Motor blown need to replace

There is no indication that the truck will start
Replaced the starter because it was dragging before
Nothing changed
Diagnostic code reader continues to advise turn key off wait 10 seconds and turn key on again

I went and pull my 2000 dodge dakota head ... I put it back togather ...it fires up for a couple sec sometime a minute when hot it will not start, when I put the gass pedal to the floor sometime it start I went and change camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor.. Fire is good gas is good also..

When I turn my head lights on and press on the brake pedal the passenger side brake light does not illuminate but when I let off the brake pedal it comes back on. And if I have my headlights off and press the brake pedal the brake light on the passenger side works. The only time I have an issue with brake light on the passenger side is when I have my headlights on. I have tried checking fuses and realized and brake light switch none seem to have any issues. Also the harness and wires around it for the brake light look perfectly fine. Was told by previous owner at one time they had an issue with the driver side brake light but they weren't sure on how the issue got fixed they took it to the dealer and had it fixed. I rather not pay an arm and a leg or my first born child to have this issue fixed. Open to all suggestions and will try all even if they are silly. I may be a girl but this girl likes work with her hands and do it herself. Thanks in advance.

the car running hot start smoking but the water not hot when he took the radar cap off no leaks he flush all hose radar as well what could it be wasn't doing that till after the heater core got replace didn't take it to know shop still not getting hot like it should never been flush I got lupus please help me

I took out my instrument cluster to check some issues and put it back in. Since then I can't start the car. I had the starter tested and it is fine. When I turn the key the starter doesn't even engage so it seems to be before the starter in the starting process. I hear a single click when turning the key to the on position. Then when I turn the key fully to start it I hear a single click again and nothing else. The click comes from under the passenger side dash under the glove box. Since the starter is fine I assume it is some part before the starter. I have been told it could be the ignition switch or ignition control module. Are there any other parts to consider between ignition and starter? Did I screw something up taking out the cluster? If so, I can't imagine what. I had to adjust the steering wheel to the lowest position to get the dash panel off but other than that the steering column wasn't touched and I didn't even touch any wires coming from the column/ignition. All of that said, I just keep thinking it can't just be coincidence that it won't start since I did that.

I literally just put the transmission which I just had rebuilt in the car 25 miles ago. Everything was fine until the check engine light came on at mile 17ish. Is it possible a sensor came unplugged causing these two codes? Does it relate to the wheel speed/abs sensor at all? I know that I cracked that and need to replace but I didn't figure that it would have anything to do with the trans.

this problem started 4 days ago, when i started the car.it was not cooling, although I experienced it before and later it started cooling. But now, its not working.I have changed the condenser,filled with gas,but not working.