Just bought a used 2003 nessian altima I need to press gas for it to turn on engine light came on with code p0506 it looks like throttle body was replace with a new one . What could it be ?

Come to a complete stop but when I start to pull off its like my transmission didn't kick down to 1st gear. Give it gas rpms are real low until it kicks into 1st or 2nd gear. Sometimes I can downshift to first when it does it to get it to act right.

replaced scem and coil, not getting any power from scem to coil

get a code P0390

replaced battery in both

My car is a 2007 but want to know can a 2008 transmission match up with the 2007 motor?

We used our 4 wd and later that day all the buttons went out and said service 4wd. I had to have it towed home because it was clicking and grinding when we were driving. I'm hoping someone can help. I miss driving my suburban

Would there be any effect if my car engine is over guaged?

when would this be necessary and what should the cost be