Vehicle does not exhibit any problems since these instrument panel lights came on.

The headlights will turn on and off by themselves when the car is just sitting. Nobody will be in the car and it won't be running. It seems to happen at random times. This is very persistent and kills the battery almost daily.

ok the a/c works fine but when I turn it to heat it only heats up for about 10 mins and then blows cool air I have flushed the engine checked all the vacauum hoses and still the same and replaced the pressure cap for the antifreeze resivore.

Does something have been missed on the motor by replacing upper and lower plenum gaskets to affect the oil pressure

I just had upper and lower plenum gaskets replaced on my 4.0 engine and now I have no oil pressure did that have anything to do with it

I then put the shift in drive for a second or 2 then back in park and it seems to cure the problem every time. You think it might be the pump or valve body?

the battery checks out w/12.4 and charging system is around 14

steering wheel is making a creaking sound