When I turn the key to start, all power/electrical cuts off. As if the battery disconnects.

Ive been mech for 40 yrs but this one is a tuff one. I replaced fuel pump&filter and it starts and stalls in 5 sec. Its fuel injected and it has a starter injector which adds xtra gas at start up. How do you test all injectors with ohm meter and then test them with a stethascope. supposed to hear them humming. Is this correct? Do you know what else problem could be. I also replaced the regulator with a adjustable pressur regulator. Do you know these aanswers of good tests to make on injectors. Do you know what other problems could do this to the engine? Thank you. Please get back to me.

Going through car wash have water leaking through sunroof.

no heat coming from vents

when i try to start the D4 light up at the same time that the P light up. It wont start. Sometime it does. What can i try?

went to go start my car this morning and turned wipers on after warmed up a little and the moved like and inch and made weird noise now that let car warm for awhile the drivers side wiper moves/works and passenger side does not and when touch it can feel it trying to turn stumped dont know what to do or how to get into it?

Coolant is leaking very slowly

I know the struts are blown. I do not know if the springs are sagging. I have searched the internet for over an hour to no avail. Ride height is measured from the ground to the wheel well. Please advise.

i can not tell how fast i go, how much gas or anything else. need to know how much part is and where i can get it fixed.

I have tried to drive it and it drive ok.

headlamps not working. bulbs are good. TIPM needs to be hit to work.Lights come on when the switch is OFF