I have replaced a broken brake line, the master cylinder, and one caliper. I have bled the line several times to no avail.
What else can it be?
Thanks Marv

While on the freeway, my 2001 X5 (165,000m) car developed a coolant leak, overheated, and was towed to the dealership. I was told there is white melted gunk in the radiator, so the radiator needs to be replaced. And I was told that we won't know if the engine damage is catastrophic until after I have spent the $$ replacing the radiator. Should I repair the radiator and hope for the best, or is it likely that my engine has catastrophic damage?

inserting key
does not turn
turns engine does not start
turns engine starts instrument panel displays do not work

it now makes no sounds or noises what so ever. do you think its something that was caused by the by- passing of the fuel pump to start it or could this be something completly new? hes checked the fuses,plugs..theres no check engine light on so cant use the code reader..think we changed the fuel filter when it first wouldnt start on its own...sigh..hes a electrical more mechanicly inclined than him i think..and thats not saying much lol!

Buy engine light is on

109,000 miles on Truck...
Battery R & R by GMC $300 and now GMC did a diagnostic and want to replace a ECM board $700? I have driven the truck with light on for 1500 miles and it is running fine to my knowledge.

I have a Rear Main Seal Leak Also that I reported to GMC before 100,000? They/Dealership is willing to take 10% off the cost... I may buy a Toyota !!!!!

my heater motor works fine on low speed and medium speed but no on high