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having a problem lose of power steering while driving then it will come back and then lose it the check steering assist comes on
I have a`94 Dee Ville with the 4.9 and when I put coolant in the radiator it flows thru the hose and leaks right back out from what appears to be where the hose is connected. I can't physically see it because the way ...
I put a new pump in but it still wont start
What would I have to do to put a 5.7hemi or 6.1 or preferably a 6.4l hemi in my truck
What size wrench does one need to remove the Heater outlet pipe connector. I have made a guess of 32mm. A Crescent wrench will not get the job done. Thanks
There was a rattle & found out the guides were broke, so as I replaced them & the chains it moved out of time. Now the car wont start but engine turns....timing needs resetting but am lost with out info.
engine turn over, but nothing happen, done an electrical ,check no positive feed to fuel pump relay, fine none, could be the imobllizer ,and what the fix. thanks
it still hesitates and dies . Fixed this prob. once before two years ago with new crank position sensor and cam sensor and was fixed. Can I clean the cam sensor or do I need to buy a new one ?