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The delivership put new gas cap on thinking it was it, but light came on again & stays on.
i have a oil leak and there's no oil on the ground had the oil changed and i have to add about a 1/2 to a qt to a qt of oil to it. I just keep checking it every 3 days. please HELP
How do you remove the belts on a 2001 toyota avalon?
I locked my keys in car, once retriving keys from car-it will not allow me to start the car. Keys will not even turn ? I need to know the security code so to reset, and how to reset. Thanks.
The gas gauge on my Jeep Liberty 2003 is not working. I wanted to know what the problem might be and what to do to fix it.
Had to remove left front axle to change ball joints now left side stuck in 4wd ?
air conditioner. blows hot air when idoling, but riding down the road, it gets really cold.
what kind of antifreeze do i use in my sportage?
what do i have to take off to get to them
Have a 2006 XA, replaced tires with Yokohamas for a smoother ride here in NYC. Was nice for awhile, but now car bounces all over. Run over a dime and you feel it. Time for shocks/struts? Only have 25K on the car. Cann...
I am experiencing a weird problem with my 1997 Camry recently and it only happens sometimes and randomly. Whenever, I break at a stop sign or red light, the ABS light flashes briefly and the car switches off (it's as...
I had my fuel pump replaced. I then went on a road trip. After 600 miles I felt strong vibration and heard noises under the truck. Towed to garage where they said my universal joint was worn out. Had it replaced. Drov...
2007 F350 Diesel Dual wheels Brake pedal goes to floor after starting engine, dealer change modulator valve, master cylinder. I have bleed brakes 3 times still low pedal. Truck will stop but at the floor
how do i remove a broke exhaust manifold bolt, drivers side back
I have looked for a transmission fluid reservoir but can't find it. How do I add fluid to the transmission? Lonna