engine skips, when truck is iodle, when truck is being drive, engine light stays non also bleaks when at low speed, truck level off at high speed engine light still stays on

The orange lights flash but the cd won't eject

I changed the spark plugs and I noticed that the drivers side rear plug shaft had some oil in it. What would cause this and what do I need to do to fix it

What is exceptable drain for the D.S.C. Control module

all the other dash lights come on but not in the headlight switch

I replaced the coil pack got spark. Car started ran until I took foot off gas. Now no spark again. Check fuel, not a problem. It ran for about haf an hour at first shut it off ran for about a minute stalled and the above problems occured

this car was an auction car it had no keys so I spent the 225.00 to get a key put in a fresh battery and started it up at first it would only stay running with your foot on the gas the next day it started and stayed running prob something to do with the computer sitting dormant aka no battery life now it runs and drives but no speedo reading any clues

My car isn't starting due to not having compression, I replaced the starter and battery it sounds like it wants to start but isn't going all the way through.

While driving my car began to chime as an indicatotion that one of the doors was open. After stopping and checking the doors and realizing all of them were closed. I got back in and it began again and has not gone off yet.

easy to change and that fits in the dash easy