3.0 Liter

anti theft not cutting off, can not start engine!

The park lights comes on one side flashes then the other side. The tail lights stays on as well. All this happen while the car is turned off.

The car wouldn't start then finally did, but tried shutting off when applying gas. I found 2 bad vacuum lines and replaced, but wouldn't start again. Got it started and soon as u try applying gas it wanted to shut off. After a couple of minutes it shut off and now won't start. Turns over fine and full pumps kicking on and i have fuel at the rails. I have fire from the coil to the distributor cap but none coming out of the cap. It dis this in february so I purchased cap, rotor, plugs, & wires from rock auto and installed them. Has run like a top until now. Is because the cap/rotor is junk?? At wits end and didn't wanna change the cap/rotor again if thats not the problem, but can't figure out what else it could be. Our caravan did the same identical thing once amd it was the thin pick up coil under the cap, but this one doesn't have one of those that I can see. Like I said, i have gas and fire to from the coil to the cap (enough to give me a heck of a jolt anyways..lol) the nothing coming out of the cal to the plug wires. I'm gonna hook my computer up to it an see if I can get any codes turning the key to on. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

It is an 8 cyl engine with 52000 miles

my 2013 Santa Fe has 21,000 miles on it and at least 15,000 are from the 6 trips down to Florida so most of the miles are highway miles. I have been told I need new rotors and new pads before the weather turns .Anyone have a clue why they wore so fast or a similar problem. Every other new car i've bought had to have pads replaced several times before the rotors finally wore done enough to need replaced.

Changed fuel pump and after driving car for 10 to fifteen minutes fuel gage went from 1/4 tank to 1/2 tank to empty and stayed empty

Alarm Security is keeping the engine from starting, how to repair this! or disarm.

This morning when I started it up it now has a vibration. What is wrong now?

Works fine for a little while then becomes hard to turn. Turning key off and then back to on it begins to work fine. What could be the problem?