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assume it is a coil bank do i know which of the two banks it is?
Are there separate fuses for drivers and passenger seats? The car had a light flood damage and we changed all buses ( 5 ) on the floor. The car worked fine after that with no problems. Now a year later the driver...
Towed home. Checked oil. None. Battery new but dead.Do i just put oil in and jump it?I
How much will it cost to get a windshields wiper motor on and the wipers n
cluster showed battery sign but my can can still run the light , engine are ok, my can only can move straight forward and backward, steering wheel can not move right or anyone can tell the problem, my family s...
I replaces the batteries in both remote key fobs neither work. The system went out 3 months ago, I try it randomly, it worked once 2 weeks ago but not again. Can I reset it or what should I do.
Only seems to have this issue after it sits a couple days or sometimes over night. When it happens the motor will turn over put not start, like it's not getting gas. But I beleive is electrical, if I keep cranking it ...
the back up warning still works but the rear warning camera stopped working. The owners manual gives little advice. How do I reset the camera?
before this all happen when u would slow down the oil light would come on what could this be plz help