I can hear a rub sound when making sharp turn and was told I need to change rear end fluids/seals.. The car only has 8,400 miles..

Will reverse slowly on level, but typically moves only after low range is engaged. Fluid/filter changed recently.

I put 6 but still low and going slow now but reverse fine and fluid drain from coolant line

I put 6 quarts in she drive but I have to gun it in drive but reverse work fine

This does not happen a lot.

It runs rich once it starts. It has to wait about 10 minutes after turning off the car before it starts. I think the FI system is metering incorrectly (rich).

right seat

This is the 3rd time. Once 4 weeks ago,we waited 20 min. then played around with shifter and everything was ok. The first time was a year ago, in 20 degree weather. Went to start it and could not get it out of Park. Let car warm up, played with gear shift and about 30 min. later got it into park.

Battery is new, plenty of gas. I just park the car, the next day it will not start. The dashboard indicators are functioning

i dont know if i have to get one or two oil pan gasket to put my truck together

i am fixing my truck at hime

replace engine

My cars doors won't shut,no matter how many times you try they keep poping open.