i let it warm up before i go. the car use to run all day re start fine and now i am noticing it;s happening more frequently

Alternator for 95 4wd 1500 pick up truck v8

Act like it ran out of gas but has gas getting gas to fuel filter, pump running it gradually loss power like it ran out of gas but didn't, it is firing I checked and it's a toyota camry station wagon don't know what's going on won't start, never had a problem with it before

I hear a popping and it feels like its coming from the rear tires

It was about a week ago action gator tire installed a horn combo switch in my steering wheel, when they gave the car back, i noticed my traction control light comes frequently and it's slowing the engine down.....I took the car back to them they wanted me to pay for a computer diagnose i denied then i took it to the dealer for an electrical diagnose nothing found they performed a steering angle adjustment and reset... when they gave me the car back the control light still flashing frequently i took back to the dealer no answer yet. do you think it may be the result of a wiring fault when action gator fixed the horn...

nothing!Dead!no cranking over replaced battery with new one still nothing...fuses and relays are good...please help!!!!

Excellerates even in nutral

Also makes a whinning sound and engine light is on. This just started about 2 weeks ago. If you turn it off and back on, it will travel e few more miles and then the transmission stops working again.

My battery light comes on and my security system blinks and it wont start. I have tried the open/close door and turn signal up/down then start, worked once, Lock/unlock door twice, worked once. When I unlock/Lock/Unlock it activates the security system then wont start. The system started blinking while I was driving, it would stop and start again when I hit a bump. Dont know what to do.