what are my options. it isnt running hot but keeps dying, and when its not dying its running horrible. wont go, cant gas it, thought catalytic converter. the exhaust is not being released. cant get the bolts off myself so guess its gotta go to shop, just dont wnt to get ripped. thanks for your time

This past weekend, I was on a trip and I turned on the AC unit after I started the car and heard a pop! Now the AC makes a flapping and whirring sound which only gets louder when you turn up the speed of the AC. It still blows cool air but the noise is loud. My dealership charges $85 just to do a diagnostics of it, but no idea what the costs of repair would be. Someone help?

It usually happens after it has warmed up but doesn't do it all the time sometimes it's loud sometimes you can barely hear it no check engine light on or any other lights on fluids are all fine no over heating

mal fonction,,and intermitent
tank you