Attempted to lower soft top. The rear section retracted and then just fell back down and nothing. It clicks when I try again.
Does this model have two fluid tanks. The front one is full. At least one of the cylinders has leaked. The one that raises the cover where the top is stored.

Next time I ran I got "link error."

Need replace because of S68/3/, S68/4

How difficult are they to replace?

When I start the car it sounds like I have my foot on the gas and the engine rocks a little. Any helpful answer would be great.

Ashtray and glove box lites blink with relay. There is a small blue LED on lite switch panel blinks 3x or 5x. When try to restart dashboard, lites blink. Starter does not engage. Stranded need help please.

A 1998 Subaru Legacy l wagon could have either a 2.5 L engine, or a 2.2 liter engine, isn't that so?

Car sat for about six months.

Car has been sitting for six months.

I put a new battery in and started it up and after a minute it sied and when I went to restart it all I got was a cranking sound and now dead

have about 2 inches of clearance between spline end of pittman arm and the frame.

There is no indication of over heating but sometimes when I turn the car off it smokes under the hood