Has had problems not starting. Would start at others it wouldn't. Was driving it yesterday and it backfired and stopped running.

Its now constant

Taking off, it stalls, then go.Got in the highway it started smoking from the back and wouldn't go anymore.

Won't show what gear i'm in when in automatic and won't shift at all in manual. Pulls out slowly like it's in high gear and won't shift while driving. Someone PLEASE HELP ME.... I so desperately need it.

fuel pump will not start donot have any voltage @the pump. just install pump

My veichal is leaking at the front with coolant an I fell it with coolant about every two weeks! What could be causing this issue

I got the bulb but can't get the light cover off so i can replace it.

started app 6 months ago seemed when engine shifting from 2nd to 3rd, now seems to happen from 3rd to 4th, can feel & hear it from rear, don't notice @ faster speed on hwy

After wide open throttle the cable remains in the open position. Is there a spring inside the transmission that may have come lose or come off? Or is the cable just worn out? Can't find a way to lubricate the cable inside it's casing.

If I'm setting at a stop light I have to put car in park it starts to miss real bad and I get a raw gas smell. Could it be a vacuum hose or the injectors