If I put it in Neutral it will stop.

if jeep sits for more than hour, it won't start on first try, but starts immediately on the second try. Does the whole fuel pump have to be replaced? Does it harm the system to drive in this condition?

The remote is locking the doors but not arming the alarm.

Why does it howl til the gas is pressed i put hand in front of housing opening when howling and the howl goes away what causes this problem and how do you fix it

it makes a noise coming from the rear of the car when I put it in gear but wont catch to take off

The SLIP light comes on and vehicle slows down. Horrible experience ! Once I put the VDC off on my 4X4 the vehicle runs normally. Am I exposing myself to any dangers running the truck with the VDC off?

it scans backfire3#? thank you wininhim@yahoo.com

had it scanned saying #3 misfiring? thanks wininhim@yahoo.com

had it scanned saying #3 misfiring?

My heater control valve breaks at the hose connection after replacing it a year ago! This is the second one I've put in it and when I bypassed it, it runs cooler?

tachometer just quit working, needle does not move

Tested Alt for 13.7vdc, Battery for 13.7vdc = ok. Have to get a jump to start. Runs fine at idle. Put in gear and start to drive. Sometimes up to a mile but insistently gotten worse. Only gets a few feet then just dies. I can get it to turn back over but just drains the battery. alt recently replaced. Has battery temp sensor code for sometime now. but that shouldnt make it die everytime you try to move it.

Engin knocks for about a minute when I first started it after sitting and cooling down. After about minute, the knock go away and engineering runs stool. What is the cause of this, and will a oil treatment help this problem?

I'm trying to fix my truck and parts don't match. Example is the ashtray broke. I had to buy one for 1994-97 to fit. 2000 ashtray completely different. Have same problem with seat covers, lights etc..