I have a new battery, antifreeze is full, and the hoses are not frozen. it tries to start but it won't turn over. No clicking sound.

strong gas odor and leak

I`ve replaced coils, plugs,ign modules,injectors, and all emission control parts,all with factory parts. Now getting a continuous MIL code P0172.

I have a 08 3.5 se and it won't crank from time to time even though I have my foot on the brake

I have had the battery checked and the altenator is good because when I get a jump it stays charged for a while. Then when it sits it does again. It starts instantly after I get a jump though. Idk what's wrong with it.

After replacing fuel pump (seems to work). No start. Pre pump problem. almost starts, To test for spark there's no room to connect test switch to starter. Can I bypass solenoid in fuse box, for remote switch?

engine starts to balk and chug

this is after vehicle had a 0420 code . this vehicle has had 3 cat. converters

I see a lot of people asking the same type of question, mine is also showing 'ESP' indicator as well as the 'squiggly' lines indicating loss of traction. I just wonder how this can be an 'electrical/sensor/computer' problem when the noises seem to be more 'mechanical'?

dual video screens, only the rear one works, both worked when first purchased (used). The screen (rear) only works when it's placed at a certain angle. is there an in-line fuse for each screen?