replaced harmonic balancer,alternator, battery, checked wires fuse box. still not charging. battery alternator confirmed good.

It takes several time trying to start when it does stay running it's rough and I lose power to windows and locks and the car has a hard time accelerating the it clears up and runs normal

My speedometer jumps and makes noise when it is cold. After my car warms up it stops. How can this be fixed?

When I take out key the blower stays on for maybe 5 more seconds and then shuts off. That's has only happened twice since this started. another thing that has happened since I got the car is that when the heat/AC would be on for a period of time it would stop blowing. Please help. It's getting colder and I have kids. I need to have heat in my car. Thanks in advance!

how do I replace the actuator motor for up/down steering column adjustment?

It was running hot I stopped cut the car off when it cooled and I start the csr back. It turns over slow and gets faster and faster and will eventually start.I checked the coolant and oil and oil has coolant in it..what do I do?

so that the indicator can move to the right position on the dashboard indicator panel by the steering wheel.

During summer months there was no problem. At the first freeze this fall the noise started again. At the end of winter the noise seemed to occur when turning. The problem now appears to happen both when turning and accelerating from a stop. Thought about a transmission flush. Anyone have any other ideas?

What else do I have to do so I don't get code po430