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My engine is acting funny but I'm not getting an error code or check engine light. I put my foot on the gas and it revs to 4 RPM before coming down back to 2 RPM.
Our journey acts possessed... The alarm goes off (horn honking and lights flashing) and once or twice the windows have gone down on their own... Please help!! Also one of our key pads won't work.even with new batteries..
Hey guys so i was just driving my car at 60kmh and the cars engine just gave up the speed started drooping and then it came to a stop. i drove it to my house at 20km/h it was shaking like crazy and then i came home go...
your estimate was a fraction of that....are they trying to rip me off?
I have over 60,000 miles and no troubles with the engine yet. Someone told me that timing belt breakage can cause extensive damage to an engine, but they didn't know if it was true for my Ranger.
I've recently replaced 6 spark plugs and the 3 coil in the 3 cylinder. I have also put seafoam twice in my gas tank and yet, I'm still getting an error code. Any suggestions on what I could do next?
I am having a slight noise under acceleration ever since I had oil changed at a dealership. Thought maybe it was the gas tired all kinds even Prem. I had a truck once that did this and the only way it was happy was wi...