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My jeep will start fine but when your goin down the road it wants to cut out and not go when you give it gas it takes a while before it stops what could be wrong with it

Srs light stayed on in my car just want to know if i can take it to the dealership to be repaired free of charge. Or will i need to pay the repairs? Thank you.

Rpms drop to below 600 car will vibrate and has an audible loud humming to it.

When it rains my jeep commander is leaking under the front windshield area right under the dash speaker. It apears that it is coming in under the windshield wipers like a bad heat molding? If i spray water down there under the windshield wipers after I take the plastic covering off it comes in fast. If I spray the window it comes in slow so I assume that has to build up then come in its leaking down where the hood releases along the plastic if I pull the side panel out you can see where its coming out at there some like silver tape where the window frame and frame meets interior is tripping out from right there would that be a window replace or replace the seal.

Is this an easy fix with a part? maybe a fuse going out? money is tight. Please help.

Instead of engine light flashing, I got 5 "beeps". What does that mean?

Its having issues starting n staying on. I was told i might need ecm replaced. How much would that cost me?

Changed bulbs and no lights