I may buy a 95 200sx, i was told all it needs is a timing chain because the car won't start.If it is the timing chain does that mean the valves have bent? i have had to replace valves on another car i owned because of the timing went out. All else on the car is new, the car was well maintained.

the water jacket is leaking how do i fix it

All three lights on simultaneously. Car had trouble starting for the first time ever and when I engage the gas it immediately shut down. Please help

Vehicle was in an severe front end accident, sat for about a year. Vehicle put back in service and notice the 4wd won't engage, when the knod is turned to 4wd auto and or 4wd low. The instrucment light comes on when knob is turned on, but front wheel drive won't engage. Please advised.

Does anyone know of good BMW mechanics in the 719 (colorado Springs) area?!

How do i tighten a loose belt. i think it is a loose belt because i hear a whistling sound. and there a little red light that came on when it first started.

just tonight i was driving my 1997sl 500 mercedes then suddenly my batery light flashed on for a few seconds the car didnt show any signs of its battery not holding a charge then after turning the engine off then after starting the engine again the batery light came on again this time it stayed on a litle longer before it went off still no sign of my batery loosing a charge what could be wrong with my car

I'm changing the rear disc brake pads on my 1991 Mercedes 190e. This is my first time. Does anyone have a site with photos showing the steps. On the inside of the disc there are 4 bolts, 2 smaller bolts near the edge and 2 larger bolts half way down the disc. I need to know which to unbolt and sequence.

Thanks for any suggestions.

runs smoothly except when sitting at a red light in drive.ialways put it in nuetral to smooth it out

The last couple of mornings, at start up, I hear a grinding and grunting noise. Maybe like old cars with something in the cooling fan. The noise continues for about a minute, after it is warmed up, does not return. If I leave work within an hour or so it does it again (I have a very short commute so does not get fully hot).

Where is the Throttle body located to replace the TPS??? What is it close to or around???

Do I have to lined up the timing marks when I am changing the head gasket of my car?


I pull the lever to pop the hood put it doesn't work. No matter how hard or much I pull. Is there some trick to getting it open and how can I fix this problem. Is there some other way of getting it to open? Last time we needed it open my dad pried it open and it still shut fine. But, I'd really like for it to just open with out me having to call the strongest person around.

I heard a low click...click...in the motor when i turn it off after driven it. what is it...to hot... is this normal. i got this car today.

temperature gauge quit working