Happens 70% of the time. I have to wiggle the key play with it for it to start

the scanner show either cyl.1 misfire or mult.misfire it does it whenever runs good for awhile & then crappy for awhile u don't have to do anything to it & it will run fine

I recently purchased a 2015 Focus hatchback. The one I bought did not have fog lights. I didn't want to pay for the extra package, when fog lights is all I was interested in. (Plus, I really liked the color of this one better.) Anyway ... I'm wondering how much it would cost to add fog lights. The wiring harness might already be there ... I'd need to replace the front skirts and the light switch, as well as adding the lights themselves. Can anyone tell me what sort of expense I'd incur to get fog lights added?

The service engine soon warning light comes on.

Just won't fire had been stalling alot before it got where it just won't start

The problem is constant regardless of how low the passenger side temperature is set. What is the problem and what will it cost to repair.