My rear door was damaged and repaired after an accident. The door repeatedly and sporadically keeps unlatching where I have to get out and open and close the door every block or so that I drive it. No passengers can ride in the back due to the risk of the door unlatching. Do you think it's a frame or sensor issue? I tried asking the repair shop but they are not taking responsibility for their shoddy work. All of your opinions are valuable in this matter.

what is all done in the repair of replacing the water pump

We have checked our fuses and switched them out. When we check it with our computer it turns on but when we take it to the emissions we can't get it to read.

Need to know how much I'll be charged for replacing the ignition switch lock cylinder

It stays on while driving. Nothing seems to be wrong. It drives fine and no other symbols come on.

I just want to pop it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I checked fuse box and the starter. Everything ok. I am stumped and don't have alot of $ to spend for lengthly testing