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In freezing weather car starts and runs very well. However, after bringing in for oil change (and a check for an oil leak), now it doesn't start easily. It keeps trying to turn over and when I hear it almost 'catch', I pump the gas pedal, revving it and it starts. I don't understand the correlation between getting an oil change and my car developing starting problems. It is not the battery. I think it is a fuel delivery issue. Kindly provide some guidance. Thank you.

We keep putting batteries into this car and after few months its dead. We have gotten 4 batteries within months. We have a rebuilt alternator that i think is the problem because this our 2nd time getting it rebuilt. Can the alternator be the issue? Starter checks fine. How can i check for a parasitic drain also?

if the timing chain or the tentioner was bad the chain would rattle all the time why only when the engine warms up

My truck is a 2003 GMC Sonoma, 2.2L (repairpal did not give me the option of selecting 2.2 liter), standard transmission. When driving the other night, the engine started rocking very hard (I could feel it in the cab) like a cylinder was not firing. The truck also lost power. I was able to pull it into a parking space, at which point the truck shut itself down. When I turn the key now, the starter will turn the engine over without a problem, but the truck doesn't even try to actually start. Power in the cab seems to be fine. If I leave the key in after trying to start it, I hear a clicking from the passenger side of the engine compartment, near the glove box. The only gauge that moves when I turn the key is the battery gauge - all others are dead.

I'd be happy to provide more information. Does anyone have an idea of what the problem may be?

and fresh oil and filter ... Danny

no gauges work signals do work alt light works overdrive button on shifrt doesn't work or light up. don't know oil pressure due to non working gauges .. thank you for your time ...Danny,,,, ps sometimes the adjusters get quitter when I up the rpms

truck is driving in FRONT wheel mode, no action to the rear wheels. this IS a 4 wheel drive w/a dash switch. stores say they don't carry or even know if this vehicle has a actuator/module? is their a fuse? or am I looking at a tranny replace?

having issues with multiple locking and opening areas to include

passenger door will not open from remote
and once locked it only will open from inside.
Trunk will not open from remote, inside switch, or key.
Sun roof will not open except very slowly and only a few inches at a time.

This started happening recently and all areas at once, can this be individual items or can result from one major component not functioning properly?

What may cause harsh shifting