Like a minor crunch sound. It's noticeable but slight.

I change my starter on my 2007 Chrysler Pacifica and now it will not start and my throttle control light on the dashboard is coming on, any suggestions?

Shut off problems. I changed the positive terminal but it wasn't wired good .car will lose connection. Just brought terminal assembly for it.

I have some mechanical aptitude... But didn't do the work myself but would like to be informed when I take it back

I have changed the fuel rail sensor. The dealer checked the electrical plug. The code still comes up after I have reset the code within about 50 miles. I just can't keep throwing money it trouble shooting. Any further suggestions? Where is the best place to take it to try and solve the problem? Ram dealer or others?

Replaced batter, car turns over, but won't start.

My son while avoiding a deer swerved hit side curve it blew the tire , bent the rim a little, but the tire is bent in.