Car still running and speed doesn't change when tach drops to 0, but acceleration also seems to be compromised. Turning car off and back on usually stops this for awhile. Does shifting depend on tach reading? Am I doing damage to something by continuing to drive?

My car was recently broken into. When I discovered this and tried to start my car it wouldn't. My mechanic can't figure it out. Is the car disabled if the alarm goes on for too long? The battery is not dead. Thanks

For winter, how badly do I need to move to SAE0-30 oil, winter tires (from all weather tires) and what windshield washer fluid should I use? And is it OK to use a lighter to heat my key if the door lock is frozen?

Twice now have had a melted spot on my shifter console. Looks like something hot drug across it but not. Concern is fire hazard. Are there wires running under this plate that might be getting hot when using cigarette receptacle in glove box for GPS etc.. Is not hot during driving with nothing in use. Puzzling!

replaced bank 1 sensor 1& 2 in May 2015. had inspection two days ago, and the night before i had no problems, and the morning of inspection....the check engine light came on, and inspection throughout the code.

I had a problem with the interior lights making the battery go dead. I thought the battery was at fault, 5 years old. I replaced the battery and still had the problem. After doing some research: I learned the culprit was, most likely, the LCM. I replaced the LCM $300.00. Now fuse #18 keeps blowing. Is there a common location for a possible short in these models? I made up a jumper with a light bulb and bridged the fuse location. With all of the doors, trunk lid, vanity lights off, and glove box shut: the light is on full brightness. Nothing I do by opening the doors or anything with the interior lights has any effect. That light stays on. There must be a dead short somewhere! Hopefully: there might be a common place in these models where I can look. I hate to unload this piece of junk like it is, because this would hurt the resale value. It's been one electrical malfunction after another. Now I know that all of those Crown Vic's weren't at the dealership for routine maintenance, but for electrical problems. The Panther platform is one of the toughest, but: when it comes to wiring a vehicle: the people at Ford don't know squat about how to wire one!