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cost estimate 2000-3000 I said no stop repair and took home
Parked the car for 5 mins and came back to it with this condition. Checked starter by bypassing relays, engine will turn but not fire. Also, Message center in dash is giving "error" readouts and OBD-II scanner ...
I was driving my Vue for the first time in about a week (my wife drives it all week) and noticed it had started to "tick" while stopped at the ATM. When I got home I immediately checked the oil and it was empty. I l...
Service engine soon light comes on when it does it.was told it could be my abs sensor but no abs light comes on? I need help
Can a 2007 Volkswagen Passat Wagon transmission be repaired? When we turn the car off, and then turn it back on, it will sometimes shift properly. Sometimes there is just a feeling of slipping, but then it catches.
I bought this car from an unreliable person on Craigslist and within weeks the motor blew, the guy had it tuned and it has performance parts, so I think he upgraded the turbo without further upgrading the engines inte...
I lost power and had to shift gears to make it home.Could it be a hose of some kind. I hear air escaping by my belts.Can You help me? Can not afford a mechanic. On Social Security.Need to fix it myself. Mechanic incli...
Turbo blown, motor blown
the shop says the sensor in installed and it just needs "miles" put on the car. An engine fire required the engine work. After 300+ miles it STILL isn't reset. Any ideas?
My car doesn't go over 40 mph. It feels like it is really bogged down. It drains gas a lot quicker than it should (it took me a whole tank to drive 200 miles)
I tried whatever the manual said, and all I can get to work is "inst econ"! HELP!
just started today. Turned the engine off. It worked fine for a couple of turns then it would not turn again. Checked power steering fluid level and it was fine.