Key fob worked until car battery reset everything. Now only way to unlock car is to stick the key into the door.

recently got a 97 camaro, vats equipped. ign lock had been jimmied to work, no key. car does run but drains battery. security light stays on. hoping ign lock replacement fixes problem. anything else i should know ?

Four wheel drive just not engaging

About 6 mos. ago a/c would not engage. Took it to the dealer and they found a small plastic gear broken in some part and replaced it. I think it some kind of actuator problem.

friend forgot to bring code reader as I stated it gets fire air and spark but just wont "bust over" as he said.... car also has factory installed anti theft does this need to be bypassed or the ecu flashed to get old codes out, running out of money and need car on the road

also replaced brake switch at pedal