Miles my car didn't want to pull forward and started smoking what's wrong

This morning after no issues at all with my car, it will start but not shift out of park and the traction control won't turn in either. I was told by another Genesis owner that it's a brake sensor bad? How do I go about getting this fixed and is there a recall for that on the 2010 3.8 automatic gen coupes? Thanks

Ford Dealer advised that cab mounts on my truck need replacement. My truck has 80,000 miles. Street driven. How can this be. Is there a recall for cab mounts ... Amount thrown at me in high $2500.

My car has been having problems with overheating for quite a while now.

I have replaced the water pump/timing belt kit twice now, I've replaced one of the fans, as well as the radiator hoses and radiator cap. Now, I've been told I have a blown head gasket and most likely a warped head. I was quoted around $2000 to repair that, should I just get a new engine? I feel like there's just too many problems and every time we fix one, another is going to pop up. A friend said he can replace the engine for free if I just go buy one... would this fix my problem? Also, does anyone have suggestions/advice for purchasing a new engine? I've just been looking on ebay so far...

battery dies

I'm second owner; service warranty thankfully covered engine replacement. Certified dealership wants to discuss offering "good deal" on another vehicle. I wanted a break from car payments, but don't want unexpected major mechanical problems to develop (that probably won't be covered under service warranty.) NOTE: Recently had transmission flush to coincide with engine replacement.

Its the plastic tubing that comes out of the firewall & takes vacuum from the brake booster check valve.

when i turn on the heat or air the check engine light comes on and i lose power