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This happens and then returns to normal and goes back and forth.
Car has 86,000 miles, unsure if tranny has ever been flushed or filled. Planning to flush, but had to order drain/fill plug tools from the outside world (Hawaii headaches).Periodically won't go into gear when in rever...
I replaced starter. It has a manual transmission. What do I do next. Please help.
Was able to get key out. What should I look at next?
Its been checked with smoke and nothing. It runs great but when im on the hwy for awhile and push the peddle to the floor it just goes flat nothing no power. I changed the fuel filter, plugs and pcv hose it had a hole...
there are other problems, like the turn signal lever with the cruise control is broken off with the wires severed.
when my radio is hooked up it will show the time and that is about it. it will not let me change the time or even turn it on. it is like none of the buttons work at all. it was just working about a week ago without an...