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Will not start sometimes until after many tries. Have replaced battery and fuel pump. Runs fine after start. Have run Seafoam and Lucas Gas treatment through fuel system. No system codes. Not sure where to try next. ...
Serpentine belt replaced 3k miles ago. 150k miles on car. Very loud squealing when put in drive and accelerate. Steering so stiff that car had to be towed.
I have got 97ford ranger i can get it to go to four hight but i can't get it to go in to four low
When car was initially started no lights. Turned car off and on service engine light came on? Car cam from Cali I am in Midwest in Dec. I noticed as was mentioned by another member that temp stay around 80 but when I ...
It won't start unless the steering wheel is in one upper position. Happens each time. One time it didn't start in that position too! Nothing happens if it's tilted at any other level, no lights, no power, etc.!
All the oil dropped out today had it towed is it a result of fixing the PVC stuff a seal ? Can a home mechanic do a seal job I'm scared help! Again I fixed oil trap & next day oil blow out near belts ?
Seems to go away after car is driven at for awhile
no engine or running problem. tires ok. car can be moving or not. computer diagnostics no help. speeds don't matter. heater, AC, fan, and wipers no matter.
distinct 1-3 second lag sometimes when I accelerate from a stop, especially when engine is cold, or when turning a corner. I suspect a fuel line filter, or fuel pump glitch.
One day I got in and started it and this wretched sound came out of it until I got a quarter mile down the road and then it stopped. The next morning it wouldn't even turn over. All lights and everything came on but t...