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I have replaced the timing belt cleaned out the mass air flow sensor
I recently bought my car from a personal owner, until recently whenever i start the car it will turn on and after a second it will shut off, it will repeat many times until it will turn on and barely remains on. Two t...
Steering wheel is more turning back and forth on its own. Randomly while driving. Even while going straight. Sometimes the console shakes pretty violently. I feel like I am driving on and icy patch when I turn the...
We finally tried pumping the gas pedal and it almost started but then misfired (loud pop under the hood). When the key is turned part way there's a high-pitched whirring noise.
it feels like if i was driving with frontwheel flat tire, but its not and i have 40psi for both wheels. i can feel it in my steering wheel either driving fast or slow. stabilizer is ok, what could be the problem? PLEA...
everything works but wont turn over fan barly turns but does not seem to have any compression
after about 10 minutes of driving the electronics comes on and is functional.
not sure if there is spark. think its a problem. cant get codes as the car is in the driveway. any advice on how to check the pcm
no heat I got a blower motor and its not that what could it be need help
when the panic button is pushed and alarm sets off, the remote stops working and i cant unlock my car. Battery is still good.what do i need to do?