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I would like to know what sensors are?? and how to test?? thanks
told by my trusted mechanic, unable to remove sensor due to corrosion/rusty bolts, might need to replace pipe which includes a cat.---- cost may be $700 compared to much cheeper if only the o2 sensor comes out
The top of the right rear tire leans outward and bottom of tire leans inward. I was still able to drive it home. would it be just a bent axel?
Why does the coolant temperature gauge stay between 1/3 and 1/2 even when the car is turned off?
I have taken the vehicle to BMW three times for this same reason. They have charge me for a oil diagnostic 190.00. The problem still exist. I took the car back yesterday and show them where the leak is located in th...
I replaced the 4+ year old battery. Did fine for two months, then battery went down again. 68,000 total miles on odometer. No warning lights or indications of electrical issue. What drains the battery down so fast?
I just received my truck back after getting a new engine and transmission. The fob was not working, but the shop said that it just needs to be reprogrammed by putting the key in the ignition and turning it on and off ...