Lights ondashboard wont go on. Battery full change ecm.starter alternatir good. What is wrong?

My car was a little on the warm side where when the fans come on they stayed on. I changed the thermostat and now my car really over heats. My mechanic says it could be that the water pump is not spinning properly so it is pushing air through the coolant box making it bubble.How do I know if he is correct, I have already paid him to purge the lines which has a large amount of air in it when purging. How do I pin point what it is because a lot of people that own these cars say they have replaced everything and their cars are still over heating. Please someone have the answer

When I turn on the heater it only blows cold air. Both hoses going in to the fire wall are hot.

Whenever you try to put gas in the car, the gas pump nozzle doesn't keep the seal unless you put your whole weight on it to keep it in, and if you let the suction go the gas spurts out. The check engine light stays on.

this happens daily and the air conditioning indicator turns on sporadically by itself

Yesterday when i floored it. It stayed in one gear.. Then i had it in drive but it wouldnt go jus rev is my tranny bad or needs fluid?

A couple of weeks ago my battery was dead. My husband replaced it with a new battery and the next day it clicked but then started and ran fine for 2 days. Then it was dead again. This has happened several times. We have tried to find an answer but other than making sure everything inside the Jeep is powered off when we leave it we don't know where the problem is or how to find it.

butterfly valve does not open fully

butterfly valve does not open fully