all the other electrical stuff worked such as radio, power windows, doom lights. after I little while they came back on then went out again and never came back on.

Want to replace old engine with a new one

The entire front end vibrates violently until you stop then goes away and it's not a constant thing

Wiper blades does not work that heating and air system does not work battery light stays on

I lose power and the transmission don't will not pull

it's not showing any leakage on the ground but it is moist to the touch around the hoes has not ran hot the over flow hose is very short about 6 inches long and just hangs not attached to anything

Happened out of blue. Car was damaged in front 3 months prior but ran fine w no prblms. At Kia Dealer for 2 weeks wo a word. Now, call and tell me it's because of damage to wire harness I caused (under warranty if not my fault) Seems shady. Think they can't figure out so blaming me. Keep seeing immobilizer prblms on forums. Think that's what it is. I don't know what to do. Case of woman being taken advantage of...don't know enough, but have been researching prblm enough to know I'm not only one. PLEASE HELP ASAP