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I have water in the oil on 91 3300 century. Car has 100000 miles. Is it worth taking apart and replacing heads or gaskets?
all of these lights came on and my car shifts really hard and also will shift into neutral while I'm driving and slam back into gear. when I pulled the code it said transmission range sensor and I'm wondering if any o...
is it possible to install the unison ring backwards?
then once it is started it will continue to try to start making a grinding noise
Changed the alternator checked battery replaced starter sensor has a full tank of gas but still won't start it turns over
When they do the water level and oil pressure alarms come on. Fuel gauge and RPM stay steady except occasionally when everything goes crazy for a moment. While all this is happening the car runs perfectly
When I start to drive my car it shows it's in Drive but revs to 5-6 rpm when going into gear like it's wanting me to shift as it would in manual. There is no error or engine lights. Why? What should I do? I do not dri...
they are charging me $900 to replace the starter and fix coolant leak.
I was driving my 2000 mercedes s 430 when I got home I notice the rear fell complete down then I saw a bracket under the car found out thet It broke off rear end level sensor could this be the problem I hope it is can...
Also after the wreck that caused this a loud noise is made when the wheel is turned. Is my van done for ?
I was coming back from Stanley north Dakota and we stopped for the bathroom and went to start truck and heard a squell and didn't think anything bout it started driving and had no steering the battery little came on a...