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key off stays on till battery dead
My electronic throttle control light comes on when I start my car and the temperatures are below 40 degrees, this only happens in the winter, as this is the third winter it's done this. The light will stay on for a f...
put on new power steering pump and new belt took off ground cable now it wont crank
2.Gas cap is open sign often shown.then blink yellow light in fuel gate. and then all disappear .always sign on CHECK ENGINE.sign
I checked all the bulbs, they are fine. As well as the fuses.
now the motor is reving up n down up n down while its in park it was leakin anifezze one night it sprayed all out tbe next day pit more n it n we cant find the leak now the motor keeps reving up n down up n down like ...
I am told it is a fuse but I have no idea which fuse it would be. Please advise.
My (SRS) supplemental restraint light came on immediately after having a new battery installed and it has stayed on constantly since then. The Honda dealer states that this means my airbags will not function and the ...
Dealer wants to sell whole R&P assy to solve boot problem??