i allowed a friend to use my car. by the time he got back with my car it was on a tow truck and not working. it wouldnt start and there was oil everywhere when i popped the hood open. so recently i was able to afford to have my mechanic come and take a look at my car. he checked the timing belt, head gaskets, oil, fuel pumps and the list goes on. so he told me there was no problem with none of the above that i named. he went and started checking the spark plugs and as he was taking them out there was oil all over them. so he cleaned them and etc and put them back in. but the car still wouldnt start. im not sure what can be the problem. ive had my car for 9 months now and i would really like some answers or advice about the next steps that i can take to get this problem fixed and how much i am looking at to fix it.

I have a 2000 dodge neon with a few bad injectors but I also have a 2001 neon that's been wrecked but the injectors seem to look fine. Will there be any harm in swapping the bad injectors out with the good injectors from the wrecked neon

I've had it a week, when I got it it threw 5 codes,now only egr,and bank 1 sensor 1 02

when I start to drive it went back down, pulled into parking lot and parked. As soon as I put it in park, Went into the red and overheated. I had recently had a fuel pump put in and my mechanic also replaced blower because he said it went into the red. Any ideas on what it could be. I had it towed to the mechanic.

The horn does not work even after I changed the fuse

I hear the grinding sound when driving and I know it must be front wheel bearings because I had this problem with another car.

Diagnostic code said misfire # 4. Can't afford the repairs so I was going to use the head gasket sealer but don't know which one to buy.

Diagnostic code said misfire # 4. Can't afford the repairs so I was going to use the head gasket sealer but don't know which one to buy.

Engine over heats and I cannot figure out where the fluid is going, not in oil and do not have fluid smell from the exhaust pipe or under vehicle. Reservoir is full and fluid will not go back into radiator when engine is cool. When engine is running and radiator cap is removed, have air blowing out of radiator with the cap off, is that a symptom of a blown head gasket or warped head? Engine does not run rough or bad. Have replaced the water pump twice and flushed the engine also replaced the thermostat.

Last year I was coming down from the hills after a job I finished. There is a light rain so the road is was wet. A car in front of me and two behind me. Were going about 20 mph. All of a sudden I hear like a pop and hissing sound. It scared the shit out of me. I must have panicked because I locked up my brakes and spun aroundI ended up with two flat tires on the same side. This was before the latest airbag recall for passenger side front airbag. Is this going to be a recall sometimwe in the future? After someone gets killed? I could have easily been killed. 4,000 feet elevation. I asked dealer about it. There3 are no recalls on this item. But they want to keep my truck for a month and run tests on it. lol Yeah right. And just miss work. So I am driving around with A headliner blown out and a seatbelt drawn up so tight I had to cut it to get out of my truck. Of course I don't want to get my insurance company involved If I dont have to. The seatbelt alone is $300. then two tires, headliner,

First reverse went then they started dropping and I was really hoping that a manual transmission rebuild kit would fix the problem. Would like to know more information on this and which one is the best to get on a short budget?

Will not go faster than around 35mph. Making no noises.