Using fob and or using the handle on it , will not work. Also sitting inside and using door locks aren't working either. It used to be intermediate but now it's all the time.

shifting problem

The drivers side of my windshield has a bow in it. I have replaced the wipers 6 times thinking that was the problem but that hasn't worked. The wiper touches only about 3 inches at the bottom and no where else.

Truck suddenly died as if out of gas. Has fuel has spark, fuel pump engaging, new fuel filter. What could it be

I deleted my destination list and now it does not store any destinations. When I put in an address I have to put in the state. I didn't have to do that before.

I my service soon light is on

The engine stumbles maybe every 50 miles. I have replaced plugs, wires and a fuel pump, it has about 90,000 miles on it. I had a shop put in a remote alarm system for me about three years ago, they must have disconnected where you read the codes (it does not work). Any help would be useful.