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We went to turn with signal & aping breaks all went out
The Signal lights 7 Break lights go out when the break is applied?
when i trying to start the car, everything goes normal, but wont go on, i verify the injectors and they work fine and i check the spark plug and work fine too, whats can be the problem? maybe its the crank sensor?
Power at the bulbs all three wires turn on lights the middle one goes to ground turn on high beams all wires hot again is it the switch ??
Don't have manual to check fuses. Besides fuses what else could it be? Help!
It acts like a bad fuel pump, but I think it's electrical. What could it be?
Crank sensor. Still have extended crank time and p0340 code is back. Also have the slip light and vdc lights on other then this truck runs great
Has a faulse reading on dash....says it's in neutral but its actually in drive and won't start.
replace intake manifold 2.3dohc
I was wondering if a tune up would fix the problem. Or is there something else I would have to do and how much would it cost?