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Manual transmission, To start with the key the clutch has to be in so by popping the cluch that with may not engage
suspension noise in reverse
left one come on, when I put on the brights the right side come only on
i did take the alternator back off and had it checked o.k. I cant figure out where the fuse is under the hood to replace it? The alternator light will not go off?
i just had my timing belt and watrpump replaced now it has no powr it barely moves and backfires. it smells of gas also. when ignition is turned of after driving car its mokes heavily and smells li...
4 days ago i was driving and while i was driving my car shut down and i put it on neutral and tried to start it and it only turnsover And doesn't start i changed the fuel filter and damaged hoses and burned out fuse
While driving on the road my car automatically turns off and then pulled over too try and restart my car and turnover but won't start
About 50 percent of the time when I go to a gas station and put the pump into the gas tank, not only will it unlock the automatic pumping mechanism but when you try to use the pump manually it will turn off a hundred ...