replaced converter replaced now dealerships want me to replace o2 sensor. When they put it on the computer it only shows that there is an issue with the conveter.

power steering pump went out so i want to bypass it for, auto zone sold a belt that's 60" but it won't fit

A couple weeks ago my check engine light came on. We figured out it was the started and to get by until we could get a new one we would just bang on it and it would start. Finally, it said enough and we got a new one this weekend and put it in. The check engine light came off. Two days later the dang thing was back and no idea why. Any answers would be great?

Also, how would I be able to access all the information about, every detail of the parts of my 2011 vw gti?

Like it losing pressure, i changed thermostat, and water pump, yet still acts funny. Fyi. I blew fusees while touching wrong battery post

Car never gets really warm anymore unless I have the defrost on in winter temps. Blows warm on driver's side. Same with the air...it never really gets cool enough in the summer time.

When I run the defrost and/heater there is no hot air coming out. If I sit idol the thermostats (idiot light climbs to hot) quickly. Neither defrost or heater worked this morning.

Fuel did not go through when i add fuel from the gas station,

After i changed alternator

trunk release quit and shifter gets stuck whenever it feels like it not always might do it for a week then again month or two later