Smoking and something in the front, now my headlight,windshield and AC, stays on and car want start! Horn, radio or Windows works!

My wheel seals are not leaking nor is my master cylinder but I keep losing my brake fluid

I have had the car in for this problem twice for work. The first time cost me almost $1300. Front end work, 2 new tires, new harness. The problem is still there. Is there any danger in driving it? The lights come on intermittently.

So I've looked all over the web on how to install after market speakers into the rear deck of my 2005 civic hybrid, but the only instructions I can find are for regular civic sedans. The issue is that in Hybrids the IMA battery vent prevents you from folding the rear seats down to get to the deck to remove the speakers and put in new ones. I've asked so many people, starting to lose hope that it can even be done. I'm thinking you might have to remove the back seat and bench all together, but I can't even get instructions on that. If anyone has any idea on how this is done, I'd be very appreciative.

Car got wrecked the air bags deployed and now ignition when u put key in just slides it doesnt act like it turning over or click or anything does it just need new ignition switch where key is?

Change control arms and I changed twice, but can not find the problem, it thumps when ever l go over a bump but if pull a trailer or a load no noise, what could it be?

Replaced the battery and replaced the belt tensioner and made sure all my connection where tight could it be the alternator?

was told it's electrical but where?