After driving for about 20 minutes my 3.8 Windstar develops a bad miss.If I cut it off , idles ruff,runs bad.

All locks work except when using the key FOB. I even tried my spare and it does not work either and replacing the battery.

I have 3 wire harnesses hanging below either the actuator or front differential they won't connect to each other and my 4 wheel drive will not stay locked in makes loud popping noise while in four wheel drive.. also service 4 wheel drive light goes on and off. Im not sure how to get it working properly thanks for any answers if yall can help a girl out! of

Drain system has been cleared of debris (leaves, etc.) however, same problem still happens. Problem: when it rains, water appears in the floor of the back passenger side - has been as much as 3/4 inch after a prolonged rain. was told that a connecting part in the assembly was deteriorating. can this problem be repaired?

The blower speed fluctuates between speeds no matter if it's on defrost or heater.

It just quit starting do that is when I put a starter

1. Broken of lug nuts the wheel hub was stuck so the mechanic installed a used aftermarket spindle, that's when vibrations started, also installed after market drilled and slotted rotors at the same time (car also pulls to the left or right sometimes)

2. Mechanic said maybe the tires out of balance, got it done, still vibrates

3. Mechanic said alignment, got it done still no help

4. Mechanic said bent wheel, changed the wheel still no change

5. Mechanic said driver said CV axle replaced it, still vibrates

6. Replacing the mechanic and looking for a new one.
(and trying to figure out a solution)

repair work was done to my 2007 Mercedes c280. The code shows 02 sensors were swapped, or crossed up. Will this affect the computer and cause the cooler fan not to come on.

Truck runs great but is now leaking oil from transmission. There is no gasket applications in between the transmission and transfer case. Did I clean transmission too well when I had it out?