After driving at highway speeds for 50 miles and coming to a complete stop the transmission hits real going from 1st gear to 2nd gear. I just had the torque converter replaced so I know that's not it.

my alarm keeps going off at nite for now reason....how can i disconnect or fix the problem

my alarm keeps going off at nite for no reason.

how do i either fix the problem or disconnect it....

is there a fuse that i can pull out

when I reconnect the battery the horn wont stop blowing and the key switch wont shut it off. So I cannot start it .

My keychain beeper just stopped working to unlock the driver's door, but works on the other 3 doors; alarm system works fine. The driver's door lock button now stays in the "open" position, and can be locked/unlocked manually. Some research said that the door lock actuator switch needs to be replaced, and that the part isn't expensive, but replacement is labor-intensive! Hope you can help.

afer ten or so miles the light gose off and the odometer starts working