I think I need the BODY CONTROL MODULE replaced...can you refer me?

I need a Body Control Module for my Ford Focus 2008... a new one. I have tried sending emails to Ford Dealers - can you advice? Thanks


I flushed the radiator and used bluedevil head gasket sealer. After turning off the engine there was a leak coming from or near my water pump, is it possible my water pump went during the flush and treatment process? If not what might be seen other diagnosis?

I never top off the tank and I will smell the gas for several days.

Changed engine from a 2002 to 1999 coils not firing no charge to spark plugs

Just had a full tune up. Spark plugs are new. Brand new radiator etc

Any suggestions? Could the rod piece be bad somehow?

The time delay defeats any fast response to problems. The idle is fast enough that I have to hold the brake engaged when waiting at stoplights or signs. The delay causes a wait time before proceeding. when merging into moving traffic this can be a problem.

My engine went out in my 2005 Buick Lacrosse. I am looking for used engines online and am having a hard time locating a 3.6 liter. Can I get a 3.8 liter engine installed and if so what extra will I need in order to do so i.e. transmission change, computer, etc.?

I have to floor it at 35 mph. It seems like something is clogged. what can I do?

Almost like it is in neutral, For the most part I can shut car off and then restart, put in gear and will go again, seems to have a little trouble shifting up and down through gears. Thinking some kind of sensor or torque convertor issue???

Toyota dealer quoted me a price of $1374.00. That seem high. They also said it will take 3.5 hours.