I have a 1987 cutlass supreme and the issue I'm having it that is will start up but then it will shut off immediately at it start can any one tell me what can be the issue

truck stalls when i first drive it but after a while its ok doe this mean my tranny is going out?

Strong fuel smells in car when heat and air is on

It's a very strong smell when heat or air is on

It passed barely just last year. Don't know why a test was required after only one year. I was told that it was fine on low speed , but had hi hcs at the higher speed test. Would doing a tune up help? I was also told the timing was way off but it runs great. I really like the car and hate to give it up.

I got a 5.4 that keeps building back pressure into the pressure tank. It also says im missing on3 or 4 cylinders. I have white smoke coming out the tail pipe. But no water in oil

Is there an o ring that goes on hydraulic line connector that slips over nipple connection on the bottom of the clutch master cylinder then is held together using a retaining pin? I know there is one on the end of the line that connects the line to the slave cylinder, but not one seen for master cylinder.

So I got my Thunderbird a little while ago. I noticed it has a delayed starting problem.
You will hear the fuel pump turn on along with the fan. The fuel pump can turn off but until one of the fan turns off the car will not start.
As the weather gets colder it takes longer to start. Such as this summer at about 70 degrees it only took 5 minutes. If I had turned it on earlier that day it only took 2-3.
However now that the temperature has dropped to 17 degrees it takes forever to start. For example I went out this morning and turned the key on expecting my normal 30-45 minute delay. However after an 1 hour and 15 minutes the fan still did not turn off so I could not start the car. I ended up turning the key off and finding another ride because of my car.
What could be wrong with my car? I was told it might be something like a fan relay box.
Also I have replaced all of the fuel line items with new ones. Such as the fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, fuel pump, etc. with brand new parts and it is holding pressure.

I was driving the other night and when i put my car in park my engine light came on. I used a obd2 scanner to find out it was a p0121 throttle code. Is this something that will cause me to fail emissions considering the engine light is on

The lights work manually

Started sputtering . Thought bad gas at first added sea foam seams slightly better but still smell gas. Not the gas cap.

I have cleaned out the over flow jar and
flushed out the heater core to no avail.