Truck does not start in A.M. without jumping it. Starts fine the rest of the day. With ALL systems turned off, something is drawing over 700 amps from the battery. What is drawing the amps?

Car was running rough , then quit . unable to start . Ran a scan codes P1000 and B1318 came up . Took battery to store , had 0ne bad cell . Replaced still won't start . Check engine light , battery light remain on when key is in position II . In addition fuse 18 was blown , replaced , did not blow after replaced

My car is lagging and making a winning noise.

I have a 96 mazda b4000 i want to put a mass air sensor off a 3.0 LITER MUSTANG WILL IT WORK

Had first cat replaced, new tires,brakes,rotars, oil change in the last month. Front passenger side has always had issues, tires on that side are always worse, numerous alignments. Needed & got camber kit a few months back. Still pretty sure I have an exhaust leak again/still? Any ideas on what or how to figure out what's going on??

To release,so it go in drive or any other gear