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I removed my starter but my neighbor tells me when replacing a starter I need new municipal intake gasket can't I just use my old one
The head gasket was just changed and the head was checked. It was fine also the block deck was fine
I try to pass a slower car and instead of my car dropping down in2 a lower gear and launching itself and start pulling, it stalls as if it's shutting down and then it starts pulling but then if I punch it a little mor...
And when i get car to restart, the idle revs. Any ideas? Also, where can I find a list of recall info. for my vehicle? Thank you.
Oil level is where it should be, no visible oil leaks, starts and runs good, runs at normal temp range, no other lights or indications of anything wrong except I think it does sounds louder at idle than it did before ...
For example, door open, key in ignition, seatbelt not on, etc. Could this be a fuse or is it a speaker out?
I recently had a long block put in my vehicle. Now the oil gauge needle stays in the lower right region of the gauge. It appears to be responding to pressure, I see it move some as I accelerate/decelerate. The deal...