When it goes bad it has rough idle
Some times the engine will
Shut off to
Y is this abv keep going bad
Only after two days plz advise

Driving the tranny will suddenly slip and the engine will race drop it down a gear an it will take off fine and when you put it back in todrive you might go 1/2 a mile before it does it again
Is this common? is there a quick fix?
Whats the book time in case i have to go to a shop and does it run close to book time?
Thanks to anyone who can answer these for me!

After the parts are tested and ran a full diagnostics on, the mechanic clears the codes and after driving 95 miles the check engine comes back on and I go back to get the codes and it throws the same codes. I'm not able to pass the emissions test to drive my car. What can I do to resolve this issue.

My car's power steering went out on me this morning after a warning light came on stating "Check charging system". My alternator is working fine and the car will charge when idle but all systems start to shut down after driving for a few miles. I also have a squeaking belt occasionally when it rains.

The car is the new Honda Civic 2006 Model, i want to know the solution to the problems.

i have changed the colum switch flasher neon green bulbs checked for corrosion and broken wires.2 fuses in my fuse box are good but no power to them when i checked with a test light.i did the wd40 trick at the 4 way flasher haha didnt work checked all my relays.what could this be

Has anyone had the brake lines cleaned and checked for any contaminants that may have caused the ABS Actuator to fail to operate properly, prior to replacing it?

Also, did he begin shortly after the brakes were done? I have learn that some tech's at chain tire/brake shops will push the caliber piston in, opposed to releasing the fluid, as it is a hassle for them when they are in a hurry. This cause contaminants to enter the system, which will leads to failure.