Son recently got the jeep stuck in mud after got out started making whining noise in the rear .I have changed the axle fluid and still makes the noise .

it will not crank but does fire

Replaced sensor in top of bell house and rotor and dist.cap

Also replaced sensor in top bell house and new rotor button and dist. cap

truck will not crank but does fire

a message comes on saying to service 4 wheel drive switch

Belt seemed to be squealing so I replaced the water pump, and kept making noise. Replaced AC condenser and filled with coolant, made noise still replaced power steering pump and hoses for brakes too. Now don't have power brakes or power steering and trans is slipping too. I need some guidance please?

Check engine diagnose found following DTC:P1285 cylinder head over temp condition (sensor). P1450 unable to bleed up fuel tank vacuum, P1299 cylinder head over temp protection active. Further test found cylinder head temp sensor reading up to 60 deg. Also found bad evaporate vent solenoid. Recommend replace cylinder head temp sensor and evaporate vent solenoid.