when it start the truck in the morning it start fine but as soon as it starts to get warm it shuts down...and will not start again, i change crank shaft and cam shaft sensors...ignition coils oil plugs and also the two sensor on the intake manifold top...now i am out of options

and check the injectors, this came on all of a sudden.

It happen when I get a full tank of gas

On freeway then she shakes and decelerates to 20mph. Abs system cpletely locks my tires have to disconnect battery to reset system. Help frustrated. Does she need booster or what

The passenger side is dry and the AC drain hose is clear. When making a turn at slow speed a sloshing sound can be heard.

Have 1200 miles on car. Problem started about 300 miles. Hear loud rush of air with acceleration, then deceleration. No warning lights on. Seems like I'm losing turbo boost. Car is definitely slower than my last Carrera S. Dealer says nothing wrong. Any ideas???

I measured all 4 corners of vehicle, and threar passenger is lower of 1/2 ''

GM dealer checked for shorts ,loose wires behind dash ,scanned for other problems and resets 4x4,button lights come on 2h 4h&4L,shift to 4h and go a few miles service 4x4 comes on,buttons go off.

Was driving around 40 mph, and car just switched to 2500 rpm maximum. slow accelerations and won't allow rpm to exceed above mentioned level.

The only problem I'm having is when coming out of a dead stop. I have to manually shift down to 1st gear to be able to move forward normally. Otherwise, the car accelerates very slowly until it pops into the next gear.