jump start it but rather have it towed. Any idea how much this will cost me to have fixed?

If it sits for a day or 2 its dead .throwing out 15 amp.

I was told that my Avalon needs lower control arms on both sides followed by alignment (recommended) plus rear sway bar bushing. What kind of cost should I expect? I hope not so expensive...

Daughters car has 160,000 miles. Engine light has been on for awhile, both traction light and another one of a car and its lights are lit up. System has had no problems up until now

cooling fan smoked & made a lot of noise. The mechanic said it was loose. Would they have had to touch it to replace the alternator? Or is this new problem just a coincidence?

When turning the key in the ignition, the engine won't fire sometimes. it is turning over but intermittently the engine will fire. We thought this be caused from the engine being cold but this issue happens in the middle of the day too, after the vehicle has been running for a few hours. However, if the key is turned over and brought back to the off position, then immediately turned over a second time, the engine then turns over and the vehicle starts. What would cause this issue?

Thank you in advance.

Sometimes when I turn it up to 36 (max volume) it is like the average volume I would leave it at if the stereo were working properly, however I want to be able to turn it up. Sometimes in the summer the audio worked perfectly but then it would just die down almost like it lost half of its power. any suggestions?

I bought the car from Canada and the first time I changed the oil and filter the maintenance required showed up till now.