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no heat I got a blower motor and its not that what could it be need help
when the panic button is pushed and alarm sets off, the remote stops working and i cant unlock my car. Battery is still good.what do i need to do?
I have a specific temperature dial selector but it never changes temperature no matter where I put it. I did have a vacuum leak and replaced some old cracked lines, and now the fan speed, dash vents, defrost, and flo...
When using car it uses break fluid half of the master cylinder please help
cruise control and gas gauge don't work
i went to turn the car off @ it all of a sudden it dont want to turn all the way to the off position. it will turn from acc to on to start & it will go into gear like its not in park but it is. i even tried to slam th...
You push the switch in a little, the fronts goes out and the rears come on. I have tried two new switches. nothing