The timing belt on a V-6, 3.0 engine traveled toward engine and became shredded and failed 30,000 miles after timing belt service. The engine had about 210,000 miles. What would cause the belt to travel ? There were no signs of pulley or tensioner issues, ie "no smoking gun". Could it be incorrect installation procedures ?

When radio started having a short them it follow by engine turning off while driving but I manage to turn it back on until it just turn off on me while driving again n I haven't been able to start my car in 2 months

Can you show a picture please

Replace fuel filter Assembly?, looses prime every "now and then", pull over-primed-runs as if nothing was ever wrong

1.Battery cable connection at the fuse block &
2. side air bag safety tension may not deploy These recalls I'm concern about if they had been repaired
I bought the car in February 2015.

On the actuator moved to same position as old one and did not move again when I moved control .and the other actuator want move either .can it be control panel

The clutch pedal is stuck in the up position and does not budge. First I am trying to find out if the vanagon has a mechanical or a hydraulic clutch.

Prior to that the driver floor board had been wet. And the idling had been acting up.. Timing belt was recently replaced also put new radiator..

it has the vat system