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I have 2003 intrepid had changed flexplate and after i put it back, i started it's working but not a shocks and smoke came out from the battery terminal..i checked all fuses they look good to me, i replace, starter, O...
I originally heard a knock in my front end, replaced the stabilizer bars with mooge (sp) bars because they were supposed to be the best. They only lasted a month! Brought the truck to the Honda dealer, they put on Hon...
After waiting 15-20 minutes truck starts, this problem is consistent, vechicle is running well. Replaced TPS no change could this be the PCM, truck has not died while running or idling.
repair pit crew said that first thing computer test reads is pass lock system how do I fix this problem or can u fix this problem
Car jerks when I give it gas
My a/c compressor want go on either I have filled freon rt I jumped relay it works fine but won't work other wise the nav. Panel won't lite up
Changed the oil in my 2008 heavy Silverado with 60,000 miles that I only drove a thousand miles since I purchased it now I have no oil pressure and it rattles I changed the filter and the oil again and the oil pressu...
The car has a hesitation when car idles and then stops.
I need a tranny can buy a 2006 transmission off a another broken one but don't noif it'll fit/work? Thx.
All of my brake lights are out.