I just had upper and lower plenum gaskets replaced on my 4.0 engine and now I have no oil pressure did that have anything to do with it

I then put the shift in drive for a second or 2 then back in park and it seems to cure the problem every time. You think it might be the pump or valve body?

the battery checks out w/12.4 and charging system is around 14

steering wheel is making a creaking sound

remains on after engine turn off for approx. 3-5 mins. does not turn off with dimmer switch in off position. All other interior lights operate normally including passenger reading light.

how much is a window regulater replacement

I drive a jaguar XK8 1998 convertible. The car is driven often, pretty much every day. There was a hurricane with a lot of rain, and when I got in the car, there was condensation on the inside. The car starts normally but the dashboard lights don't come on, so the car won't shift gears. If I manually make the gears shift I can drive around fine just without a dashboard. Checked all the fuses they are good, and I can make the lights come on so I know they work, its not a problem with the battery either. Any ideas?

Still doesn't shift. I changed 1-2 and 3-2 shift solenoid

You will immediately die in the after I get it started it will run great for a week or two then it does it again fuel pressure is good change fuel filter any ideas on what it could be

It was working great one minute then all the sudden it won't accelerate