This is the nicest newest car I've had. I am used to using a lighter to heat the key if the locks are frozen so the remote or the key won't open it. Is it safe to do so with this vehicle too?

Can I use just any windshield washer fluid with this vehicle like I would with any other car?

How many cold cranking amps is enough for this car to ensure the best possible start reliability? Do they make like 900 and 1000 CCA batteries for this vehicle?

For this winter, how badly do I need to move to winter tires (from all weather tires)?

For winter, should I simply top off anti-freeze until it reads good for 40 below or get a stronger mix like 60% antifreeze/40% water put in? Is it safe to just add the anti-freeze to the overflow for this vehicle?

I understand from the manual that for 20 below temps, it is good to move from SAE5-30 to SAE0-30 oil. How important is this?

i have change the vss on the trans and odometer doesn't work,whats next?

having trouble filling gas tank

I think the flap over the fill hole has broken off

My truck it's been running with no problems except for some gears slipping so I took it to get the transmission rebuild when they put the transmission back my engine started to act up loosing power and shaking

The fuel pump was replaced in my Yukon 2 weeks ago. Today it will crank but will not start. I have 1/2 tank of gas and can smell gas getting to the fuel injection.

Ok so I just replaced the clutch in my 96 celica, it took me a few weeks seeing as I work long hours. Well I completed it just to find it still isn't turning over. So I checked the fuel pump to see if it was spitting gas and it wasn't so I replaced that just to find it still isn't turning over, any assistance will be greatly appreciated.