Consent front end issues since day one . I've been having a super loud grinding sound for a year the mechanics shop now telling me its the transmission bearing and wants 1200! I don't have it put so much into this vehicle but stuck in it now 16 surgeries can't get back to work and need it to get me and autistic son around safe. Has anyone heard of this ?! Is it really that expensive?

What would cause the car shake when you put on brakes even though you just replaced the rotors with new ones?

Stops moving when depress the clutch. Doesn't seem to do it after its warmed up. Slight squeal and car moves when cold until I depress clutch.

We are not sure what the problem is, when we got it bluetooth didn't work and no sound coming from speakers, radio worked and that was it. Dealer fixed it and now today ontop of yesterdays voltage dropping, radio on its' own switched to aux mode and wouldn't exit mode, even after turning radio off. About hour later, drove it again radio worked fine, have not had any issues with voltage dropping, but only been driving a mile or so today and everyother day. Except yesterday I drove it 2 hours out of town and back, afyer 20 minutes thats when voltage dropped and remained dropped. Also, I have no dash engine/problem lights. Was told my truck should have had a battery indicator light that was suppose to have triggered yesterday. Has not thrown any codes or any dash indicator lights. Any ideas what's wrong? It has fact dr34 alternator, was told to switch to dr44 and we think the ECM or BCM might be another problem.

I've been driving the car for 2 or more years now I do my best to keep it maintained but I can't figure this out and don't have the money to take it to the shop.. so is this a sensor or my transmission? I checked all my fuses and I have transmission fluid in my car.

My girlfriend has a 03 Kia Rio and it won't accelerate pass 50 and will only pick up decent speed when going down a hill. The car would also vibrate and shake on occasion for a few minutes than stop. So what could possibly be the problem?

use to Would turn Switch off n On while rolling and would go into high gears.Would have to do that about Once in 4 trips.Checked fluid! could it be solenoids

key is stuck in ign. and will not turn all the way off,also stuck in dome light.all started with a dead battery.traction control light keeps lighting up on the dash.what the heck?

where is the transmission filter located?