how can i get the display to come back, heater status still works

and cold air comes out the heater

check coil, battery, spark plugs, fuses OK no
spark this a ODB 1 conector into the hood

Changed the following; Fuel pump motor&filter screen, Fuel Filter, Fuel Regulator/Dampiner, Coil, Distribitor, Plugs&Wires,80amp fuse, all 40amp fuses,all fuses from under the dash, Relays or regulatersly (From left side of van)All changed. All shops and auto parts store computers on Panama City Beach, Fl only go back to 1995, so unable to scan van's Computer. Please help tell me why this car will not run?

key is stuck in ignition and wont come out of park

".can't get the cat monitor to set

Began to light up and off check engine light car is like new only has 56000 miles

The A/C and Radio recently stopped working in my 2003 Infiniti G35. I have had a diagnoses done and the dealership could not find a solution to the problem. The check engine soon light would not go off either.

Still difficult to turn steering wheel What could be the problem?

I can't lock them at all I can't lock the doors with the key either,I push the lock button on the doors and it just whines on the driver side the passenger side just doesn't lock idk