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This occurs throughout the drive despite the speed. Its really loose and if both hands are on steering wheel (9 to 3 position on clock), I can turn the wheel almost 12 to 6 in either direction without the tire/wheel a...
Actually feel gauge is faulty though on the control panel my mileage to empty is accurate and works without a problem
My charting output reads good I check the battery everything is fine but my alarm continues to come on about every 15 minutes and is very annoying
When I turn on the heater the temp gage shows that the engine gets even hotter! What could cause this? I don't see a rad leak.
when the car starts it run perfect then just stalls out like I turned the key off? there are no codes being stored in the ecm!
It overheated a while back but was done them started sounding horrible when starting. It had no power when starting and you hear a rattle coming from thxe exhaust. I'm stuck out in the middle of no where and need to...
Bulbs changed, circut boards changed. Fuse under dash changed. turn signal switch changed. No rear brake lights, turn signals, rear flashers. Fuses to turn signals under back seat have power. All front lights work.
I replaced thekey switch on my Yukon now it starts and dies I need to know how to reset the anti theft system