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My car has codes P0118 p0325 p0172 p0175 one of the codes i changed the senor and put it brand new n still popped up after i put in a new one. A mechanic said its my cars computer but i dont kw its that.
I got the car home, gears started to clunk, left it overnight. In starting the car in the morning, all electrics failed. Now I have to get AAA to take the car to my mechanic for a diagnosis!
Got a new key, had been driving the car for a few weeks already when one evening while driving it stalled. Don't recall check engine lights or etc at the time. Pushed the car home and haven't been able to start it sin...
Specifically the front catalytic converter. My car's check engine light is on and it's jerking when I accelerate.
My gears won't go into reverse or anything else it turns on and I can't seem to find the issue.
Washer fluid tank
can't put gas into this car until I fine the release button for the cover to the gas fill
My cars rpms seem to be off. When idling theyre around 500 and when im on the interstate driving 70mph theyre around 1500. Sometimes theyll get stuck around 1500 and then shoot up to 2500 when on interstate. I just pu...