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Also replaced PCM and water Pump & thermostat, but periodically PO332 & PO337 code comes back on...How do I correct this
Crank no start,theft light blinking rapidly nonstop, purchased car 1 mo. ago and been dead in driveway for over 2 weeks. Was only given one key w/a gigantic head that has a big battery cell in it. My 2000 mustang key ...
drives me crazy also brakes groan to a stop like they are about to fail disks ok pads ok replaced sensors both sides
Then el power system flashes the car will start after a while
Well in a 1/4 of a mile I ran my BMW 330i to 6000rpm. And it started leaking once I pulled in my drive way. What is the case of the leak? It is leaking below the engine. Is it a hose that came off?
I had a leak and am not repairing it so I want to stop AC system from working