Continuious air in coolant system changed water pump, thermostat bypassed heater core becuz no heat and leaking seems like bleeding doesn't help.

Timing marks are good but it acts like itis out of time popingback

I'm getting no spark and I changed the cps,pick up coil,ignition coil ever since I had eliminated the catalytic converter for a pipe the jeep started giving me problems,don't know if it might be the o2 sensor that goes in that area where the catalytic use to be also the obd scanner is not reading any codes the scanner starts to read and stays stuck scanning and never gives me a code and I know the scanner is good because I used it on other vehicles

What could be causing the problem

but still the car can not move and the new gear would not select. whats the possible problem?

a new gear was change but still the car
can move. whats the possible problem.

When I make sharp turns, like maneuvering into a parking space, the steering makes squeaking sounds. I don't know if it is the wheel or something inside the steering mechanisms of the car. I also want to know if it is dangerous.

When I apply the breaks for more than 5 seconds or so before the vehicle stops, it makes a metal popping sound and the brakes ease up a bit and lock back in hard. It's like a gear that skips over a cog but hits the next one hard. Any ideas what it could be?

This sound started months ago, was occasionally, now is constantly whether driving or parked.

Started a few months ago, just occasionally now is constantly. It does it when I'm driving or parked. Usually twice and seconds later again and again, now it is doing it even more often.

what would cost that

What would cause the wiring for the cigarette lighter - to get hot melt catch fire now ive got no speedometer. Fuel gage dont work, the tachometer dont work the dash put off