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Blower takes forever to come on and you cannot make it come on. It comes on whenever it's ready and not before. I've started my car and let it run good 15-20 min and then drive 10 miles before it will come on. The eng...
All four wheels flush brake system
Earlier this year I replaced the EGR sensor, O2 sensors,plugs and boots. There are no mechanics in this small town that know anything about this car/truck, so I do all repairs myself. When these parts have an issue it...
Wont start and battery is going dead but jumpstarts no longer work...what do i check next?
How do you reset the oil change system?
For the most part the transmission works good except when the light turns green I have to pump the gas a few times until it goes into gear. Occasionally like 20% of the time it slips a little in passing gear if I ac...
I have 55psi on the fuel rail when I turn the key on, the coils fire when you turn it over but will not start, the pass lock light does not stay on and there are no codes showing on the scanner.