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I changed the trans fluid pressure switch but still have the same problem.
Got this car from original owner in 2013. It had 50,000 original miles in the first 21 years. In last 2 years I put 24,000 on it. I noticed some coolant was coming out of overflow tube on expansion tank(and coolant wa...
Purchased the car new. I had to replace the original tires at 33,000 miles, I replaced them with mid-market 60,000 mile tires in November 2011. Today November of 2014 I have 68,000 miles and my tires are BALD, 0 tread...
I change the coil and still doing the same thing I don't know what's happening I need help thanks
I change the coil and sill doing the same problem please help mee
Dealer tested and back with these needs I replaced and still ocassional start up issues
we had new winter tires put on and the pressure light came on - we check the tire pressure so we need to reset - but where is the reset button? we changed the rim size from 17 to 15 - does this have anything to do wi...