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urethane overspray covering entire vehicle
Northstar w/only 52,000 mi.Can't hear noise when sitting inside of car,but when I stand outside and rev-up the engine its pretty darn loud.Heavy tick sound matches camshaft,follower speed??? I guess.I'm guessing there...
Since the vehicle had been in an estate since 2010, can it still be covered under recall? This is the second time this has happened. We replaced it with a "toyota" assembly from the salvage yard 9 months ago....only t...
This happened out of nowhere, and would get better than worse before finally stopping to engage altogether. And there is no leek.
i bought a 2001 olds aurora at an auction last week.....started fine......drove day i ran some errands....had to turn the key several times to start nothing.......i replaced the battery, the ignit...
I changed all o2 sensors, cam position sensor, fuel filter, air cleaner, plugs and wires, fuel pump was changed 4yrs ago. Don't know what it is. Check engine light isn't on.
tried new starter new battery and fuses what should I do