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It idles fine but when I start going it chugs hard in second and third gear. If I let off gas and then push back down it helps, then at highway speed you can feel a very slight chug or miss, what can this be?
Changed starter, battery fully charged, all dash lights illuminated normally. Installed the almost $300 part worked for two months. I got the same results. What else can I do to fix it.
Will the code go away after a few starts? Or do I need to reset the computer?
The gas cap has been replaced along with some of the vacuum hose located underneath/near the gas tank. Took it an Auto Zone and got a P0442 when they checked it. What's the cost to replace a purge and/or a vent soleno...
The left back door only open for the inside and the right back door only opens for the outside, can you please tell me what the problem is?
I had the alternator replaced, and is doing the same, i hear a whine in the radio when i have it turned on. the alternator is a rebuilt. The mechanic told me it could be burning out alternator's.
Battery is charged but it just clicks if u boost rolls over real slow