I have a manual dual a/c controller. A couple months ago the lights went out on the controller but still worked fine. Then right after that is was blowing hot on the driver side and cool on the passenger side. But after starting it over and playing with the controller it started working fine again. Now it's not blowing at all and making a ticking sound behind the controller or passenger side dash. Does anyone know what is causing this or what I need to fix?

I have been trying to get this bolt loose from alt for days , I'm trying to reconnect a ground wire ,, from the alt bolt to body , replaced starter and all kinds of things when we discovered it's a broken ground , need help on how to get the bolt loose ,, I have been trying with sockets and extensions and swivels just can't seem to figure which way loosens ??? Please help

Find the part 89466-54GA0?-I have searched websites, but I need help. The car repair people said it would cost over $500. I dont see that to be true after finding a few over seas, but cannot read their websites.

I just got a oil change last Saturday and I've already burnt half my oil.

The problem seemed to start all of a sudden. I have to keep the nozzle mostly out of the neck and hold it so it is centered in the hole. I can only pump the gas in at a trickle. I have had this problem every gas station I go to.

Only happens when headlights are on. I replaced the bulbs all around the vehicle and it sill blinks. There are no bulbs out, and the transmission works in all gears including reverse. Not sure why it is fading on and off.

What could be causing this? Every time I start it

It's hard to put gas in it

gnal sensor on hatch rail or in the lock? neither?

I posted all I have did in earlier post, if you could tell me where the bad wires where in another post, and all the things it could be(check prior post for all that's been done) I hate to pull tank again and put another pump in if this going to keep happening. Thanks, Don C

its hesitating , wants to stall some tell me its the throttle sensor and others say its due to the motor mount being broke