Engine start fine but weak power to gas n move van, no compression .

The only things that were touched were the Idle control sensor and the few vacuum lines in the way of getting to the bolts. The sensor looked great, no carbon build up. Please give me an idea as to what may have happened to go wrong now?

the symble came up yesterday night and this morning it was still on.

EGR Valve it's been replaced and I still have same problem. What else can cause this problem.?? And how much will cost the repair??

Like I say it sounds as if you are listening to it thru a tube that is first covered then uncovered many times. At speeds only tho

The code further reads that:
'a'aTCC commanded on & the EMC detected the slip.
'a'aspeed higher than limits
Probable cause
'a'a1.- TCC solenoid failure
'a'a2.- Open or short circuit condition
'a'a3.- Blocked passage in trans.
'a'a4.- Check trans range switch for
proper operation.

The warning light stays on from the time the engine starts until I turn the ignition off.

I would like to know how serious this condition is, & if it is a common occurance with the 2001 Eldorado, or if it would be better & less expensive to replace the transmission.

Wavey Davey

Battery indicator came and after that car steering became hard

When on highway this battery indicator in red color came on dashboard.

When i was driving on highway this indicator came on dash board

Power sliding door closes, but don't want to stay closed unless assisted by hand pressure.