1-2x/Week ..... car will cut-out or not accelrate ... almost like a sensor isn't recognizing the foot peddle is moving/depressed. Car/engine just idles ... shifting is fine during the "idle" .... normally with a shut-off and restart of engine everything is fine .... if car is rolling when occurs then pumping the peddle rapidly for 5-10 seconds causes the accelerator to re-engage. Thoughts?

I have an 03 Envoy the check 4wd light comes on when in awd. If I go back to 2wd, and restart the vehicle the light goes off. But back on again it awd or 4wd is used. The drive system seems to be working fine.

My check engine light came on and I got error code P018c "Fuel Pressure Sensor "B" Circuit Low. I will try getting a gas cap first, but if I need to change the sensor, I need to know how hard it is and where I can purchase the part.

Only happens every once in a while but mor often

My rpm gauge when start and drive is between 2 and 3 how can I adjust

I have to restart the car and low beam lights will come back on. It does not produce any faults and it doesn't matter if switch is in auto or Manuel mode. I have no low beams are there any recalls for this hazard. Thanks

I picked up my mom from work and when I came home I left my car running and when I jumped on my antifreeze started to spill over my engine. I checked my radiator hoses and they looked fine. What can it be? Beside that, I will really appreciate the help.

Had my timing belt replaced about one month ago. I thought it broke again but it just slipped off the pulleys. I don't know why. Can it just be tightened up?

I had my tires balance, aligned, and rotated. My tire dealer said they see no problem with alignment parts. I Feel excessive vibration especially at speeds higher than 65 MPH Can feel it mainly on steering wheel. Hard for passenger to notice it.