How do you change it? The reverse light

timing belt does it need to be replaced?

i have a 1998, volvo s70 turbo with aniratic idle after car is warm. have replaced mas,iac,fuel relay, checked for leaks,full tune-up,has been to two different machanics, no codes...help

I'm having the rough driving and choking engine as well as the blinking check engine light. I was told I'd have to replace the ignition coil. Please could you advise me on what the type,cost and number of unit I'd require for the repair please. Thank you.

I just purchased this Avalon (2005), with only 29000 miles, and was wondering if these recalles were for new car owners or if I, been a used car owner, could get this car fixed under recall warranty.

my car was running fine. parked it for a couple of weeks and now it won't start. Turns over, has gas, won't start. Oh yeah, it reained really heavy for those couple of weeks.

Pulled one of the plug wires and put extra plug in it placed on the block for ground but when the car is turned over it's not getting any spark any thoughts?

the hose from the radiator to the thermostat has a fastener i don't understand. Its not a hose clamp but some plastic fastener that has some kind of metal clip on it. how do i remove the hose?

how come gas isnt pumping into my motor ive already tried a new fuel pump and that didnt fix the problem

Where can I get info or determine if possible to upgrade my 3.7 V6 to a 4.7 V8 without major transmission or mounting issues ?

How do I change injectors myself? What is the process?

1999 jeep grand cherokee transfer case rear main seal removal

The heater fan stays running when we shut the car off.
The only way we can get it off is to unhook the battery.

its just done run when it start it start and cuttoff

1/12/11 The "Service Engine Soon" came on. Car has 44064 miles on it. Mechanic put on Computer Scanning to find problem. Here are the results:

Road test & hook up to test computer scanning $99
Fuel leak detection pump $131.41
Fuel tank cap 18.93
purge system dust filter 33.00
purge valve 87.00
Clear trouble codes 52.50
Labor 577.20
Total cost $877.26

Want to know if this is common & fair cost of this repair or was I a fool for trusting?!