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Radio heater all work till I turn the key then they go out?
I bought a new alternator and a battery and its not taking a chargethe vehicle is only holding about 10 to 12 it should be a little over 14
It will start if it has been in the garage or if it's above 32 degrees. I was told to replace the coolant temp sensor because when they go bad they read -40 degrees & dump to much fuel into the motor causing it to flo...
i have parts but would like a manual to repair
Replaced lifters pushrods rocker arms still have tapping noise anybody had this problem
Shuts off and hasnt ran since fuel pump sounds weak no fire in the wire or pump fire in the relay cluster doesn't work fuse is good when I turn on high beams left headlight goes out.. any advice
I was driving down road and out of nowhere the truck quit moving. The engine did not stall but the truck wouldnt go in gear. I had to have it towed home and had to block the wheels because it wanted to roll out of d...
Replaced Fuel pump, Fuel Filter, Fuel pump relay, Fuel reset magnetic switch and fuel pump driver module. Still have problems to get the fuel pump to work when trying to start with the engine cold, I have to put the s...