I've pulled,, pushed and pried the obvious connection between the two pieces. Nothing works. What do I do to get it apart?

I have a 2006 Dodge Ram hemi mega cab RWD, what do the front sway bar end links actually look like for this truck?

Replaced tranny seals & rear main seal
Starts up leaks what apears to be around presure valve(bad,squrits out)

cruise control wont maintain speed

car overheated with no warning, temp gage remained in the middle.neck broke off radiator,dumped out.message read "pull over". I was on a 2 lane road, in traffic.Blown head gasket and warped heads.Not enough warning time to pull over. Mechanic told me that it did not have a volvo radiator in it and that volvo radiator would not have done that.Bought the car from Ford agency 1 1/2 yr. prior. still had car pmts to make. Why didn't my temp gage move up? Why didn't i have ample warning time? Was the agency responsible to inform me that an aftermarket radiator was in the car.Volvo radiators don't have plastic to break. Could there be an underlying cause that made the hose break away from the radiator? like maybe the fan or water pump or a sensor or thermostat failure. My car is the most beautiful car and I love my car. $$ is a big issue.Mechanic says engine is destroyed. What to do? No one will help me. Im unemployed cuz I care for my 94 yr old mom.This whole thing is really really sad. All I do is cry.

My dashboard gauges started blinking off & on for about 20 minutes before my whole entire truck lost all power.I left it off the road til the next day.But when I was fixing to get it towed,I turned the key & it started up with no problem.This is the 1st time I ever experienced something like this.Where do I look for answers?

Do I need to replace motor? Everything on the switch works except to faster speed on wipers.