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how much to replace rear engine oil seal

I need to have my AC compressor replaced

The shop want 350.00 dollars to replace the drivers door window regulator in my 2002 dodge durango. Is this reasonable?

fml!! lol so the wipers on my 1990 blazer stoped working and i tryed replacing the motor and fuses. i think it may be a short? any thoughts or maybe how much im looking at paying for it to be fixed? thanks in advace to thode who respond!

on start trans goes up in normal way. when car slows down it goes into a lower gear and then remains there. i must either stop and restart engine or ride in neutral and restart engine to get back into regular gear shifting. happens often. help!!!

I bought a 2010 dodge journey back in June 2010, right off the show room with only 17 miles. My questions is has anyone experienced their car shutting off while driving? I noticed that as I was slowing down my car was off, but headlights were on, and the dashboard was still lit... Took it to dodge they are telling me there is nothing wrong. This has happened twice and I'm afraid to drive my car...

The shop want 350.00 dollars to replace the drivers door window regulator in my 2002 dodge durango. Is this reasonable?

Is there a shop that will accomodate the estimate that was given near where I live?


The problem started this winter. The first thing in the morning when I tried to start the car, I would turn the key in the ignition, but nothing would happen. If I kept trying to turn the car on, it would eventually start right up. (Took anywhere from 3-6 tries - battery is okay-had that checked.) Now that warm weather is back, I don't seem to have as much of a problem with starting the car, but I am afraid to take the car out of town, because I'm scared the problem will reoccur. This particular problem has not happened before. Please advise.

what parts I need to replace in a montero limited 2005,at 60 thousand miles.

never had any problem gave my truck to a valet driver.went in hospital for 5 hour came out got in truck the control was turn to 4 wheel low engine light now on along with side airbags and traction light you cant get the truck out of 4 wheel drive no matter what you do.wont go over 40 miles an hour,took it to shop was told it just happenned out of no where could of at any time.they put it on the computer and told me they want over 2500 for air injection pump and valve assembly. i had no warning ligghht ever come on in my truck until the valet took belief is that he cause the damage to my truck

My 2000 Toyota Sienna has 210,000 miles on it. Would need to rebuild the transmission as per the mechanic. Any idea how much should it cost in Norwalk CT.

Thank You

Car is in superb condition. Have had brake pads but I think I need new brakes. What can I expect as cost?

I was not told when I bought this car from carmax of Naperville, IL on 9/03/2010 that the Tel-Aid system, which is a service that controls the cell phone, navi updates, emergency services, etc. was useless because the FCC in 2002 switched from analog to digital which rendered my 2002 AMG Tel-Aid useless. Now I have this cell phone in the armrest that is just a paper weight, but it does have a cord attatched to the system going somewhere. My question is what else can I plug in /attatch (anything would help) to make it useful again?

Thank you in advance,