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I replaced both front hub assembly's/sensors and still have the problem with my abs at low speeds prior to a full stop.
The vehicle was starting before the battery change. Temperature outside was about 15 degrees. I did get a jump before driving it. When I cut it off after reaching my destination, it would not restart. I call road se...
We fine has 210k miles. Would it be better to replace both VVT's or the engine.
is there an other control module that controls the charging, digital gauges, the fan motor and turn signals ? the headlights , hazard lights work.
When idling it misses and quickly engine does Misses while driving When slowing or stopping engine dies Giving it gas helps but it still misses Diagnostics listed knock sensor
I have a 2001 BMW 740iL the navigation system and radio went completely blank and doesn't work. How can I remove or replace it?
over the past 8 months the car takes spells that it will Not crank. I let the car sit for 7 weeks at first. Then one day it cranked. Then it will not. Have changed plugs, coil pack and cam sensor. Car still in a will ...
How do you remove the trans lines from the radiator have to replace the radiator Volvo S-60 2002 Thanks
My abs and engine light are on, and speedo, cruise control, trip control aren' t working. Can i disable abs module without losing speedo, cruise control, trip control ? I don't mind losing abs.