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I was told to change to Fuel Pump control module. Would this help solve the vibration problem..!!
no brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, or back up lights. the light around the license plate work fine. and so does the light above the rear hatch. everything worked fine yesterday out this morning. when head...
OK I changed the sensor cause the sendor was worn inside. Replaced sensor ran for a day then p0122 came back. Checked sensor and was stripped/worn again. Now what?
The check engine light continues to show. There isn't anything wrong
i took it to a shop to see why it shakes but they found nothing wrong and no engine lights are on either?
you can put it in drive and go but wen it get to second gear going into 3rd it wont go into it unless you press on d gas hard
My xterra has started being very particular about when it will start. It starts fine when it is cold, but once the engine is warm, if I turn it off, it will not start again until it cools down. At first, I thought it ...
It seemed to be dragging when I accelerated above 35 miles per hour. The check engine light came on and now I am told to replace the transmission assembly.
The rpms don, t drop for a few seconds. This happens while driving or just sitting there and giving it a little gas.
The fuel pump is good. The fuel filter is not clogged. It will try to crank and sometimes catch but act like it is not getting enough power to stay crunk but shuts off. As I was driving home one day it just shut off,...
engine light came on...mechanic said the code was for a loose speedometer cable and said to take it to a transmission shop....speedometer goes crazy,will go in reverse after 30 sec or so and a jerk..trb over 50 mphs.....
Just recently changed intake and valve cover gaskets