I changed the blower motor a few months ago. I changed the blend door actuator , charged the system and still it blows out hot on passenger side. I hope it is not what I think it is, that's a job

Van keep's over heating and just before it over heat's it loose's it heat.It keep's getting air somewhere.Flushed it,new water pump,2 new Thermostat's,and also replaced lower intake manifold.The only thing not replaced Head's and gasket's.And not once is it leaking fluid in oil or out exaust. Raditator stay's full.

My floor on the driver side only is so wet, the water almost comes over my fingers when i lay my hand flat on the rug . What is causing this and is the problem on any recall?

randomly 2 to 4 times per hour driver side window also goes down by itself, remote lock fob quit working

I also can not find the fuse for the power windows, can any one help?

I've tried everything. Checked the fuel pump, spark plugs, and carburetor. When I try to crank it it tries to turn over but can't quite make it. Any suggestion on what to try would be great. Thank you.

I'm just trying to find out how to check my codes on a 1986 chevy celebrity. Check engine light comes on its a 6 cylinder 2.8

And i dont know how to explain it. But it sounds like it's misfiring. My friend told me its something with the manifold. I need options.