You can turn the heat on and it works fine after a couple minutes the blower motor gradually starts slowing down until it quits blow heat, you can have it on high speed, and its very blowing out heat, you can hear the blower motor like winding because its varily turning, turn it off for a few minutes, turn it back on and the process repeats itself, sometime you can hear the blower pickup speed then slow down, gets faster slows down until there hardly isnt anything blowning out. ty

where is the oil pump located on a 2004 f150 4x4 5.4 liter engine?

I need to know what the factory warranty on this car was !

what is code 1740 when the check engine light is on

Had my mazda head gasket changed on dec 3 , 2010.....now it hesitates when you take off...check engine light sometimes comes on then goes off....most of the time it doesnt come on..head gasket under warranty just seeing if after a month is there something that has to be adjusted since most of the enginewas taken out then put back together....thanks for any advice

I lost my spare key and need a replacement. I had one made at Home Depot, but I don't think it is the correct type. Do I have to go through a dealer to have a replacement made?

what would keep my car from turning over or starting

My headlights has no dim but bright is working perfectly fine

How do u change a blower motor on a 98 chevy cavilier, it blows out heat then after a few minutes the blower motor gradually slows down to where it isnt blowing, then u can start it back up after a few minutes and it runs fine, then the process repeats itself

Its a brand new battery, but every time I dont drive my car long periods of time my battery dies. I dont know if its the change of weather, or what. could anyone help me out

i have a 1996 Honda Accord LX, and I have replaced the EGR valve, and cleaned out the intake, and the check still stays on. What should I check next? I have another problem, actually two. One, where in the heck is the fuse box? Two, is the speedometer electronic, or cable?

is there a way to tell if the slave cylinder is bad? i replaced the pressure plate disc ,throw out bearing and clutch master cylinder. i have bench bled the master cylinder and pumped and bled the system several times but still no pressure, HELP

I turn the heat on,, then after a few minutes you can hear the blower thats blowing the heat out of the vents gradually slow down and stop blowing, you can turn it off for a few minutes, turn it back on and it will start blowing heat out then the heater fan i guess thats what it is gradually starts slowing down until its not blowing anymore, when it stops blowing you can hear it like ticking for the dash. mchlplntz126@gmail.com

gas mileage went down 5 to 8 miles to gallon. the idle will be normal at times and high at others and sometimes up and down. check engine lite will come on sometimes and stayes on till i restart car then will stay off for 30 miles then other times comes on in 10 miles nothing steady except really bad gas mileages.

after driving for about an hr.the air bag light flashes 1 long & 3 short . everything elect. goes dim- car shimmies & runs terrible for a min. then power is restored, runs normal for a while then cycle starts over again.