Sometimes it will start right back up but other times I have to wait 5 to 10 minutes. What could be causing this?

and when i bypass relay it car start run untill i take my foot of pedal it dies. help thank u

I hear a metallic dinging noise coming from beneath the car when pulling away from a stop. Noise is not lot but seems to be coming from underneath car by manual shift. Could it be clutch or dive shaft?

had the brakes changed in july, now again i amost have no brakes the pedal amost goes down to floor for second time in 3 months, there is no leaks on the brake line so i know its not that, what else could it be?

van sounds like it needs and tune-up

Put a timing belt on in Jan of this year runs good other then the drive bent coming off this makes the third time.
Its a 2001 ford excort zx2 cp

Need to put a clutch kit in and curious how hard it is to put in.

I have a clinking noise that comes and goes. My mechanic does not know where it is coming from. He said it could be coming from a fan belt, a bearing or something else. Have you heard of this problem

I'm unable to locate the exact part numbers for my vehicle

the transmission fluid is also leaking into the radiator and filling the overflow tank