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My check engine light is on and I finally determined is was the O2 sensor. (O2 fuse keeps blowing. Engine light goes off every time I replace it and pops back up when the fuse blows again) I called auto zone to get a quote on the price of the part and they informed me there are two in my vehicle, an upstream and a downstream. Which one is more common to go out in my car? (if I was informed wrong or my information is incorrect, please steer me in the right direction.)

Engine won't start. No codes. turns over good and tries to start but only fires for a half second. Tried starting fluid with no results. Getting fuel to the fuel block. Injectors are being pulsed.

It has auto start but I have never tried it cause the service airbags light comes on why is that ?

Its only clinks and rattles when i start the car and during gear changed .

the pipe is one of the water cooling pipes that sits in between the v of the engine...the book I have does not seem to give a clear direction on how to do this and don't want to pull everything apart.

It will run ok on flat land. It seems to shift ok when in town. But if you throttle it to pass or climb hill, it falls and acts like it is braking and downshifts.

Car will be going down the road and just shut off and will not start back up.

It was shifting just fine the night before. The next morning it would only shift into 3rd. Now I can go from 3rd to 4th but that's it. Why?