dash symbol for head lights indicates that cars automatic focus for road conditions is not working.

I've had my car taken apart twice. It's not the sunroof, windshield, Windows or doors.

Has 135,000 mi.
oil level fine

Will not idle while backing, seems like when I hold the brake it dies

After drive forward for a while it works perfectly ,it happened 3 time in 4 months

Seems to run good at other speeds. It is much better but am afraid if I don't get this misfire fixed it will stop up another catalytic converter. Any help or ideas will be appreciated!!

I have had it checked by my son with a plug in under the left side of the dash. He says it is the e-vac system and that I could have a leak or a censer if faulty. Can you tell me a common fix to this or give me a little info so when I take it to a mechanic to have it checked and won't get my bank account raped.

it only does it when it gets warmed up and i just changed the filter and fluid and put a bottle of lucas in it

Hooked up my code reader an getting nothing, Yet service vehicle soon light is staying on. Any Ideas??