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started all at once, shifts late all the time trans pan is marked metric
checked damper seems to be working changed thermostat blew out heater core with air blows cool not hot
Runs normal except going up hill. Was fine till temperature outside dropped overnite from warm to below freezing.
I have been banging my head for the past few months - replaced the fuel pump/wire pig tail with AC Delco ( and new fuel filter ). Worked for a few weeks - then no pressure/juice to pump. Dropped the tank/reinstalled...
Also replaced PCM and water Pump & thermostat, but periodically PO332 & PO337 code comes back on...How do I correct this
Crank no start,theft light blinking rapidly nonstop, purchased car 1 mo. ago and been dead in driveway for over 2 weeks. Was only given one key w/a gigantic head that has a big battery cell in it. My 2000 mustang key ...
drives me crazy also brakes groan to a stop like they are about to fail disks ok pads ok replaced sensors both sides
Then el power system flashes the car will start after a while