While driving at night my headlights dimmed and the engine died. alternater was faulty,replaced and now engine turns over but will not fire, could I have loss a sensor

We get this code and don't know what it means. Can we repair ourselves

Stopping my car & almost caused the car behind me to hit me. ESP light comes on after this happened. This happens periodically does not matter if I'm doing 70 or 30 it bring me to a complete stop. This is my only transportation, please help, thanks in advance

Tires ok, belts ok, tried to backup and something started grinding. Have only had my baby since Feb.

My car was hit by a truck on drivers side damaging door up to bumper. Also knocked out the front light on passengers side. They dont see ac damage but ac was working great before accident. It was big impact from truck. O3 Camry. Do you know why ac quit working and ac light flashes on panel. This happened immediately after wreck.

I need to know why my jeep grand Cherokee 1996 5.2l v8 makes a knocking noise when I drive and speed up. But at idle it doesn't make the knocking noise. If in park and revved up it doesn't make the noise either.

I tried putting carbon blanket under the wiper louvers. Is there any other place air comes in? Newer models have a cabin filter. I wish 1998 did.

It only has low gear and will go 20 MPH tops is there any other solution besides a completely bad tranny?

A while back I replaced my car stereo. Bought a wiring and stereo install kit and everything works fine, then I tried to install an amp. Hooked up the trigger wire from the amp to what I thought was the right wire (An orange wire from the car that was unused when I installed the new stereo). It didn't work and now my tail lights, lights in my console (AC, shifter, etc), and the turn signals when I unlock the doors don't turn on. The braked lights, headlights, and turn signals (the rest of the time) work fine. I replaced the tail relay with no change, tried reinstalling the stock stereo, again no change.
Any ideas?

The guy did a diagnosis and told .e he could not determine if its a blown gasket unless he takes the top of engine apart and charged me 500 to do so.. Did he cheat me??

2010 Chevy express 3500 6.0 P0304 code
Already changed plugs, wires, coil pack ,injector ,MAF sensor, coolant temp sensor, cleaned throttle body then cleared code
Slight rough idle and still getting code P0304
No apparent vacuum leaks found
Any suggestions?

started when engine cool but after running and hot it would not start. Now even with engine cool will not start, can smell gas and pumps are working.