There's no blinking in lights stay on, the engine light on start may come on and stay on the next time you start it it may not be on. May stay in fir several days. Or may not come on and stays off several days

Question - how do I re-adjust the door hinges after replacing the hinge pins? I had to back off the hinge bolts in order to replace the hinge pins but when I tighten t he bolts, the door is way out of alignment. I cant find any site online that can give me advice on this.


We tried to reset it and we can get shifter out of park but on the dash car still in drive

Windows fog as if recycle is on. Does not have recycle switch. Does this vehicle have a cabin air filter? Where is it located? Could the cabin air intake be plugged? Where is that located?

Can the water pump be replaced without messing with the timing chain

Took 2005 Santa Fe, 151,000 miles, in for timing belt replacement, water pump and serpentine belt and, A/C compressor replacement, $2,454.00. Mechanic broke motor mount and expects me to paid for this too. Is this normal/expected?

I was smelling. The strong smell it gas and got out to see if I could see anything, I could see a puddle of gas under my CSR.Is this an expensive fix? Around how much does this cost?

All the warning lights are on. ABS, parking brake, traction control, every one is on. I'm told it could be the right wheel sensor which is common in the Scion. Is this usually true and do I have to take it to the dealer to get it fixed or is this something I can replace myself? Can I run a diagnostics to see if this is truly the issue?
Also no one can get my oil filter off, seems its stuck. Is there a trick to getting it off without breaking it?