The car just starting making a loud ticking noise so I checked the oil and water but both are good but the ticking is getting worse and the oil light continues to flash what could be causing this could it be that the gaskets are over working or something more serious

engine swap

labor hours

Instrument cluster states right side dip light out. Can't find any info on changing this bulb.

I have a code of p0172 on my camry. Has 171k on it at the moment. I bought it a month ago from a seller that had a tune up on it. We cleaned the throttle body and replaced the vacuum hose and used a El Camino one. And the code came back the next day. What is going on? It cuts off. Fuel injector/pressure regulator, ect sensor, or what??? Im clueless. Somebody please help me

Changed thermostat and new antifreeze and car still overheats..wat do I do..??

Car wouldn't start, checked the battery, just had oil sensor replaced & oil changed so I checked oil level & found gas when I removed oil dip stick saw no oil just gas.

changed spark plugs and wires noticed dpfe sensor was broke off one of the hoses replaced next day that new dpfe was melted down also noticed catalac converter was glowing cherry red got new dpfe sensor and egr valve now car has no power got codes of p 1401,p1151,p1152,p0111,p1074,p0133 any advice would be helpful thank you

Replaced battery and mykey feature was initiated but no mykey feature in setting to remove.