve, air filter, removed cleaned and replaced throttlebody, and PCV valve. Still 11 mpg. What else can I do?

Check engine has been on for long time but barely use van. Recently it feels like van is like misfiring, losing thrust and check engine light started to flash on & off. Please help...

When you apply brake signal light on dash comes on, but one signal lite does not blink. When you do apply brake your can hear a click noise on the drive side.

The tail light lens is broken but the rest of the assembly is fine. I just want to know if there is a way to just replace the lens. Are they separate pieces or do they have to be replaces together?

functions work but the lights do not stay on when turned on. Changed bulbs and checked fuses.

The bed brake lights are not working, but all other lights including the center mount brake light are working fine. I checked every fuse in both boxes and all four bulbs and they all appear fine. Since the center mount brake light works when the pedal is pressed it appears that the brake switch is not the issue. Does anyone have any ideas for what else could cause this? Thanks for your help.