Here rescently when i had the main fuse loom bypassed the repair shop used about 3 sealed fuse links by the battery where the fuse box comes out from the firewall and ! of them had gotten corroded from being next to the battery . So i replaced with a flip top fuseable link wire rated up to 30A using a 30A fuse in it , But every once in awhile it wont start not even dashboard lights come on at all everything is totally dead so i will have to change fuses out with another one thing is the fuse dont blow out. Im wondering is the 30A im using the reason its doing this? Cause i dont know what the other 3 wires that i mentioned even have fuses in them or what. What could the major problem be causing this ?

My mechanic had a really hard time figuring out what the issue was. I've looked for a recall and see nothing. My daughter bought this car used and it was a certified used car.

Turns over but it wont start on

Pump is working. Sprayed a little stater fluid runs cuts out..

Ran errands came home van was running fine. A little later was going to go somewhere and engine turned over but wasn't firing

I do this myself and where is it

Door hinge they said isnt aligned but i didnt have accident. And no one near my car. Said not under lease warrenty, as it isnt a defect. How much to replace?

No Reverse, slipping gears

I've had mine repaired 2 times already and now it is out again from May, 2015 to August, 2015 and the dealer will not cover the repair and neither would my extended warranty because it specified McPherson Struts only.

I have tried to reset blender doors without having to replace both actuators. If I need to replace actuators, how do I access them?

i have been told i have a loose wire which is causing me some starter issues... i was looking around and found a cord with a male 3 prong plug next to my battery. There is no reference to it in the manual nor on any google searches... what is it used for?