Cannot find it in the manual

Because I replaced the engine harness after some wires where melted everything else comes on except the gas hand moving and not cranking or could it be a bad computer cause I am lost cause I had to replace the fuel relay fuse under the hood.

It always stay mínimo at 2000 rpm

It has not overheated it works fine wat could it bee ?

battery and alternator are fine - steering column is on "crooked" and it seems as though there's a short in the wiring. I was able to "wiggle" it and get it started with no problem, but now it just won't catch. I'm trying to budget the repairs but haven't even gotten it into my mechanic (who is awesome). Looking to figure out a rough estimate of how much time it will take and ROUGH estimate of costs.

Truck only will start by turning key and letting clutch out simultaneously

I have an error code P0158 bank2 sensor i know of the 4 sensors and where they are but not sure which side is which on my motor setup... couldnt find a straight answer on google. Thanks

truck ran fine night before, went to leave for work next morning truck cranks over but will not start. The security light on the dash is flashing on and off.

At stops it idles a little rough.takes off slow..what could it be...every time I drive it but this just started...use to run good no problems before