My cousin seems to think that the door that won't stay open has to do with the electric system. when I use the alarm lock

I ran the code n it came back to my trottle body so I replaced it along with my accelerator pedal but it continues to come on

I have 127k miles on it. Im trying to decide if its worth it to fix it now or get a new one.

when trying to start it just clicks and its not the battery or starter, where is the solenoid located on the 1998 Mercury Mountnr. V8 awd.

I turned my drive seat heat on low and within moments the seat caught fire and burned a whole through even through the pillow I was sitting on. But it was no recall

I changed brakes bearings (upper&lower)rotors and car is worse now... p.s. there was only front side of brake pad on passenger side tire when I initially took in for work... i got van checked 4 different times each mechanical agreed it was bearing but so not true it's been changed 4 times now can someone please help

mechanic said it was the catalytic converters so I had them replace them all and I'm still having problems. I took it back and they were going to charge me another 65 to diagnose it

2011 Dodge Durango heat my engine is tapping change the oil and it still typing what is the problem