Had the brake switch replaced and afterwards my cruise control wouldn't work

Radiator was replaced, and haven't had heat since. Replaced the thermostat, checked the blend door actuator and it works, did a heater core flush because one hose is getting hotter than the other, and bled the coolant lines and radiator to release any air pockets. Still no heat. Heater core is not leaking, I don't smell antifreeze when I drive... is there ANYTHING else it could be before I call it and just have my dash ripped out to replace the heater core? I'm 8 and a half months pregnant and need heat for my baby whose due in December.

I bought a car and I tried to turn on the radio and u can hear it but sounds a little weird I want to take the speakers out and change them? So how do I thaje the speakers out and fix them?

I must refill water in coolant resivoire regularly is it a bad thermostat, just an eroded gasket around the houseing, a temp sensor or a water pump? Help

My 2006 dodge charger was fine until one day i went to the grocery store and came out, it wouldn't crank . had it towed home the next day tried to crank it it made a weird rattling noise,one mechanic told me it needed spark plugs so i had them replaced it stopped rattling and crunk but now it has blue or whit smoke coming from the tailpipe(lots of it) it never ran hot nor was the oil low it has a little over 170,000 miles on it.motor is not knocking.please help

Just did an oil change on my Suburban and noticed a white, milky substance on the inside of my oil fill cap. What is that? Engine has 201K miles.

The acuator won't blend heat I can't get hot air only cold

have to add at least 2 qt per week

Not getting proper signal from ckp.removed it and found engine oil on magnet.is normal

When in air on will go off when switching to recirculation. But when unit is not on, light is still on. Should it be? Always?

new regulator and motor works