at oil temp light flashes

I have a 2001 v6 mustang and the exhaust system by the catalytic converters shake violently. It also has a loss of power when accelerating and there is a ticking noise when accelerating. Also when I come to a complete stop there I sort of a pull and only happens when going to a complete stop. I also have scanned it for codes and nothing appeared. What could it be?

My radiator was replaced about 4 months ago, is it possible the radiator was at fault?

We can only lock the doors by pushing down the buttons on the inside. The power door locks don't work with the remote or keypad. They each click really fast like the doors are locking and unlocking rapidly. Fuses are ok. where are the relays?

automatic transmission

Then it starts it just make click noise changed cylinder switch still doing same thing

When I accelerate, the vdc and brake light comes on.


the computer on front of tranny is seeping fluid.will a sealant product work?

While driving, the throttle control light comes on. I lose throttle response and the car just idles. If i restart engine it starts to work again. It has become more frequent over time and now it's doing it over a dozen times within a miles distance. What's the most likely part in the system that is causing this? Thanks