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I've had it put on a diagnostic machine and it came back no problems. .I've replaced the fuel filter and distrutor at first it would start after long periods of trying then run and restart after short periods..but leaving it would not start again for a long time of it won't start at all but sounds like it wants to..the battery is dead now I am disabled and I can't afford to keep trying new parts with no success please help me


Exactly where is it located, are there more than one does the timing cover top come off or the whole cover must come off?

Thats all for now.

at idle rpm surges

Checked fuses and dimmer switch but still cant find the problem. Any suggestions?

Lights come on got a new Battery. Took to Auto Zone they hooked it up didn't find any thing..So what's the problem yall need to do a recall cause iv seen a lot of the same problems that I'm talking about right now....We all need to get together an get a law suit started cause this doesn't make any sense. .

I hear fuel pump running. Any advice?
I've ran down 2 good battery so far.