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I have a fault code of J386
door control module
drivers side
power supply to small

any thoughts on this and where is the door control module located?

It was running just fine before it ran out of gas.

Could someone give a straight answer on the question, I already know the fan does not work, I just need to know the costs parts, labor, taxes and time involved in doing this repair.

Does anyone now where i could get original parts for my 2003 Echo. The original parts on the car have lasted 350,000 miles so far and i would like to get parts from the original manufacturer. If they lasted this long then they will last another 350,000 miles or more. i want to see if i can get to the one million mark on the car, and farther!!!!!!!!!

I have replaced both bright and normal headlights and still the bright lights won't work but the symbol on dashboard is lit as if they are on, anytime the headlights are on the symbol is also when I try to turn them on and off it doesn't make the click sound to activate like it used to

First of all, I don't know this is common or not. I am a newbie.
I have 2 questions.
1. The RPM seems weird when 2 to 3 on D mode.
Here is the video to show you what's going on?

https: //

2. High Fuel consumption
My car is only 17 mpg in city. It's supposed to be 20 mpg.

Can someone help me with these 2 questions?

Who can fix it, how much, and where do I get it done at?

Fuel pump wiring harness install instruction or diagram

Could customer consumer protection kick in on all these problem cars? So many transmission problems....I have over $20,000in my car and ccan't drive it.

New cluster mileage started at 72000 then came in again at 85000 car when original cluster died was at 100875 is this car dialing itself in and when the mileage come on at 100875??