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Every morning when i go to work i turn on my heater but the air come out cold all the time.
Anyone have the slightest idea where to find it on a Saturn l200??? I cant, for the life of me, find the dang thing!!!!!
I drive less than 7 miles a day and after that little amt of driving coolants gone. no coolant leaking on the ground. found what looks to be wetness all around the engine block and underneath one of the hoses is a lot...
My car will not start it will just turn over I have checked the crank fuse the relays its getting fuel to the fuel rail
Won't start. Won't junp. Cleaned terminals & Put in new battery. Lights work, Turn key, get 1 click, lights don't dim.
I just bought this about a week ago and all it has been is problems. First my tranny fluid was leaking, and I brought it to the mechanic I bought it from and he said he couldn't find a leak and that he spilt some flui...