previous; fellow that subjusted dropping oil on top bearing under rotor is correct. Did not know where to post this so did it here.

It turns over but it sounds like it's not taking any fuel...

It drives fine when temp is normal. It has happened twice last night.

I have used the power socket to charge my cellphone and
to power my amber flashing light. I have been doing this
for about a year. I checked the fuse, but it looks okay.
Any suggestions?

They had a recall it's already been performed and now the problems happening again I don't want to spend the money for the dealership so should I just install an aftermarket fuel gauge

the sss steering system is not working at low speed which is when it is supposed to be the strongest i just bought this car though i had the same make model and year when new i am not ambulitory use transfer board to get in and out i can no longer drive any hints or where i could find a site for service manual mechanic milking me to death need car so volunters can drive me to Dr. and hospitals

I am thinking it's my cat...... is this something that should be done in a shop? If so how long approx should it take to repair.

I have a 1999 Mercury mystique, it has a very hard to start if it starts it stalls if I am able to keep it running, there is no check engine light noted lights on in the dash, as soon as the thermostat starts to move the engine fan turns on feels like it stays open loop, and no check engine light help me please?

Is there a chip in a 2003 Audi didn't look it what alse you have to do when changing a ignition

This problem has been going on for about 6 months now. Its been at the shop for the last few months and they couldnt figure it out. It started by sputtering and sometimes dying at stop lights. Then started stalling if you hit the brakes too hard. Sometimes after stalling it would take a minute to start and when it did a substantial amout of black smoke would come out of the exhaust indicating flooding/ richness. So i started replacing parts based on recommondations from other mechanics. New: fuel pressure regulator, plugs and wires, distributor assembly, fuel pump, egr valve, throttle position sensor, pcv valve along with intake plennum gasket, ive gone through all the vacuum lines and replaced quite a few. So now it will start up fine and idle great. It will run all day in park, reverse, ant neutral, but stalls as soon as you put it in drive. You can turn the wheels all the way right and back to center, but as soon as you turn the wheels left past center, it chokes out. It will also stall sometimes by just pressing the brake, with the brake booster vacuum line unhooked, it wont stall, so im assuming the booster is leaking somewhere. The power steering is also vaccum assisted, ive taken off and plugged up the two vacuum lines going into the control unit on the ps pump, and it still stalls when turning left. Im out of ideas. Thank you for reading. _mike

What's the best way to dry out the computer? It was running fine until a passing SUV caused puddle water to wash over the travelling car during a heavy rain storm 4 days ago!

I checked under the hood, but nothing stands out.

alt. gage stop working just befor missing, now after restars drive about 1mile and alt. gage stops working again put gas in carb. stars up