When I reverse or turn I hear a loud sound like I hit something

will not go off tried clearing code tried reset button

Have used a test light, looks like no power beyond the 80A battery fuse with the exception of the hazard fuse. Battery has 12V, shows 12V on the battery fuse.

mechanic has replaced left rear wheel bearings,rear strut assemblies and mounts(found right rear strut was broken),drained and refilled rear differential oil replaced Left rear wheel bearings,4 wheel alignment,and replaced 2 rear lower steering knuckle Control Rods. problem still exits when acceleration reaches 38 mph and above, diminishes some when braking, no thumping when traveling under 38mph

the signal lights outside still work front and rear. is this a fuse?

can the chip be moved

I was dumb and pulled out the distributor replacement without Marking the location of the distributor and rotor on the engine block. i then istalled the new distributor without using the marking and rotor ect... Now my car won't start! Can RepairPal fix this?

I know that I have a oil leask. But my main problem is the high idle. In the morning it's fine until you drive for a while and it gets hot then went you stop and put it in Park it idles high a won't go down

Usually before it comes on the can won't start until about the 2nd or 3rd try and when it does the engine is very loud. I would turn the engine off and start it again then the engine goes back to normal and the EPC light would go off...what is the problem?