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I was driving down the road and it lost power. I kept driving and it regained power only to loose it again. I pulled over turned it off and it wont restart. I thought it was the timing belt replaced it . That wasn't t...
the light works fine and the passenger side is fine their is a crack in the bumper that happened before i bought her
air conditioning and heater blows only on high speed 4 but does not work on lower speeds 1, 2 or 3
Does this cost seem correct? I can't remember if it was the timing od drive belt. But I have not seen any leaking and there is no noise. It is a V8
after changing o ring,oil pressure light kept coming on. After some investigation I found that the oil pump chain tensioner broke. Well,to change that the crank pulley and crank timing gear had to be removed. I paid a...
the truck recently had work done on the timing chains . its a interference motor , but could the timing be off a tooth? one bank is advanced the other retarded. changed out one cam phazer
My girlfriend, twice now, has had a sticky foam, that hardens, seal her gas cap onto the fuel entry portal. The first time we took it in, we were told it had been vandalized and polyurethane construction foam had been...
O'Riley code says trimming chain has skipped a tooth. ?? How hard a repair is this for a backyard macanic ??
I replaced the spark plug, got ac delco platinum. And still have the same problem! Would it the the coil? Its a 4 cylinder 2.2.