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Replaced knock sensors and harness along with intake gaskets and valve covers. Check engine light still lit. OD works fine. Mechanic said bad motor mounts can simulate engine vibrations? Thus sending a false engine k...
Heater and everything inside works fine, just not sure what could be, hoping not head gasket.. any suggestions?
I've done several head gaskets in the past, but never seen excessive coolant in oil.. Usually a small amount. I know the head gaskets have been replaced with in last 2 yr. Was thinking more cracked head or block?
so truck was put into drive and a loud pounding noise and it would not move so we towed it to shopi was told it may be drive shaft but not sure can u help tks
The lube has not been changed in over 100,000 miles. Do you think changing the lube would help?
Driving alone, happens both with no passengers and with passenger. Seems to do this 50% of time since yesterday. I put the passenger seatbelt in the latch to see if it would stop beeping but didn't solve problem.
Put my car on the machine it said something about the transmission and the gears being open. Noe none of my windows roll up my ac when cut on makes me likgts flicker. My car want say cranked gears no longer swit...
I had my head gasket replaced nov 2013 at a cost of $1500; 2008 legacy with 80,000; today the car is back in there for exact same issue, which they are covering seeing it is a few days shy of one year, but if subaru ...
With switch in the on position head lights von't go on if it is cold, when we run it for a while or park it in the sun for a while head lights will go on.