When letting off the gas? I don't have coolant in my oil and lost power. Going through oil and comes out exhaust. Would it be the head gasket or the piston rings

My 4WD 4Runner needs brake booster. Repair shop in Salem Oregon wants to charge $760.00 for parts and labor. Is that a fair price?

While driving my ESC off light comes on. I press the button and the light don't go off. If I restart it light will stay off until I get on a bumpy road then it comes back on. My passenger side wheel has a vibration and feels wobbly, I recently had my struts done and alignment done 5 times and it still isn't right.

It has a slight miss when it is in drive.I took it in, they changed the plugs, cleaned the fuel injectors and now they say it has low compression and needs a valve job.Could it be anything other than the valves??? They quoted a very high price.

Where are the locations for the lubrication points for front end lubrication?

Airbag and Battery light come on and stay on for 4 minutes, rpm warming is .5 RPM raises to 3 and cuts car off. Restart, runs, lights go off. Replaced battery and alternator. I unpugged battery, overnight. reconnected and it does the same thing. It has cut off while driving a couple times. when it did cut off, airbag and battery light came on first. Battery and Alternator checked and are both fine. I took the car to 6 different car repair places and they all said it was a wiring issue. I did pull the fuses and all are fine.

Any chance at all that all of the following could require changing at the same time:
3 x O2 sensors
1 x air fuel sensor
I lost confidence with the repairer at this stage after 3 weeks and a huge bill. Took it to another shop who found that the ECU was faulty and they fixed it and the car is now fine. Just wondering whether I was ripped off by the first repairer?

Im thinking its a blown fuse but I can't figure out which one