When I start to leave from being parked for a while as I either back out or go forward I hear a knocking noise once or twice from the front in and I've also noticed the inside of my front tires are kinda worn what could be the issue there ??

A mechanic showed me how to get it out of gear by sticking a pen down by the gear to put it in drive. Then I think it's just in one gear. What you think I need a gear box. Transmission or both that AB light comes on. What you think I need thank you

I replaced the mass air flow sensor today and now my car is stalling when put in gear it runs a little bit better with the new one but still not where it needs to be! I need help haha

I slowly release the clutch and it grinds my gears a bit then I push the clutch back in and release and it goes in. Anyone know what it could be and how much it may cost?

Light goes off if the car is turned off for a few hours or overnight.

Oil pressure dropped driving down highway then car lost power
Tested the oil pump pressure and it stays about halfway then with in a minute it drops way down to almost no pressure at all!

When I leave the house it runs fine, when it gets up to temp it starts in 5th with the stalling and popping, eventually doesn't even want to take off unless held to the floor till the rpms get up then it cleans out, but still won't stay running in 5 th

I am attempting to fix erratic shifting after my car heats up as I continue to read that shift solenoids tend to fail due to heat. I dont know the difference between the two but I dont want to replace something I dont need.
Thanks for any feedback

I took the car into my service place 6 months ago and they could not find anything .( I have 55,000 miles on it). i got new tires today and asked them at Firestone. They said it was my front struts making the noise and they needed replacing. It would be over $1000. Am i getting ripped off as a female no knowing about cars?

Along with above, I think it's time to replace the brain module which is attached to the fuse box below the left side steering wheel. DO YOU THINK THIS WOULD RESOLVE MY DASH BOARD ISSUES? Or should I get a computer read out on what to replace?

Reattached hose, added coolant. No grey or water in oil. Is it just thermostat?