falls on face when I try to accelerate

I ended up in a ditch because my cv joint snapped and it took out the strut assembly. The tow guy/roadside mechanic said I need to fix those two things as well as a lower arm control and a "knuckle" whatever that is. What would be a fair labor price for this work I already have the parts got them for decent amount but don't want to get squeezed for the repair. And does anyone know what he meant by knuckle no one seems to who I've talked with?
Thanks in advance

Is there a seal leak somewhere that is allowing moisture inside? I also noticed a puddle of water on the left passenger back side (actually large) after a heavy rain, all windows closed, sun roof closed, I had to use a shop vac but felt water in between the frame and the carpet. (I need to remove the back seats and remove the carpet to clean it up)
My gas door never has closed and I am wondering if water can leak though there? It is on the same side.

during cd or flash drive i cant use it to adjust the volume or change the folder or songs

after I bleed it off it may go 2 or 3 days before it does it again could my abs be doing it?I have replaced the rubber hose and brake pads turned rotors and replaced the clap.

So I bought this truck brand new off the lot never had to have work done to it expect oil change and tires. 98k miles , I was driving to school, got there and shut my truck off forgot to roll up my window went to start the truck and it made weird noises not normal dead battery noises didn't think much of it just dead battery gonna jump it after class and went back after class and it started back up no delay no problem what could this be?

The rear left taillight went out on my 04 Cadillac SRX, although the brake light and turn signal still works. I've gotten mixed advice with some saying I have to replace the whole assembly and others saying it's a bulb. Any idea what I should check first? I don't want pay for an entire assembly if all I need is a bulb and the inspection is just about up.