I forgot how to put back on the serpentine belt after I took off the timing belt cover and need to know exactly the proper steps in order to put the belt back on. Please help me. Thanks!!!!

I can't figure out how to put in transmission oil, do i have to take it to the dealer? for service?

the order of the cycl in a 4 cyc for left to right

My new Highlander which is only 1 month now has the following message U110 Lost Communication drive motor control. Can this be fixed or is bigger problem waiting ahead with the car? Should I ask for my $ back?

where is the senser for my audo wiper switch

Headlights went out. Is there a relay that i need too replace.

Is changing out a transmission in a '05 Freestar recomended for a do it yourself mechanic?

New tires many attempts to balance tires and still have a vibration in car at speend over 60 MPH. I have been told there may be a recall on the wheels.

2005 Sebring convertible. Will not start. Battery has been replaced. Mechanic is saying we need to replace the computer. Any other ideas?

problem just started.

replaced the fan and the hydraulic pump and the fan still wont turn

I'm having the same problem as far as the ABS and Traction control light coming on. I have a 05 chevy Equniox and when ever I start the truck and go to pull off the brakes starts to vibrate and is hard to stop until the ABS and Traction control light comes on and then your able to brake with no problem but the lights stay on. I just replaced the rotors, brake pad & abs wheel speed sensor and still have the same problem with abs and traction control light coming on...Any advise of what next to do??

where is the fuse box in the car

my turning signals do not work at all they wont come up on the dash or make the clicking noise nothing. The left light comes on manually if i keep moving the lever but the right doesnt come on at all. My hazard lights come on on the dash still though.

Do any of the shops in or around Cedar Rapids, IA program th remotes for Land Rovers? Or do I have to drive to Des Moines?