When I was pulling my trailer down the road my turbo hose on the passenger side ,on my 7.3 blows off and I lose a lot of power reinstalled hose it blew off again.

Purchased a new 2016 Honda Fit EX and the TPMS light came on 3 days (about the same temp as the day we bought the car). So we took the car in and asked them to check it out and to also check the accuracy of my tire pressure gauge (I thought I might be needing it). They adjusted the pressure in the tires. They said it was wrong (I thought that part of the delivery charge was to check that sort of thing, maybe not). So any way 4 days later the light came on again but it was a long holiday weekend when they opened in 3 days we took it in. They said it was due to the temperature change.

We have had the car at service with the TPMS light on 5 times in 6 weeks.

Each time the dealer says that it is because of the temperature change.

Is that true?

We live in Indiana.

Here is the temperature range and the maximum and minimum tire pressures (by the way we were not driving while at minimum temperature because that was in the middle of the night) for those days.

Min Max
21 - 30 (mean 26) sat 19 (Tires filled with temp at near 30 degrees)
22 = 48
41 - 52
44 - 53 tues
37 - 64 Wed
36 - 56 Thurs (Light came on with the temp around 40)

P2 = (P1*T2)/T1

30F = 272 Kelvin
22F = 267 Kelvin
64F = 291 Kelvin

Assume tires filled to 34PSI at 30 degree the range of pressures would be:

at 22F: = 33 * 267 / 272 == 32.4
at 53F: = 33 * 290.9 / 272 == 35.2

(Pressure range of 2.8 PSI)

So a minimum pressure of 32.4 (optimum 33 front).

A maximum pressure of 35.2.

So within 2.2 pounds and the light trips....

NOTE this is the worst temp variation.

So is this correct or is there a problem? What should I say to the dealer. Is there a leak. Should I take the tires somewhere else to have them checked.

The car is now 7 weeks old.

i know what code means, but need more specific as to what could be wrong. Also could they have knocked something loose. After reading about similar prob the tach still works and car runs fine

Looking to try to track down this leak. When the engine is revved up the oil will drip a good amount down the a/c mounting area and onto the exhaust. The front converter to be exact and cause smoking and oil burning. Can't seem to locate exactly where the leak may be coming from. It's just very difficult to see above the a/c compressor and locate the leak.