When I shift to reverse or drive and push accelerator there is a slight noise from rear end. Guessing u joints are bad. Do I need to replace all? Is it expenpsive? How difficult to do on my own

My brother is a mechanic for years & told me $800 or less for parts & labor but he's in another state. NYC is costly over $1200 to fix & install. Any dependable, reliable, Honest mechanics around that don't overcharge & takes pride in their work w/o lying to the customers & themselves. This.

Eventually turn over but stalled and engine smoking

Replaced leaking pressure hose but still think I am getting air in system. Why ?

I've tried everything but they stay fully open or partially open.

has radio was still going but nothing would work.do u think it could b from bad gas and how can i correct thanks

Had charging system tested battery tested "good" 12.59V 930CCA rated 770CCA temp was 65 degrees though. What about below zero temps an wind chill? Starter tested 11.22V 217.2Amps Charging test No load 14.74V Loaded 14.65V I would rather not replace battery if not needed

timing belt code 1390, does anybody knows a way to make fake information about sync between crank and shaft sensor .what is the kind of signal going out from camshaft sensor ?Is ther e a solution to this problem.,???

Could this be my springs and if so is this a hard job to do and is it expensive? And if it is not my springs what could be causing this? Hoping it is a easy fix..

I do not believe this is a case of bad struts or I would be able to open the tailgate manually and hold it up. The closer tries to force the tailgate down the entire time.

the yellow check engine light was on 2 days ago

bolt spins freely and will not go in or come out, may be sheared. How do I get it out and repair?