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I have to set the egr code for smog and drove 600 miles before taking it to a mechanic for a drive cycle its taken them eight days and they're still getting it to set. As for the coolant temperature sensor, another mechanic was commenting on it not possibly working properly, so would this be why the monitor has not set or would more driving be the case

Changed starter in the car now it won't read park or start

my 1995 Honda is having serious engine problems...i know that it has a f22b2 lil brother has a wrecker 1991 Accord that has good engine and trannie but it is a f22a1 will it fit in my 1995???

When I try to fill my tank with gas, it keeps stopping every few dollars. I know the issue involves the fact that the air won't be allowed in or to vent, but I need to know whether it is the solenoid valve or air canister. Can anyone tell me which one it could be?

has happened mostly when vehicle has been drive for 20 minor more

My first and second gear is fine but when it goes into 3rd it slips and wont go into 4th ANY SUGGETIONS SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE NO LIGHTS ARE ON the inside it was running just fine 2 days ago

Over a period of about a month the warning lights of my Volvo would come on., and there would be a bit of a lull. Then suddenly the car slowly came to a stop and the car would not start. The battery was dead, but after a couple days there was juice left in the battery, but not enough to turn the engine. Is it the volt regulator, the battery, or the alternator?

checked fuel pump and filter, checked vacuum hoses, several people have looked and said nothing is wrong? but problem persists

Hard clunk into reverse all the time. While driving and shifting gears has a clunk also. Transmission also seams to jump from gear to gear easily while driving with light acceleration or deceleration.
Transmission fluid is still red in colour and still has some viscosity (not thin like water).
I haven't looked much into this issue because i have recently bought the truck