it's going thru tires like no body's buisness don't understand why the rear tires are being worn

Is it possible to diagnose or repair without pulling the tank? I am low on funds, but don't want to junk car. Everything else works fine. Would this problem prevent me from getting an inspection sticker in MA? It does cause engine light to come on, but can drive for awhile before it does.

The doors unlock for about two seconds, then they lock again.

The car wont crank. Ill turn the key n the fuse pops ive replaced the ignition switch so theres the starter motor n fuel pump left.

t stat is new collent is full heater core is good had heat and it just stop working

turns over but cuts off as if not getting gas. is there a fuel filter on this model?
checked throttle body and it seems fine. but still hving problem.

Drove the vehicle for 7k, but yesterday the transmission sound like gears grinding and high pitch squeaking.
Car can be pushed when it's in park
Is it fixeble, or I need a new transmission?

I think I lost the key when I got out to dig some snow out from the tires. It was still running and drove home. Need to know if that is possible or if it will automatically cut off whitin a certain range

flushed heater core seems to flow normal. Cannot get warm air at any time, unless drive 50 miles. then get a little heat "HELP"

-the driver's permission pad started sticking. Now even after replacing the smart fob battery the red smart key light goes on & off intermittently and also the radio shuts down, all the dash lights go off. When they come back on all the warning lights stay on. The car runs & drives fine.