do we need to change the whole ETC

I replace all the lights and bubs checked all the wireing all. OK.they bleak off and on can't Drive it no lights help thanks. Don Mac.

No recent oil changes or repairs done to car. Drove to town and back (3 miles) and had a trail of fluid behind the car and the rest ran out in the garage.

why does my car stop running every 10 minutes and only start up again after sitting for 10or 15 minutes

my 1991 buick le sabre stops running after about 5 or 10 minutes. It will start up after not running for 10 or 15 minutes of rest like it stops when engine is warm and then runs again after cooling down.

the weather seems to have a lot to do with how far it will go before it quits

and it will start up again I'm afraid to drive the car I have 2 young boy don't want to take a chance on us getting killed what to do

down before it will start again, repeats itself in that manner
We have taken it to many mechanics and they cannot find problem we need help

It's just started about a week ago have not moved it sense what could be wrong with does it need an transmission oil change or could it be something worst