End of cable popped out of guide ,used to open close window can't move cable to reset into guide.

just repaired the power steering hose and radiator ÿ"hose did these cause the problem?

Battery is good fuses are good was driving and it shut off Will not start back

After turning on turn signal and apply brake the dash lights starts flashing.

I was driving home and my 1992 GMC Jimmy died on me. I tried to crank the engine, but it didn't turn over, I figured fuel pump, I replaced fuel pump, rotor and distributer cap. But for some reason it still will not start. I'm an electrician by trade, so I'm not very car savvy!

I've replaced the fuel pump, the fuel pump relay, and the fuel pump fuse. Yet nothing is happening, also I don't here the fuel pump turn on so that leads me to think its something electronic? Maybe the connector from the pump to the vehicle?

Replaced gas cap, checked hoses no leaks. Disconnected battery and still the light is on