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and tbi but problem still exists what else could it be

I changed the spark plugs and noticed it had an oil leak. I started the car and it shut down do to the low oil light came on. I know it has a feature to shut down the car when the low is low to protect the engine. So what do I do.

Just happened today it is very cold out so im thinking that this is why cause ive never had this problem car is 5months old and on 2483 miles.

speedometer not working also


HUD was working and then all of a sudden it would work sometime and disappear.

I just purchased vehicle & instrument panel is not working. (only mileage light on).I Could the fuse be blown or am I able to replace lights or is there a switch to turn ? Front & rear lights are working when switched on

Problem just started last week car wouldn't start after trying a couple times left alone called tow truck next day they jumped it n said it was battery I took it to mechanic they said it wasn't the battery n not sure what it was computer had no codes when I picked it up I heard a boom sound under the car the vdc off n slip lights r on its starting but u got to hold the key over a while before it will start

the dam thing dies driving at any speed sometimes it will start right back up other times I have to weight till it cools down I replaced the cam sensor already?