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Another shop says that front axle should be replaced not just boots.
Took it into Hyundai dealer and they said the trans speed sensors are faulty.
received a fualt light on car on the way home stopped at dealer and that is what he recommended. Could it just be the pump?
Had a ground issue, put temp ground just to get the car started and worked for a few weeks then replaced the g101 ground when to start it and it starts to turn over but now wont start and now am getting a p0865 error.
Replaced fuel filter,air filter,M.A.S.,pcv filter in air box,cleaned idle control valve,new computer with update flash(car acts the same with no check engine light),change oil and with proper oil filter,recharged air ...
I had this error message last winter also when I had it in AWD, the problem went away suddenly as it appeared, until this winter again. When turning back to 2WD the light on AWD still stays lit and won't move to 2WD. ...