My 2006 Altima I have probably with my a/c everything works no leeks in hoses fan blower motor works blows out cold air But when I turn on a/c you have to put your hand up to vent I put it on max it just won't blow out vents like its suppose to and turned on the heat nothing will blow out vents air won't blow nothing now out vents please help

shop replaced master cyl, brake booster, distribution block, proportioning valve, etc. the brake pedal has very little give when key is off and when key is on it goes to the floor. can someone help me?

When I try 4wd in lo gear, transmission operates perfectly fine. Reverse works perfectly, and I can manually shift into second gear on the steering column. Transmission shifts into overdrive at approx. 52mph, but when selector is in drive, it starts in third gear. I tried disconnecting the battery and reconnecting after thirty minutes, and no change. There is no check-engine light, and it is not throwing any codes. This is a 2001 ram 1500 4wd, with the factory 5.9 (360) and the factory automatic transmission. Thank you in advance.

I went into a store and everything was fine. I came out and the rear of the car had bottomed out. Is there a relay or fuse that could have failed?

im trying to figer out what is rong some tell me a bad grownd
ive checked all fues and all is good but doint understant why the tail lighs dome lights air and windo and the radio wouint worke they just stoped working going down the road if any on can
thanks and sorry about the spelling

Throwing code PO325 knock sensor. Nissan site has no diagram for replacing knock sensor. Any body got any ideas or links to diagrams?

My car has been looked at to many times. Everything works fine on my ac it just don't blow out vents you can barely feel it coming out vents on max and then sometimes it just don't blow out at all now heat won't work everything thing as been checked the fan motor works everything is working fine but that and know one can figure it out

The fan was recently replaced

Must use Key to open trunk and open door. Dome light does work when button is pressed next to light. Inside button does not open trunk nor open doors. This is intermittent and all will start working again. No codes showing.

Passenger power side door wont close and stay closed under power. It almost closes, but then opens. I can usually make it stay closed by applying hand pressure to help.

p1470 leak diagonostic pump circuital electrical

Got showered ,going out for dinner the car won't start, Cranks all day long but just won't start. HELP