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what does this code mean P1441

I bought it used and the valve cover was leaking when I got it.

what size bolts for the pre catalytic converter

is there a way to overide the ignition with a key made
from the locksmith

I just bought a 1994 chvy s10 with 91000 miles on it and it seem to run great and been taken care of. on the way home from work my check engine light came on but still ran fine until I got off the interstate and then it did not want to go into gear when I stopped and the check gages light also came on. all this on the second day I drove it, any ideas?

How is air ride pump fixed when it is running due to pump in rear going on and off?

remote will not open drivers door only lock. cant pull up on plunger either. other doors ok

drivers door lock will not unlock I cant even pull up on lock plunger

My 2003 grand marquis wont start i replace the battery but it still wont start everything else in the car will cut on but it will not start.

How to replace rear pads? I couldn't compressed the caliper back to separate it from the pads and move the caliper away from the disc

dealer said secondary air pump is bad I don't have any problems other than service engine light stays on

I do not have the code

car starts fine when cold but after it warms up to start it I have to hold the accelerator to the floor like it's flooded.after it starts it misses for awhile and then is driveable. Any ideas ?

truck came with an "after market" pro-lok security system.the wires started smoking, now the truck won't start. is there a way to bypass or remove this thing from the truck

Service center says my fuel pump needs to be replaced. Pump is not making any noise, but car is hard to start when engine is cold. Runs fine once started. My check engine light is on. I do not know the diagnostic code.