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Bought my 1999 Dakota with 5.2 for a work truck. It has 170000 miles. Had an issue with turn signal wiring being pinched under the gas tank that has been fixed. I have replace the map, IAC, and the throttle control module. It recently started sputtering sounding like its missing. Also when problem occurs it idles like I put a cam in it. I took it to auto zone to have pcm scanned and I was amazed by the amount of error codes they found as follows:
-P1297 no change in map signal

-P0201 through P0208 fuel injector control circuit malfunction
-P0505 Idle air control motor circuit malfunction
-P0132 HO2S 11 (bank 1 sensor 1) signal shorted to voltage
-P0138 HO2S 12 (bank 1 sensor 2) signal shorted to voltage
-P1296 5 volt VREF supply is missing.
No idea where to go from here. I've read about the pcm issues everyone has with this model year but it's not quite like my issue. Before I dump any more money in on this truck I need some advice

Went through a car wash and water poured through one corner of the closed sunroof. Water also came in on the far left side on the driver's side.

My driver side front door recently stopped latching correctly, and water leaked started to leak in from behind the temp/MPG readout on the ceiling.

I can also hear the wind whistling outside from both the driver side front, and the passenger slider.

The van has 150k miles on it, and so far has run like a charm, but in Michigan, Rust kills... is my frame starting to buckle?

After allowing the car to sit for some time the brakes will release and can be driven again but the same symptoms will repeat. Calipers, rotors, pads, flex lines and brake lines have been replaced. System has new brake fluid and has been properly bled.

Nothing else seems to be affected due to the rainwater entering the interior. Oh there was a small pool of water in the cigarette lighter/ashtray compartment

this is the first time the engine light has come on

If i put gas in my car for the first few miles the smell of gasoline is really strong. This only happens when I fill up rather than just put a little gas in. I have had the car 8 months the first few times I thought it was me spilling or getting a little gas on car, but since then I have continued to be careful and still happening.

Mine and my sons both leek exsisively from the rear part of the moon roof we have to put two buckets and remove back seat to get all the water out dose anyone else have this problem with the same car

my truck still runs and cant have this problem escalate and our get stuck some wares my ability to afford a shop are out please help asap

The VW place told me I had code P0301 misfire on cylinder 1. They checked the ignition coil and it was ok. Performed compression and it had 100 psiof compression, performed cylinder leak down test and it had 80% of leakage. Removed valve cover to checkfor broken intake valve spring and could not verify.