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Just drove a short difference. Had heater on. Recent weather change. No codes came up.
How much would it cost to replace both wheel bearing hub on fwd Chevrolet venture van
Since the winter season has approached and temperatures have dropped around freezing, my Suburban stalls when I start it. The only way to stop it from stalling is to press the gas pedal for several minutes in order to...
When I push on the accelerate it slows down..And when I release it picks up speed and the check engine light blinks off and on...All the light are on on the dash board ...but I got a new starts and battery ,new tires ...
the car started so was moved. tried the car again it won't start. buzzing, whirring sound when ignition is turned on.
I have to fill it every 3 days now. I started noticing it 3 years ago. My memory fails me but I think it may have overheated and died around that time. (I have 2 cars so I can't remember which one for sure).
I have replaced the window switch panel because a button had completely broke off and would no longer get a connection. all other windows work but still not the drivers window. what else could be causing this?
This is a 1999 GMC Sonoma 2.2 4cylinder engine,both of these quit working at the same time.
This week computer numbers have continually dropped even after being reset and driving normally. Normal hi-way mileage is 28-31mpg; now is only 10-11 mpg, yet fuel consumption on hi-way is still healthy. Vehicle is ...
My gas gauge is spinning I cant tell how much gas is in the tank.